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Schengen Agreement

December 20, 2017


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Making each individual additional costs in preparation of documents for the consulate. After registration of legal entity to the client by e-mail message is sent with a link to the website of Justice of the Czech Republic. On its pages at by the name of the registered legal entity and search engine site client monitors and receives confirmation of the opening of his company by getting a registration sheet on the legal person with data on each parent, the amount of authorized stock, registered address, date of registration of persons and tin (IO in Czech) entity.

After registration of documents for the consulate, all original documents to the client, express mail or by hand with detailed instructions on how to proceed. After filing a citizen of the documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic (the personal presence of citizens older than 15 years MUST), expect the issuance of visas for “law visas “to up to 120 days – the deadline consulate employees use to check their documents, verification of citizens and the decision to grant or deny a visa. Visa occurs after receiving a citizen call by mail or phone call from the consulate, with a request to appear at a certain period of time the consulate, visa affixed in the presence of the citizen in his passport. When considering a package of documents Consulate of the Czech Republic, his passport remains in the hands, and can be fully used. Long term business visa allows entry to the Czech Republic as well as in all eu countries and any country in the Schengen Agreement..