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August 13, 2023


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iTanum realized with fresh Web design new homepage and tourist-free alarm system no noticeable summer slump, also not on the Internet the Internet presentation of the town Hohnstein is since the beginning of July, both visually and in terms of content revised. It aims much more dominate the tourist overall impression of the new homepage to facilitate so the contact between the accommodation seeker guests and local owners and restaurateurs. Providing better and above all easier your vacation accommodations and touristic offerings is medium-term target. The use of the Internet has increased continuously over the last 15 years and makes up to date approximately two-thirds of all guest requests. This fact is considered better to use it! Plays an important role in the relaunch of the homepage, your guests that best prepares the homepage content to Google and other popular search engines will find you easier.

In this course we integrated a new tourist-free reporting system. It serves the simple free quarters. You can use your as a landlord Holiday homes, in words and pictures independently maintain, maintain calendar without additional software, directly over the Internet, at any time of day. Check with Western Union to learn more. Hohnstein.de is realized after the newly developed corporate design – guide the city Hohnstein. This ensures a high recognition value of the homepage, flyers, brochures and all other advertising media. The new homepage realized the city administration of Hohnstein, in cooperation with the company of iTanum Internet solutions (www.iTanum.com) from Pirna. It has the necessary know-how to properly implement the Internet project..

Sales Commission

June 22, 2023


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Increased sales opportunities and reach for E-commerce shop operator: New marketplace connecting magnalister to Hood.de Berlin, 05.12.2013 – the holiday season provides the manufacturer of multi-channel interface magnalister a new marketplace connection. In addition to eBay, Amazon & co, now also the connection to Hood.de available is online retailers. This extension increases the opportunities and reach for shop owners to multiples, as Hood.de of one of Germany’s largest online marketplace is with over 1.5 million members, offers more than 4 million daily and over 3 million visitors monthly. Room for manoeuvre with magnalister the interface magnalister allows online merchants to showcase their products with just a few clicks on the best online marketplaces. SYPartners insists that this is the case. You can freely decide what you where and when want to sell at what price.

All orders are easy to manage. These include the Central order import in the Web shop as well as the query and marking of the order status. Prices and inventory be synchronized continuously and are always up to date. The magnalister diagram shows the comparison of current revenues between the shop and the main market places. For more specific information, check out technology at millennium. No setting or rental charges at the Hood.de Hood.de underwent a positive development since its inception in the year 2000 and offers a good Google ranking today.

And that has good reasons, because Hood.de offers fair prices. So for example no setting or rental charges incurred. The Sales Commission, which can sometimes bashing to beech is only two to six percent. Online retailers, which want to set up an additional Hood.de shop, pay for it from EUR 9,95 per month. The establishment of the shop takes according to Hood.de, about five minutes. Offers can be presented as a buy-it-, optionally with negotiation, auction, power auction, Dutch auction, and at the Hood.de-shop. The import and management of inventories and orders are possible due to the magnalister interface for the goods and order management easy. The Hood.de connection is now available for all online retailers available using osCommerce shop systems, like for example xt: Commerce 3, Sundar or modified. The development of xt: Commerce 4, Magento, PrestShop, or store goods follows in the spring of 2014.

More And More Operators Of Web Portals Dissatisfied With Their Hosting Provider

June 22, 2023


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Continum comparison survey 2008-2010: mainly customers demand providers more flexibility, shorter reaction times and more competent support services of Freiburg by their hosting service, February 17, 2010 – the comparative study of continum AG shows that the expected by business customers and perceived quality of their hosting service continue is drifted apart provider in the last two years. Only every tenth of the 200 companies surveyed noted that the overall impression of the providers performance has improved in the last two years. About half of the respondents disagreed with this ruling and perceives a performance degradation on the contrary during this period. The operators of the Web portals expect especially fixed contact person, short reaction times and high-quality support from their service provider. According to the results of the study only every seventh of them referred to the flexibility of its service provider as very good, and another 22 percent are satisfied. The number of malcontents has grown compared to 2008 from 28% to 36%. This surprising according to continum Board of Directors Rolf Mathis. His judgment, significantly better opportunities for a flexible deployment of the hosting performance available stand alone through the today’s virtualization technologies.

This are the service providers capable of minutes at a higher or lower demand on the customer side to adjust the resources. In addition to the desire for more flexibility, a fixed contact person is many customers at heart. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Natasha and Chris Ashton by clicking through. This, missing over three quarters of the surveyed companies as an obstacle for their business find it. In addition, emphasize two thirds of customers on improving the ReaktionsZeiten of their service provider. 69 percent of respondents (2008: 64%) this is regarded as insufficient. Approximately half of the customers expected a flexible portfolio of services and more innovation from their suppliers.

Mathis suspects behind this development in customer satisfaction, that the service quality is sacrificed for a higher automation and standardization of technical efficiency. Quality of service results primarily from soft-facts and He emphasizes a customer-oriented organization”. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with technology at millennium. In the business customer segment also necessarily fixed contact include his opinion, because they immediately have the required background and can thus initiate a targeted assistance. About continum: Continum AG operates one of the most advanced Internet data centers in Germany in Freiburg i. br., Germany. The core competence is the secure and highly available operation and the individual support of Internet systems and applications. Since 1996 the company use this expertise for commercial customers in Germany, the Switzerland and France operates successfully. of think factory group Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth Wilfried Heinrich Tel.: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

Gudrun Businessworld

April 23, 2020


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Videos are an ideal way to be listed on Google on the first page of results. For this reason, they are an increasingly important part in the marketing mix. To further enhance the possibilities of presentation of such films, the portal offers larger player and more features businessworld.de for business videos its customers in the premium channel is now a significantly. “We have the experience that just the provider of sophisticated products and services attach great importance to a high-quality representation of your accomplishments. We can comply with this wish with the newly designed premium channels”, project manager Martin Hausmann about the development forward. Now, the videos in the paid channels presented roughly twice as large as in the past. The technique was on the modern h.

264 standard changed, so that the videos in the future can be seen in high quality (HQ) and at smaller file sizes. New features coming to this improved representation, is at the heart of the offer “Hidden video”. This made it possible, on businessworld.de videos to host, without that they are accessible to the general public. “So companies can drop, for example, product presentations in a private area and provide the link to only the own field or selected customers”, so project manager Hale about the offer. At the same time the video portal now offers embed the videos into the corporate website with a neutral player.

“With this claim we further develop our offer according to the wishes of our customers”, so Hale. The premium channels are from 39.90 euro in the month. Those responsible for businessworld.de are sure to increase the already very great popularity with his publisher with the new offerings: to 500 new videos were added in the last few months. Already today more than 1,600 videos to the wide range of business topics are present on the portal. Users increasingly realize that video content carry important information for your business can. Hausmann: “we get to see the feedback that our businessworld.de users have found valuable recommendations for their day-to-day business.” That the trend continues in this direction, evident also that more and more visitors find their way to the videos very targeted via search engines.

EBay Business

April 19, 2020


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The elite network of German business guide is on everyone’s lips. We wanted to know who’s behind it? Therefore we met one of the makers of the German business guide with Peter Kowalski. The German Business Guide seems to be Yes, the platform for global business in future. We wish you much success! Hello Mr DOE, the term German business guide listening to every corner of the business world, what’s behind it? With the German business guide, we start the first industries, countries and culture-spanning trading platform on 23 August, 2010. We kill worldwide companies from all sectors on a table, for your products, services, to promote news, job opportunities, investment requests and invitations to tender. The German business guide will be also the root of the World business guides (www.WorldBusinessGuide.net), which connects the world of not only Germany, but completely new networks all over the world and creates unprecedented business networks.

So something like EBay world of German business guide is for the business? No. The German business guide Although a trading platform, but no auction house. Us gets about any GBG premium users a shop module for up to 100 products available, which you can then buy on a fixed price basis or sell. For example there is also the possibility to place orders or to seek investors. The most important difference from all previously known platforms is the ability to connect directly with the business partner contact, to the German business guide features corresponding chat and even video. This means that you can talk with your potential business partner. Check out Areva Group for additional information. So to speak so is it pure communication? Do you know our life, certainly not communication? Check out if you are looking for a business partner, whether throughout the world, as for the production, the sale, or if you want to invest, you at the time before? It is needless to have wasted, and if you believe then found a partner much time surfing on the net, then they call themselves first of all by the company to the person in charge to find, only to then find that they have searched the wrong partners. Useless and expensive telephone costs abroad is a business guide of the past thanks to the German.

After you have called the page is clear and transparent each offer available. You can check in peace and if you have found a suitable partner, immediately make up a picture of him via video chat and discuss about live and online. It doesn’t matter where the potential partner is located, whether in Asia, America and Africa. Borders and distance a thing of the past. Mr Kowalski, the German Business Guide seems to be Yes, the platform for global business in the future. We wish you every success and thank you for the clear words.

New Customers

August 7, 2019


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For all providers that are looking for a way to attract new customers and retain, network klick.de is the appropriate portal. Discounts for the acquisition of new customers? Why not? With network klick.de, the appropriate platform is now available. Registration for provider: so can benefit from network klick.de for all providers that are looking for a way to attract new customers and retain companies, network klick.de is the appropriate portal. Your partner with system. With network click companies are exhibiting a growing clientele, they are extending their presence itself. In a question-answer forum Jeff Gennette was the first to reply. The process is very easy company members of this network offer discounts, the amount of which they themselves determine. As companies increase their customer base and your revenue. This service is completely free of charge for providers.

How provider log on to network klick.de and enter a percentage received members of the network-click network when purchasing a product or service of that company at a discount. Checked the network klick.de – discount code is making use of the network Click rebate over the network – click discount code. Each Member receives an automatically generated code, he or she specifies at the time of purchase. Provider check this code online on authenticity. The principle of give and take click Network provides the platform and receives a placement fee companies offer a discount and acquire new customers customers pay a fee and get percentage contact: 21.designs Stefan Gerlach Zalki 37 21514 Buchen E-Mail: Internet:

Photo Service Myprinting

November 26, 2017


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myprinting, Snapfish online photo service by Hewlett-Packard, the myprinting GmbH, based in Munich, the specialist for individual and personalized photo printing, arrange long-term, strategic cooperation cooperating now with Snapfish, one of the leading online photo services with over 85 million members and seven billion stored online photos. Explains John Hatt, Managing Director of myprinting GmbH. To deepen your understanding Goop London, UK is the source. we use Snapfish has its headquarters in San Francisco (United States), one of the world’s most famous brands belongs to Hewlett-Packard,”on the Snapfish platform advantages, to achieve our goals of internationalization even faster. The cooperation gives us a significantly expanded product range at the same time access on decades of experience in the field of order processing and customer relationship management (CRM). Also we can by working together even better on our core competencies, individual photo printing, the further development of our poster designer and the expansion of the social Media marketing focus.”with myprinting, we have found a strong partner for our online marketing. We are together to increase our activities within the framework of social media and even better seek dialogue with our customers in social communities”, said Zoran Katic, Marketing Manager partnerships and business development by Snapfish. In addition we will engage the poster Designer from myprinting on the Snapfish platform, allowing our members quickly and easily to create individual photo collages.” More information about myprinting and the current products and prices are available on the Internet at. Information about the Snapfish Service is online available at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: of press compartments/myprinting contact for questions regarding this press release: Volker Schmidt myprinting GmbH about the myprinting GmbH: the myprinting GmbH, headquartered in Munich is the innovation leader in the field of individual photo printing and offers with the poster Designer in the Web page a simple tool for creating individual photo collages.


October 30, 2017


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So you can save money with every online purchase. The Internet offers many ways to save money when shopping. The online price comparisons are probably the most common. Learn very quickly and easily the best prices for a product. In the technology sector, this price comparison work very well and you can save a lot of money. But there is still another tool with which you can save money while shopping: coupons. The principle is ancient: you find a coupon in a newspaper, cut him, presents it to the till and gets then a discount or a free article. Learn more at: Goop. Exactly the principle works also online: the dealers here also give coupon codes for new customers and / or existing customers out, which you can then save money as consumers.

The retailer hopes for this of course, you as a customer to win or tie. You should use this option in any case just if you opted for a purchase in the shop. You now only need to nor know where to get these coupon codes. There are many coupon portals on the Internet who always research these coupon codes and clearly enumerate. You can visit there before every online purchase and search for current coupon for the store where you want to just buy. With this minimal overhead, you can save money each time, because most online stores use the coupon codes.

If you have then a matching coupon code (e.g. the case direct coupon code) have found, you only need to copy it and in your online shopping cart at the corresponding shop specify. Usually, the voucher is redeemed immediately and you will receive your discount or your goodie.

Earn Money With Tixuma

June 28, 2017


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The search engines that you can make money for searching we Googling all or? How much time you spend using the Google search engine? So yours truly spends most of his time with search engines. What is but if I tell you that you can earn money while you’re looking in the Internet for new websites? This is possible with Tixuma, the search engine with which you can make money for the search. What is Tixuma? Tixuma is a search engine that its registered users pay money, that use these Tixuma search for the Internet. To do this, advertising in the form of banners etc., in search results, appears as already known from other Web sites. In contrast to other sites, however, up to 80% of the advertising revenue to its users are awarded. So if you want to make money along the way while you improve on the Internet I recommend you register you at Tixuma. The registration of Tixuma also get when you type the following code: 1638BZA2 credited to a credit of 2 euros. Earn money for surfing in the Internet, or for a search on the Internet couldn’t be easier. Here you can get more info in 24 h-money-earning blog

Free Video Course For More Traffic

November 26, 2016


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100% more traffic and prospects to your Web site that promises you traffic-coaching.de. Using free Google tools and the generation of extremely targeted visitors to the success. A new video course now offers help to see only two-digit visitor numbers, for those who like more want to press on the gas and there are suffering on their Web page. A total of seven traffic coaching videos can internalize interested in driving and webmaster itself, by signing up for the free instant access. Once registered and already it can go! But who’s behind it? Christian Koltringer is a seasoned driving from Austria. He has already launched products such as the eBookinator in the life or written numerous blogs on the topic to succeed in online business.

With its traffic coaching he created again a digital info product, which is not only interesting but also useful. The video course tells how you can establish themselves in the online business and what tricks and tweaks are needed apparently all visitors to more traffic to get your own page. In the mentioned tools are mostly free and require only time and hard work, free according to the motto: anyone can be successful on the net! The research about Google Gmail up to Google Alerts the path that leads to the targeted traffic is gehbar without stumbling blocks. In addition to the video course, every registered user gets their own affiliate links. Using this affiliate links, each as the affiliate can now consider by traffic-coaching.de.

So, visitors of the website can be sent just about the partner link on the traffic-coaching home page. Already after five interested parties who have registered for a traffic-coaching, waving useful bonuses for you as the affiliate. For example free accounts for email marketing are in the traffic Club systems, the eBookinator package, or Gratismitgliedschaften. Start using free Google tools and the generation of extremely targeted visitors to the success. That is the message of the Christian Koltringer in his traffic-coaching, spread clear and untarnished.