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Management Coaching

April 5, 2018


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Certainly the specific objectives of Management Coaching process are set by the client and coach together. However, we note that generally pursue these goals that the client achieve a better adaptation to change, improved personal and professional performance through the development of their skills, reach a steady balance between different aspects of their lives, and get a deeper personal relationship, with the consequent enjoyment by their actions and feelings self-actualization. For Garcia and Garrido et al (2006), a Coaching is understood as a system that includes concepts, structures, processes, tools and measuring instruments and groups of people, also includes a leadership style, a particular form of select people or create groups of people in development. Turn helps employees improve their job skills through praise and positive feedback based on observation. Therefore it is an activity that improves performance on an ongoing basis. Specifically, it is a conversation that involves at least two people in our case to a supervisor and an individual, although it may be between a superior and his team. The concept behind this definition has not been coaching unless a positive change has occurred. Managers, supervisors and leaders can have many types of conversations in which they try to improve some aspect of individual or team performance. But if any improvement occurs, then what happened was an interaction of some kind, but not one for Dezerega (2007), coaching is assumed as a system of professional relationship that includes concepts, structure, processes and tools specific , which improves performance on an ongoing basis, through verbal and nonverbal communication.