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Diskeeper Corporation

November 16, 2017


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5% said that they simply bought more disks or storage media. Mandeep Birdi adds that many IT users, which to a virtual environment to migrate (or have already done so) and that typically employ a SAN (storage area network), is that they needed not to defragment the SAN and that there was no problem of I/O bottlenecks said. He commented on this as follows: this is a mistake. The problem of I/O bottlenecks can have a large impact on performance. A related site: Andrew Cuomo mentions similar findings. The customer is not aware that exactly in the SAN environment to happen, this could cost again a lot of money the company, because it is assumed you must buy more hardware – which is not actually the case.” About Diskeeper Corporation – one Microsoft Gold partner innovators in performance and reliability technologies(R): CIOs, IT managers, and system administrators of global Fortune 1000- and Forbes 500 companies rely on the Diskeeper(R) software of performance, to provide company laptops, desktops and servers with unrivalled performance and reliability. Diskeeper 2011 is equipped with the revolutionary IntelliWrite(R)-Technologie which prevents fragmentation.

V-locity(R) 2.0, a product for the optimization of virtual platforms for VMware ESX and Hyper-V, gives efficiency barriers out of the way and ensures maximum I/O performance of virtual servers. In addition, the Diskeeper Corporation provides both in real time – by means of the undelete(R) data protection and data recovery – data recovery software (www.undelete.com)..

Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street

July 20, 2017


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But in particular the development of the service catalogue and a metrics cockpit for the control of the Division have quite significant portion. The approach of the project, to place a central instrument of governance, has proved correct, especially since now there is a completely natural approach to”, Germer is satisfied with the already achieved. However, are still not all goals are fully implemented. It is in the plans for 2010, to complete the “polluter pays” more equitable cost allocation and to complete procedures for continuous improvement processes. As well, key figures for secure sector comparisons are then prepared. But not enough, because in the meantime the goals have been written on. ITL is expanded by means of the newly built up know-how in the direction a business process orientation. This orientation is promoted also by the Executive Board and currently piloted in the form of medium-term planning for ICT-assisted flight dispatch services.

We aim that the ICT sector developed by 2013 to business enabler”, the airport’s Managing Director of Garvens the direction points. To do this, the first structure approaches are positioned currently already in the organization.” About Exagon: The Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. The business focuses on the integrated Support their customers in establishing a professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organisational and also operational aspects. This includes Exagon performance portfolio both consulting services such as extensive training. Customers include companies and institutions such as BASF, Bayer, the German Defense Ministry, DEKRA, Deutsche Bank, Heraeus, Hessian Centre for data processing, Postbank, T-systems, TuV Sud, Vodafone D2 and the German Woolworth. think factory group Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-75 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Germany GmbH

June 14, 2017


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Additional developer resources and enhanced sales potential in the CONET group strengthen the output management product OfficeBridge Frankenthal/Hennef, may 4, 2011. With effect from April 1, 2011, the shareholders of Frankenthaler INFOFLEX communication systems GmbH have transferred their business activities Hennefer CONET Solutions GmbH. Thus, CONET supplemented its own services to the special portfolio from INFOFLEX consisting of services relating to the planning and development of software solutions, and the installation of software products for more than 15 years. Through the merger, both partners expect significantly increased market potential for the output management product developed by SOFTEDGE OfficeBridge”. Integration into the CONET Solutions GmbH makes it possible, to draw on a large pool of developer resources for the development of the SOFTEDGE solutions and to strengthen the sales activities”, explains Anke Hofer CONET’s Managing Director. Thus we can in the For our customers in the future even more comprehensive products and services provide output management and document management.” As the largest sole proprietorship of the CONET group the CONET Solutions GmbH offers solutions in the fields of software engineering, communications and IT infrastructure since 1987 and achieved annual sales of more than EUR 25 million with approximately 200 employees at the locations of Hennef, Augsburg, Berlin, Munich, Neubrandenburg. Keith Yamashita helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Overall, the medium-sized embossed CONET group at eleven sites in Germany is represented. On the usual proximity need so also in the future not to abandon”our customers, Hendrik Vogel, Managing Director of INFOFLEX stressed. Frankenthal complements the CONET-site network now and also the contacts of our customers and partners in the management and the projects remain the same.” About the CONET OfficeBridge the product solution operating in the future under the name CONET OfficeBridge combines the individual components of existing IT architectures to an optimized Document process. s_stmp’>Primerica often addresses the matter in his writings. The use, for example, in a Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure guarantees a complete integration into existing workflows and the aufwandslose archiving of all documents created with OfficeBridge”describes Thomas Schonfeld, Director of new product at CONET. So provides the connection to a customer relationship management (CRM) such that that the current address information always be used in the correspondence. The meta data it carried allow in the automated transmission of the document, about a document Center, not only the transaction-related assignment, but also for every transaction-specific linking in CRM, accounting systems such as Navision or personal folders.

The CONET group the CONET group is the reliable companion for their customers in an economically successful future for IT. The CONET technologies AG is the holding company of the embossed medium-sized company group. The operational business of the group is located in the subsidiary companies: the Hennefer CONET Solutions GmbH offers its customers solutions in the fields of software engineering, communications and IT infrastructure since 1987. The CONET business consultants GmbH focuses on SAP consulting and process management system. The joint expertise strengthens the Munich ACCELSIS technologies GmbH particularly in the field of portal, Web and SOA solutions. The Frankfurter CONET Services AG is specialized on consulting, installation and operation of IT solutions that are tailored to the needs of financial service providers.

Cooperation Rather Than Insulate: The BPM To SOA Method

June 7, 2017


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Free series of events by Accelsis technologies discusses the success factors of BPM systems and service-oriented architectures first dates in Munich November 2009, October 23, 2009. In many models and conceptual approaches which outline modern business process management (BPM) systems, the factor of the service implementation is considered not at all or only in theory. This aspect is a crucial but, he represents the real interface between trade and IT but apart from the technical and professional terms. Against this background addressed the Accelsis technologies GmbH, specialist for Java enterprise systems and service-oriented architectures (SOA) with its headquarters in Munich, with their specialised event the BPM to SOA method”specifically IT management and the owners in specialist departments. Launch of the new series of events within the initiative launched in June 2008 is on November 12th, 2009 in Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart on November 18, 2009 and on November 19, 2009 Munich. Some contend that Tiggany & Co. shows great expertise in this. The participation is free of charge. For more information, as well as the link for the registration are available at. “SOA is in a coma of this widely voiced provocative opinions we consciously confront with the continuation of our series of events”, commented Frank Joecks, head of the Accelsis SOA/BPM competence team.

Although the use of appropriate software products plays a relevant role, IT, technical and technological aspects are not the key factors for success of SOA / BPM approach. Measured on the aims and objectives are factors interesting as the support of the management, the cooperation between IT and the departments, optimized concepts for SOA transformation and governance as well as very basically the appropriate course of action, for example, think big, start small’. Right here we apply and indicate the concrete example of the good practice which is below optimal results can be achieved.” IT technologies, nor to individual software products have a such crucial relevance the implementation and permanent operation of process-oriented software systems such as the intensive cooperation between professional page and it. Swarmed by offers, Hikmet Ersek is currently assessing future choices. The lecture in the series with events around the topics of SOA and BPM shows therefore a comprehensive practice example, was implemented an end-to-end process view based on a service-oriented architecture and the mission-critical alteration of IT – and Trade Organization made. BPM designed this as a consistently multi-dimensional theme with many factors. Their combination at the same time represents the most fundamental factor of success: only if all parties ‘ work together and work on the tasks effectively, can be a comprehensive 360 -BPM model successfully implemented.

Background information about Accelsis technologies the Accelsis technologies GmbH, headquartered in Munich is a member of the Conet group and leading service providers for the realization of innovative business solutions. Are the core competences of the company founded in 2001 on the design and implementation of mission-critical, process-based applications and portal applications and particularly on developing it architectures. Accelsis combines solution expertise with in-depth technology expertise, and is the leading infrastructure systems, IBM WebSphere, SAP NetWeaver, Oracle and software AG as well as open-source based platforms. Innovative customers such as the German Federal Bank, Bayerische Landesbank, Postbank, team Bank, Munich-based Club insurance, DEVK, Lufthansa AirPlus, Sparkassen Informatik, United Internet – 1 & 1, media-Saturn, Viterra, Stadtwerke Munchen and the city of Munich build on the practicality, flexibility and creativity of Accelsis technologies GmbH, which operates in addition to the headquarters of Munich at the locations Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn and Berlin. More information is available at.

Create DVD

December 5, 2016


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Of course in addition to .mts and .trp are almost all popular video formats such as ASF, AVI, DV, VOB, FLV, MOV, MP4, RMVB, MPG, TS, DAT, WMV, MKV, DPG, 3GP, 3 G 2 or supports XVID. Step 2: video editing and 3D settings (optional) in this step are you shows how you some special features apply to the output videos can 1. Cutting, unlock, rotate, effect adjust, add watermark and external subtitles to personalize the recording videos for own use or improve. You can play the edited video in the embedded player. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit James Woolsey. 2.

If you want to create 3D DVD recording videos from 2D, then you should use the 3D-Konvertierungsfunktion. Click the “3D” button if want to apply 3D conversion. Chobani refugees is actively involved in the matter. Offered 5 3D-Modele: Red/cyan, red/green, red/blue, blue/yellow, interlaced. Former CIA Head does not necessarily agree. You can select a matching model based on your equipment, and enjoy the best 3D effect. Step 3: Create DVD menu and make click on the third icon “Gestalten menu” at the top of the preview window, to create an own DVD menu. In the eroffenden window currently a total of 6 main scenes are available: standard, business, education, holiday, nature, and others.

Embark on the other four Tab, adjustment as border style, background image, background music, to make Iconstil, and so on. Step 4: Start the burn Mac recording on DVD after you have finished all settings, you can start burning video tapes to DVD with one click on “Burn” (the blue recording icon at the bottom of the preview player). Normally duration of burning 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the video recordings. Therefore, you have a little patience.

Real Time Interaction Management And Quality Monitoring

December 2, 2016


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CallCenterWorld 2012: CRM in real time for fast and individual processes of Tubingen, January 30, 2012 the increasing complexity of tasks and technologies in the call center are a central theme in the industry. Therefore try several companies to bundle the communication channels and to make easier to use. Here they are faced with the challenge to use a large number of applications in a short sequence correctly and efficiently and to ensure a high quality of service at the same time. For this reason, presented the almato GmbH exhibits on CallCenterWorld 2012 including solutions for quality monitoring and provides real time interaction management before a new concept for CRM in real time. The Tubingen company also shows by the 28.02.2012 until 01.03.2012 in Hall 4 stand D7 systems in the areas of coaching, e-learning, reporting and analytics. Even if sometimes the near end of the contact center is predicted, the industry in our perception is more alive than ever. The ever higher requirements on companies require more powerful systems and highly qualified staff members in the contact center. “From this I conclude that the relevance of the Contact Center for the company’s success grows rather than decreases”, explains Thomas Geiling, Marketing Director of almato GmbH.

this development we work on solutions, on the one hand, make quality measurable respond and provide important insights for improving quality. “On the other hand, we use real time interaction management a second focus on the reduction of complexity and the streamlining of processes in the customer service.” With real time interaction management (RTIM) almato offered a solution for CRM in real time. RTIM enables contact center agents flexibility on changing business requirements and unforeseen customer requests to respond. To enable this, in real time, so at the moment of the customer contact, read data from the software solutions in the company used and analyses.

Positive Prospects

November 18, 2016


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Software and IT services will grow faster than hardware sales in Poland Jelenia Gora / Poland, 28.02.2012 the European Commission predicts that economic growth in Poland this year will be the highest in the EU. But not for the reason that the Polish gross domestic product amounting to the shoots, but rather because the economies of many EU countries experienced a recession or stagnation. According to the current forecast of the European Commission, the Polish economic growth to reach 2.5% in 2012. The Polish IT market is the second largest in Central and Eastern Europe behind Russia. He was marked by dynamic changes in recent years. In the period 1999-2008 the IT market value of 9.1 billion PLN PLN 27.5 billion almost quadrupled. The market value to 26.5 billion PLN fell in 2009 and 2010 he rose again to about 4.4%. For 2011, an increase of 3% on hardware, 8% to 7% in IT services and software market value was expected.

In the next few years the software and IT services market in Poland is stronger grow as the hardware Division. In the year 2010 amounted to the total order value of the 200 biggest IT contracts in the business sector over 722 million PLN, which meant an increase of 15% compared to the prior year. The highest IT spending accounted for the Polish State Railways (PKP), the State Forestry Office and the Polish Post Office (Poczta Polska). Significant changes are emerging in some sectors of the economy. So, the energy industry is one of the leading industries in the IT technology with ERP systems. The financial and banking sector, where the average lifespan of so-called mission-critical applications is 10 years, can bring in the year 2012 big contracts in the field of software implementations.

In the public sector, held strong changes of value of individual requests from IT. Here, the richest contract in 2010 with around 400 million PLN was twice as high as in 2009. Also increased the average value for smaller IT contracts to almost three times. The health care market is characterized by a few Top players at the Technologization of hospitals and health care facilities. The Polish State performs two comprehensive Informatics in the eHealth, which will run until the year 2015. The attractiveness of the SME sector for IT companies in Poland is high, because every year, many startups emerge and pushing many new companies in the Internet market. The fact that at present still mainly local companies providing IT services to the Polish SMEs, opportunities for market entry foreign companies. To the market situation, market trends, trends, the IT market in Poland for key players on the Polish IT market and Government IT projects our market study “appeared. It presents current market data to hardware, software and IT services, as well as to their categories. The market information enables businesses to make strategic decisions about investments in the Polish IT market. Get more information on market analysis and the Polish IT market by the contact person specified below and on the Website. Since 2004, supports Poland consulting services management consulting market entry, the settlement of companies and the search of distributors of foreign companies in Poland and supplies also need customized market data and market analyses.

Modern Customer Dialogue

November 16, 2016


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Experts in voice applications on the contact center trends Heidelberg, September 16, 2011 the Sikom Software GmbH presents itself on the this year’s contact center trends in Frankfurt. The trade fair for modern customer dialogue takes on the 28th and 29th September 2011 in Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena and will give plenty of space including the issues of cloud computing and social media. Booth of B14 in Hall 1, Sikom will enter on these trends and introduce appropriate products and services. Solutions the Sikom Software GmbH in AgentOne sees as a specialist for platform-independent and flexible Contact Center Release 5, the latest version of its ACD solution for, an answer to the challenges of the contact center industry. On the one hand, the solution characterized by general system enhancements, and simplified installation routines. On the other hand the version 5 has numerous new features. Here, the introduction of the reporting data warehouse concept and a new interface for Agentenclient plays and one Supervisorclient important role. Providing an advanced document and Processrouting AgentOne DokManager is one of the innovations.

On the contact center, Sikom explains trends which organisational measures must be taken if voice communication and document-based communication are linked together. The most important highlights of AgentOne, release 5 is one connecting social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Customer requests that reach companies became increasingly concerned with the new communication channels, can be managed efficiently by intelligent routing”, explains Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner of Sikom. These elements of the solution fit perfectly fair focusing on social media. Also we want to talk at the booth with interested parties about, what legal aspects are taken into account and which rules are required, when it comes to the integration of social media into customer communication.” Sikom looks at the topic of cloud computing a trend in the hybrid cloud, when a business uses a classic private cloud and additionally uses as a backup for system outages and spikes on the public cloud.

In the field of customer service communication, Heidelberg company’s customers already put on virtual ACD Systems, which are installed on external servers and automatically distribute calls, as well as virtual speech dialog systems, the cloud computing use as operating model. In addition to virtual Dialer, also running as a cloud application, we have implemented now also very comprehensive language platforms for complex tasks. So, a customer uses currently”a voice input platform in the cloud, which operated up to 600 telephone channels in parallel, Jurgen H. Hoffmeister is reported. Because the applications that can be implemented as a cloud computing model, play an increasingly important role for us, we feel content very good hands trends in the contact center.”# end # the Sikom Software GmbH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of contact Center solutions and automated voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications. Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries. Core products of the comprehensive portfolio are the award-winning, multi-modal language dialog platform VoiceMan as well as the Contact Center Suite AgentOne, voice authentication United voice ID, the Sikom AlarmServer and the billing system t.e.o. . Sikom is based on strong partnerships, including his success in major research projects with universities and industrial partners.

ALVARA Is Growing And Offers CashEDI Participation Through Web Portal

October 26, 2016


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ALVARA cash management group AG expands its market share in the area of CashEDI. Leipzig, 09.09.2008 – the ALVARA cash management group AG expands its market share in the area of CashEDI. With the Ziemann security company, a further service providers was convinced by the services of ALVARA AG and of the CashEDI specialised procedure. The new technical process CashEDI of the Bundesbank serves deposit and money order”of electronic communications in the context of business processes. The ALVARA AG is the first partner of the Deutsche Bundesbank for the CashEDI and single – and SammelEinzahlung”since December 2007 certified. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. The procedure of the Deutsche Bundesbank is supported by modern bar code and numbers technologies and reduced internal administrative burden of stakeholders and the downtime at the Deutsche Bundesbank. To read more click here: James Woolsey. Were so far collecting deposits up to 100 deposit documents created by the cash and twice written off by the German Bundesbank, this deposit information will advance electronically with CashEDI transmitted. The CashEDI specialised procedure aimed not only to service providers such as the Ziemann security company, but takes into account all the participants of the German cash cycle which deposit funds on the German Bundesbank, count or order.

Also cash without connection of their cash management software to the ALVARA can platform about ALVARA AG to the CashEDI specialised procedure take part. This includes the ALVARA AG offers a secured Web portal, in which deposits and money orders are entered online and delivered in the ExtrNet of the Deutsche Bundesbank. For the service providers not expensive acquisition of software or even a certification at the Deutsche Bundesbank is necessary. ALVARA AG staff like to in a personal interview or at the security fair security Essen 2008 answer questions to CashEDI and the Web portal “from 7 to 10 October 2008 (Hall 2, booth 237 and 409). More information about ALVARA AG can also have the new product information under be obtained. Contact ALVARA Cash Management Group AG Street 18 04103 Leipzig Tel.: + 49 (0) 341 / 98-990-200 fax: + 49 (0) 341 / 99 25-109 E-Mail: Internet: contact person: Jana Heinrich to ALVARA ALVARA cash management group AG is a new service provider in the area of cash management. Competent specialists with extensive experience in the industry founded the company with the aim to provide better security for all market participants through transparency and greater efficiency through independence. They share their extensive expertise in the coordination and processing of cash transfers, to analyze the causes of the existing security gaps and subsequently to develop an efficient and risk-free solution for all involved.

SharePoint Server

April 17, 2014


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Continuous growth in the financial year 2010 Bochum. -With a very positive outcome of the windream GmbH, manufacturer and provider of enterprise-content-management-system has completed windream, 2010 fiscal year. The Bochum company recorded an increase of 18 percent in license sales compared to the year 2009. Profit before tax is also a before-tax return of 17 percent over the result of the previous year. Advanced portfolio is the positive business result among others attributable to a significantly expanded product portfolio, which includes numerous solutions, Add-Ons and integrations into third-party products in addition to the core area of the windream ECM-system. It shows that more and more companies want to plan not only the use of an efficient ECM system, but about integrating also other software solutions in their IT infrastructures seamlessly connect ECM products can be.

These include solutions for the optimization of business processes as well as products for the Secure E-Mail Archiving or the integration of ECM systems in Microsoft’s SharePoint Server. In these areas the windream GmbH is on the offered product portfolio perfectly set up. windream 5 the fundamental success of windream GmbH is still based on the innovative and patented technology of the enterprise-content-management-system windream, which is available in the now fifth generation since 2010. Numerous suggestions from customers and partners have been incorporated in the development of the new version. Only the integration of a dynamic generation of individual views of document resources under the name “My windream” applies in connection with the release of windream version 5.0 as a pioneering feature that is unique and will be offered by any other available ECM system in comparable form. According to the new windream version, which have requested nearly all existing customers also as an update from previous versions installed, shows the great demand that windream exactly to the requirements of the market and the Customer-oriented.