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Peruvian State

September 11, 2013


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not only legislation, what should be the subject of study by writers. Other important works are the insurance, i.e. in the book develops credit insurance and title insurance, what must be subject of study at a headquarters more extensive effect of having information most updated. A theme that will hopefully be taken into account in the Second Edition is the credit and the cidips, so it is clear that if we anticipate the facts it is clear that the next job or in other words the Second Edition include these topics, among many others, which we expect to be liked by everyone, i.e.This book is very important in the study of law, and if we study we can know with greater amplitude warranties, what should be the subject of study by writers. To finish the topic must place on record that the foreword was written by Dr. Jorge AVENDAnO VALDEZ, which is a jurist and more properly jurist more important of the Peruvian State, which gives boost to the book. Therefore, we will never end thanking him for having had the courtesy of having drafted the foreword. This book includes doctrine, law and enforceable, which means that it has a fairly broad topic idea matter of study when studying this book, which we understand that it is almost flat and drafted the Second Edition, which will be augmented with other topics, as we have pointed out, and in this way we hope that everyone can have access to the book field of study. Another issue that develops in the Second Edition is the collapse of mortgage sub prime, which we hope will not occur under Peruvian law, that would be disastrous for the Peruvian economy, therefore we recommend his Studio, in any case already posted was on an important web page. Also develops in the Second Edition the guarantee on future property, which has been developed by Gunther GONZALES BARRoN, therefore we recommend the study of both research papers, to effect knowledge more exact subject matter of study, which constitutes a novel topic in Peruvian law, however, will serve to revive the Peruvian economy.