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Measuring Electronic Surges

August 9, 2023


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Measurement of insulation damage due to surges in electronic equipment (computers, tv., Video, etc.) And installations have been increasing for years. This is due to the use of electronics increasingly sensitive to these surges. In particular, computer systems can suffer major damage or even be destroyed if they are not adequately protected. >Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention to learn more. The cost of such damage produced in the own equipment or installation is necessary to add the extra costs due to lack of service for days. CAUSES OF THE SURGE The factors with the surge are varied, but all can be included in the 4 groups described below: “Direct impact of lightning, in which case it directly reaches the building, causing drivers installation is subjected to short periods of time at very high potential to cause instant destruction of electronic equipment connected to the installation. Far-impact cases in which the building has not been hit directly by lightning, despite which the system operation is affected due to the blast wave that is transmitted through power lines network supply. “Impacts clouds, cases in which the beam bounces from cloud to cloud.

The electrical system may be affected due to the charges of reflection involved in this phenomenon and lead to increases in atmospheric potential drivers, especially if they come from outside the building. -Switching processes, such as on-off operations, accidental grounding contacts, switching of inductive or capacitive loads, etc.. they do that, as in the three previous cases, surge occurring risks that crash in normal operation of equipment.