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March 2, 2012


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If you go into any building store, then on the counter see a large assortment of acrylic paints, even in the line of one manufacturer. What – do they differ? Why are one manufacturer to produce several types of acrylic paint? The difference lies in the characteristics of the paint. Paint for painting the ceiling should have a snow-white color and good coverage, but this paint is absolutely no need to have good resistance to washing and can not be tinted in vibrant colors. Paint, intended to paint the walls in the bedrooms, will be more resistant to abrasion and can be otkolerovat in more colors. In addition, there are many highly specialized paints designed for painting surfaces on which there is grease, traces of smoke and nicotine. When painting walls with acrylic paints obtained noble matte finish, and if necessary to get coverage with a little gloss or necessary paint the walls with high wear and tear? For such tasks, there are latex paints. Latex paint.

Another product of the paint industry is a latex paint. Their main advantage over other water-based paints are: increased resistance to wet abrasion, the possibility of obtaining silk matte surfaces, and the ability to cover the base thinly. All this gives repair walls, producing color of the wallpaper before painting retain their texture. Why is it better suited for latex paint? The chemical composition of latex paints when dry form a thin film, which is capable of cover any surface structure. On this if bought wallpaper by painting or using textured plaster, paint is the best – latex paint, give it your desired color and surface texture will save.

Choose Rack Ceiling

September 19, 2011


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Pinion Ceilings – a great opportunity to the original design various rooms. They are used in residential premises – in creating the interior bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and public buildings – restaurants, swimming pools, shopping centers, warehouses, etc. Modern manufacturers suspended ceilings offer consumers a set of models of different colors and sizes, so the choice of these products – not an easy job. For First you need to understand what are these ceiling coverings. Pinion Ceilings – a set of metal panels and suspension system, attached to overlap with the help of special needles. As a result, between the surface of the original ceiling and rack and pinion design is formed zapotolochnoe space where they can take a variety of communication: wiring, duct systems, climate, etc. At the junction of the ceiling with walls are used near-wall corners of the V-shaped or W-shaped type.

They not only play a constructive role, but also serve as decoration throughout the ceiling system. Types of slatted suspension potolkovReechnye suspended Ceilings are available in two types: open and closed. In the first case between the panels are longitudinal intervals in the future be filled by special inserts. This decision allows us to obtain original solution with a combination of two or more colors: the panel can be one color, insertion – another. They emphasize the basic line and serve as a wonderful decoration of interior spaces. ReykiPaneli called rails are made of aluminum or steel and have a protective and decorative coating of powder paint, anodized aluminum or laminated layer.