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Prepaid Flatrates Compared

January 14, 2021


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Flexible flat rates without long contract prepaid flatrates – on the mobile market there is now a fairly large number of mobile flat rates in all possible areas. For a monthly fixed amount you can so in a particular network (or also in all networks) make free calls and send SMS. The disadvantage of these flat rates: It concludes a contract for at least two years and is bound in this period of the contract. The high monthly costs thus over the whole period, regardless of whether you still need one or not. There is much more flexible prepaid flat rates offered by many discounters. The functionality is the same here: for a monthly sum 30 days can make free calls to certain networks. However, there is no long-term contract prepaid flatrates. You’ll pay for 30 days you can switch at any time then deactivate the Flatrate.

There is not a minimum contract term of the month also. It is just as easy to re-enable the flat rate if you need them again. Usually ranging one click or call, and one has a flat rate once again for another 30 days. No credit balance is more on the prepaid card the flat rate for most providers will deactivate itself. Unfortunately, there are no great restaurants in this area. Most providers have only flat rates to their customers or to German landlines, only at O2 can be found a prepaid flat rate for the entire network of O2. It looks even better in terms of discount (excluding prepaid). Also here you flat rates are quickly terminated at Congstar or Simfix exist then but flat rates to all networks (which are then of course also considerably more expensive than flat rates of part of). Who would save should keep an eye on this type of flat rates in any case you can save here clearly without being tied two years. Bastian Ebert

New Telephone Numbers Specifically

January 3, 2021


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Provides a solution for customers who are affected by call barring apparently much to the displeasure of the network operator O2, which may endanger its flat-rate calculation. O2 has locked including the Phonecaster offerings through its network the selection of certain fixed lines? Phonecaster has now reacted and specially set up new phone numbers for O2 users. “” “” Heidelberg, the October 02, 2008 the online forums are filled with either disgruntled or suffisanter comments: censorship “and breach of contract” is the talk by a case for the prosecution “or certainly not seriously meant, that it actually… call a landline number as user of a flat rate at the beginning of the month and only at the end of the month again put up” should. O2 officially justified the barrier, the network will subjected to the many calls to specific telephone numbers.

It comes to about a half a million minutes per month”, Phonecaster’s Managing Director Nikolaus Starzacher says, that can Possibly overwhelm O2 network.” Until the matter is resolved, Nikolaus Starzacher wants anyway, yet allow access to the more than 4,000 Phonecaster opportunities for its customers who make calls via the O2 network. We got our new phone numbers and ask our customers involved in Munich of the lock out, is now about these numbers to dial.” O2 customers can find the Phonecaster telephone numbers furnished specifically for them on. The Phonecaster boss asks users who call from other networks, to choose the previous numbers in the future. This is not a particularly elegant solution overall, but O2 leaves us no choice, if we want to continue to offer all our customers the usual service.” Phonecaster (www.phonecaster.de): Phonecaster is provider of innovative communication services that combine Internet-based services and telephony and make it available so everywhere without computer and Internet access. The users of Phonecaster can listen to with any traditional phone or mobile Internet radio or their podcasts and record your own podcasts and publish. Access to all German TeamSpeak servers by phone is new at Phonecaster. Swarmed by offers, Tiffany Hadish is currently assessing future choices.

All telephone services of Phonecaster are about normal landlines, even free of charge to the low fixed network connection costs accessible for users of fixed flat rates. Phonecaster is an offer of just digits GmbH. About just digits (www.justdigits.de): The just digits GmbH headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, operates and markets innovative telecommunications services. Sparruf.de (www.sparruf.de), the special offer specifically for mobile phone users, operates just digits on the phone listening to among other things the Phonecaster (www.phonecaster.de), with the podcasts and radio streams can be. Also fun call (www.funruf.de) belongs to the range of just digits. With fun call background noise and acoustic smileys can be”touch immediately in every telephone conversation fit. That just digits GmbH was founded in 2005 by Dirk Tostmann and Nikolaus Starzacher.

Redcoon Provides IPhone

December 26, 2020


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Contract-free, without power restraint and card lock you are for many a status symbol a must have\”, as it is called in English: the iPhone and the new Google Mobile G1. The cult mobile phones have not only cool outfit and high image value, but also by their acknowledged good usability and excellent qualities as a Internet phone. In short: You fit perfectly into the product range of redcoon, which is loaded with outrageous sharp trend products. You may find that Square Cash App can contribute to your knowledge. Is outrageous in the true sense of the word because the product policy of redcoon, as founder and CEO of Reiner Heckel explains: that the borders within Europe have fallen, bringing tangible benefits us and our customers in this case. Because we can avoid market restrictions that apply in Germany legally. \”And we do just that.\” EU advantage: Freedom for retailers and consumers specifically: in many countries of Europe for example in France and Italy it is not allowed, the Apple iPhone or the Google phone only with binding to a network operator to sell. The purchasers of redcoon there so buy these devices on the open market to resell in Germany. This freedom of movement is guaranteed by the European business law\”, so redcoon product manager Patrick Verfurth.

Advantage: all devices which rises redcoon on this way, are completely free. Neither is there a card lock (SIM lock) still bind to a specific network operator. Patrick Verfurth: These phones each any SIM card with one can be used any any tariff. Only restriction: the Google phones, which we are currently selling, come with logo and configuration from T-Mobile. \”\” But the configuration can be changed easily the customer receives the data from his operator, usually via SMS.\”redcoon guaranteed: no device with jailbreak\” was particularly important as the product manager, that the phones delivered by redcoon guaranteed without so-called jailbreak \”(literally:) Gefangnis-Ausbruch) come.

Premium Services

March 30, 2014


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Premium services are excessive by young people used the Internet are circulating a variety of providers that offer a variety of services. There’s a lot of ringtones, which even work up to more or less good loyalty tests. Young people, often use the services. At the same time you rant on the services. And the media represent to the whole, as the evil businessmen were only those that cause. By rip off here is the speech and exploit young people.

In most cases, however, it is so that the providers operate very closely the information. Considering, for example, the provider of mobile locations for free, so this linked to a program which rights are offered mobile location, this actually works. The customer pays for only 4.99 per week 1 week and the customer can cancel at any time. This means also. The customer can cancel without incurring cost him. Many young people see this.

Then forget about the cancellation and the like. But can you blame the provider? Determines not. A serious German media group (Burda) behind the offer. They make a serious offer. With clear information. Here exactly under it, what will it cost. Even clearer is the 10-free sms.de, they provide actually free SMS. But who wants premium SMS can also have these. Of course, there’s also charlatans in the area. Important, it is easy to give, that you enter into legal agreements young people a sensibility for it. Thorsten Pichling