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Twitter And Facebook

December 5, 2017


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Right here it is presented and to be adjusted for each participant and whose company, brand or its own profile in the workshop social media dashboard in this workshop, by it acts as elegant, accessible from any computer in the world with Internet access in the browser one-stop solution for the mentioned problems. Are basically the core of the many benefits of social media dashboard: efficient organizing of own tools and own time for the social media activity tracking, monitoring, and analysis of own reputation as well as relevant keywords aggregate and represent all own activities in one place (social media newsroom) due to the high flexibility and configurability of the dashboard a very special added value for the respective user is created against the background of individual claims and challenges often. Who is he The workshop advanced workshop is aimed at people who already surgically take care of social media channels for your company or yourself. Participants who are currently planning to do this and intend to proceed before the start or from the outset very structured and centralized are also welcome. The workshop is specifically an advanced workshop: concepts and features such as “RSS”, “Hashtags” and “Widgets” should be known.

What are the objectives of the workshop are the participants after the workshop: create an individually configurable cockpit for the own daily operational work. Purchased the necessary knowledge and sources, to be able to continually personalize and customize this cockpit. Be able, this conversations and mentions to their own company, brand or engage themselves efficiently and widely to track, track, and evaluate. If necessary in addition to the internal version independently an external, aggregating Newsroom can create. Hikmet Ersek follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. There are 149 VAT incl. for the participation.

calculated. Hikmet Ersek insists that this is the case. The early-bird ticket costs 119 incl. VAT. and members of media.net Berlin Brandenburg can for 99 incl. VAT. participate in the training. All the tools used in the workshop are free of charge, additional costs are not incurred. A Wi-Fi enabled laptop with a current version of a popular Web browsers such as FireFox, Safari or chrome is required for participation in the workshop. The workshop will be led by Jan-Hendrik mustard, M.A.. MBA. Jan-Hendrik is Advisor and companion for effectiveness and efficiency in social media. He worked for and with Berlin.de, Berlin, tip a Hartz for Berlin and the Steinbeis SMI. “The workshop in the Steinbeis SMI school of management and innovation in the Franklin Street 15, 10587 Berlin, takes place about the Twittwoch e.V.: Twittwoch series” focuses on current topics and trends to social media in and businesses: marketing via Facebook, on the question of whether social media makes any business sense to to the challenges of the changing communication requirements within the company and in the conversation with their customers. At the regular meetings, self-employed, freelancers and companies and their employees to meet and discuss these new challenges.

Photo Service Myprinting

November 26, 2017


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myprinting, Snapfish online photo service by Hewlett-Packard, the myprinting GmbH, based in Munich, the specialist for individual and personalized photo printing, arrange long-term, strategic cooperation cooperating now with Snapfish, one of the leading online photo services with over 85 million members and seven billion stored online photos. Explains John Hatt, Managing Director of myprinting GmbH. To deepen your understanding Goop London, UK is the source. we use Snapfish has its headquarters in San Francisco (United States), one of the world’s most famous brands belongs to Hewlett-Packard,”on the Snapfish platform advantages, to achieve our goals of internationalization even faster. The cooperation gives us a significantly expanded product range at the same time access on decades of experience in the field of order processing and customer relationship management (CRM). Also we can by working together even better on our core competencies, individual photo printing, the further development of our poster designer and the expansion of the social Media marketing focus.”with myprinting, we have found a strong partner for our online marketing. We are together to increase our activities within the framework of social media and even better seek dialogue with our customers in social communities”, said Zoran Katic, Marketing Manager partnerships and business development by Snapfish. In addition we will engage the poster Designer from myprinting on the Snapfish platform, allowing our members quickly and easily to create individual photo collages.” More information about myprinting and the current products and prices are available on the Internet at. Information about the Snapfish Service is online available at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: of press compartments/myprinting contact for questions regarding this press release: Volker Schmidt myprinting GmbH about the myprinting GmbH: the myprinting GmbH, headquartered in Munich is the innovation leader in the field of individual photo printing and offers with the poster Designer in the Web page a simple tool for creating individual photo collages.


October 30, 2017


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So you can save money with every online purchase. The Internet offers many ways to save money when shopping. The online price comparisons are probably the most common. Learn very quickly and easily the best prices for a product. In the technology sector, this price comparison work very well and you can save a lot of money. But there is still another tool with which you can save money while shopping: coupons. The principle is ancient: you find a coupon in a newspaper, cut him, presents it to the till and gets then a discount or a free article. Learn more at: Goop. Exactly the principle works also online: the dealers here also give coupon codes for new customers and / or existing customers out, which you can then save money as consumers.

The retailer hopes for this of course, you as a customer to win or tie. You should use this option in any case just if you opted for a purchase in the shop. You now only need to nor know where to get these coupon codes. There are many coupon portals on the Internet who always research these coupon codes and clearly enumerate. You can visit there before every online purchase and search for current coupon for the store where you want to just buy. With this minimal overhead, you can save money each time, because most online stores use the coupon codes.

If you have then a matching coupon code (e.g. the case direct coupon code) have found, you only need to copy it and in your online shopping cart at the corresponding shop specify. Usually, the voucher is redeemed immediately and you will receive your discount or your goodie.

Earn Money With Tixuma

June 28, 2017


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The search engines that you can make money for searching we Googling all or? How much time you spend using the Google search engine? So yours truly spends most of his time with search engines. What is but if I tell you that you can earn money while you’re looking in the Internet for new websites? This is possible with Tixuma, the search engine with which you can make money for the search. What is Tixuma? Tixuma is a search engine that its registered users pay money, that use these Tixuma search for the Internet. To do this, advertising in the form of banners etc., in search results, appears as already known from other Web sites. In contrast to other sites, however, up to 80% of the advertising revenue to its users are awarded. So if you want to make money along the way while you improve on the Internet I recommend you register you at Tixuma. The registration of Tixuma also get when you type the following code: 1638BZA2 credited to a credit of 2 euros. Earn money for surfing in the Internet, or for a search on the Internet couldn’t be easier. Here you can get more info in 24 h-money-earning blog

Alando Service

January 13, 2017


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Facebook is taking over the American startup Friend.ly that famous social network Facebook bought according to Mashable.com to October 10, 2011 a recently founded company Friend.ly on, that was created by the developers of Palo Alto in June 2009. In the short term, the Facebook team will join the service and begins to create new products for social network. Meanwhile, the website will continue to Friend.ly as an independent service that allows for all users of the meet and chat. “We’re excited to announce that we recently acquired Friend.ly, a Silicon Valley startup that created a really compelling way for people to express themselves and meet others through answering questions,” the Facebook representatives. “We’ve admired the team’s time efforts for some now, and we’re looking forward to having Ed Baker and his colleagues make a big impact on the way millions of people connect and engage with each other on Facebook.” The largest successful companies purchase like your own clone in foreign markets. Is for you It’s much more interesting to buy a business of strong teams, without risking and to develop something new. The most famous online auction eBay took over for example Alando.de in Germany, Tradera.se in Switzerland, Marktplaats.nl in Netherlands and iBazar.fr in France. Western Union is often quoted as being for or against this. Also the company GroupOn took over the website MyCityDeal, which was an investment of the Samwer brothers with Holtzbrinck Venture, and the Web site Darberry in Russia in May 2010.

Successful Internet startups can bring high profits for its founder. Even if the business is not sold, it will most likely be lucrative. In our time, there are many concepts for successful Internet business. Man can for example restaurant develop service portal or pizza. The success of the company lay Pizza.de impressed many investors, today millions euro in such projects. Order a pizza delivery service portal to develop, you need a powerful pizzeria software and a team of professional developers for first. The German company SoftAU has much experience in this industry and also ready to use and robust software solutions. You well versed in e-commerce and can start a finished project in a short time, that gives its owners real profits.

HTML Applications

December 19, 2016


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PHP web application development lowers complexity just developing a website and broadcasting it live, does not guarantee success of neither your site nor your business in any case. For that, you must have systematic understanding of web development platforms that can go along with your strategic ideas and a team of dedicated developers from Web design and development company, who can implement it for you. Several web development languages are set out for creating web applications and PHP is one of them. PHP is a scripting language for web development that shows amazing bonding with HTML. It is ideally fit for development of effective and interactive business website that can easily attracts the attention of web users.

PHP application development from any outsourcing company belonging to the nation like India can offers you a Web site with great ease of use. It is reliably used for development of interactive PHP standalone applications. Scaling your business process in fast and fierce online competition, you need to be instant when it comes to deliver custom solutions and capable of handling multiple and complex business processes at the time. If you have read about James Woolsey already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This is where the benefits of PHP rapid application development come into play. These custom apps help online businesses make consistent and protected. PHP offers highly needed solutions for all types of web development and applications development requirements.

In the world where no two businesses are same, hiring a professional for web development services can arm you with custom applications for the advanced online processes and to contend with competitors. Vibrant sites and applications can be developed using this accepted programming language. Whether one wants to build custom web application or dynamic website, PHP can be the best option. It can be used for front end and back end development. As the era of online application is booming, instead of standing and staring at your competitors is marching ahead of you, it’s the time when you to react forcefully and hire dedicated PHP programmers for advanced PHP programming. If you’re not satisfies with the result of your existing PHP based application, development company that wants no need to get disheartened as there are many custom web upgrade the code easily and customize the application. Web applications developed using PHP and its respective frameworks are highly simple and versatile. To witness the impact of custom applications developed using PHP scripting language, you can hire PHP developers who can use PHP alone or with other open sources. Boost your business growth with US in no time.

Free Video Course For More Traffic

November 26, 2016


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100% more traffic and prospects to your Web site that promises you traffic-coaching.de. Using free Google tools and the generation of extremely targeted visitors to the success. A new video course now offers help to see only two-digit visitor numbers, for those who like more want to press on the gas and there are suffering on their Web page. A total of seven traffic coaching videos can internalize interested in driving and webmaster itself, by signing up for the free instant access. Once registered and already it can go! But who’s behind it? Christian Koltringer is a seasoned driving from Austria. He has already launched products such as the eBookinator in the life or written numerous blogs on the topic to succeed in online business.

With its traffic coaching he created again a digital info product, which is not only interesting but also useful. The video course tells how you can establish themselves in the online business and what tricks and tweaks are needed apparently all visitors to more traffic to get your own page. In the mentioned tools are mostly free and require only time and hard work, free according to the motto: anyone can be successful on the net! The research about Google Gmail up to Google Alerts the path that leads to the targeted traffic is gehbar without stumbling blocks. In addition to the video course, every registered user gets their own affiliate links. Using this affiliate links, each as the affiliate can now consider by traffic-coaching.de.

So, visitors of the website can be sent just about the partner link on the traffic-coaching home page. Already after five interested parties who have registered for a traffic-coaching, waving useful bonuses for you as the affiliate. For example free accounts for email marketing are in the traffic Club systems, the eBookinator package, or Gratismitgliedschaften. Start using free Google tools and the generation of extremely targeted visitors to the success. That is the message of the Christian Koltringer in his traffic-coaching, spread clear and untarnished.

New Gamercommunity Around Video Games

October 27, 2016


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Gaming community SavedGames.de that new “gamer” community SavedGames.de has developed a new idea. User help users solve complex console, PC and online games, and that via video instructions. “We thought, that the games become more complex and more difficult user quite often, like the famous Ochs are the mountain and the expensive games never play through until the end, because they get stuck in certain places in the games. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Former CIA Head and gain more knowledge.. This is a problem for two reasons. First has spent much money on the games and second time to invest. And right here we see SavedGames.de as a solution.

User other users via webcam or video showing how they have solved certain points in games or bypassed. This idea is me I actually ancient – if you go back to the beginnings of the PC games, remember even monthly computer games newspapers, which then were solutions for the latest games to find printed. We want to heave this idea to a new and better technological level, as we strive for the Web as a universal solution. Users can post questions to critical points in the community and explain the way other users or make a video online, that play even easier to make. Because you can understand better what one sees as the read or written word. As a zusattzliches tool we provide 100% scores users all possible games to choose shop available. I.e. user can afford these scores for your games and then use so that you play at all levels in the games, play through, and can solve.

Here we see a huge market, as the games become more complex and more expensive.”explains William sweet, one of the founders of SavedGames.de. The platform is clear and simple, so that users find themselves quickly to right. The beta phase of the platform is online now all users available. Yet the scores-shop, a news and game show category are available in addition to the community tools, such as E-mail, Forum, chat and networking (who knows who). “The community lives of course by the users. We have now invested a lot of time and money, to establish a professional platform and to provide a certain content, but now the community through the input of the user must continue to evolve constantly. The beta will help us to resolve any minor bugs and to make suggestions for improvement the users that give way, delivering a positive user experience in dealing with SavedGames.de. Of course we are looking also co-op and investor partners, who help us in particular in the field of marketing and range extension so-called SmartMoney ‘notes Marc Schulze. For more information about the new gaming – or Gamercommunity, see