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Cardboard Packaging

June 20, 2021


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Already for anyone who works in printing or who produces various products and requires high-quality packaging, it is no secret that the cardboard has won strong positions in the market of packaging and it is even called packing material of the XXI century. In this regard, in recent years in Russia has grown significantly competition between companies producing cardboard packaging. Manufacturers of products, each year more and more pay attention to the appearance of their products, and particularly concerned about her safety. That package of cardboard keeps the integrity of the product, and attracts with its brilliance and originality of execution eyes of potential buyers. Due to the large demand for corrugated cardboard, many manufacturers began to produce and mikrogofru that, overall, increased production of cardboard over the country. But most importantly, increased competition is among the printing companies that provide services to develop pos-materials development and production of quality packaging made of cardboard. One of the leading manufacturers of packaging cardboard and pos-materials in the North-West today is recognized as a company Gulliver.

Printing company Gulliver is still quite a young company, but quickly and successfully developing. It was founded in 2000 year for 7 years and is a leader in the production of products from cardboard. Gulliver offers a wide range of different types of packaging cardboard. Our clients are very different enterprise sectors production, it is cosmetic companies, candy factories, food companies, publishers, and many others. The most popular and in demand now takes a laminated board, which allows you to create not only solid packing materials of any shape and size, but also to give a presentable product colorful look. Laminated board is ideal for the production of gift packaging and pos-materials. The company Gulliver process processing board and as a consequence, a package can pass through many stages and it is cutting, and printing and embossing, and laminating, and coating. As a result, the light appears a lot of packing boxes of various forms – from standard to very bizarre and unusual sizes – from small boxes for paper clips to boxes for household appliances, using a variety of printing techniques of decoration – with a UV coating, embossing, foil stamping, etc.

Packaging Materials

June 1, 2014


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Garbage bags, plastic bags, T-shirts, plastic bags and other packaging materials based on plastics and plastic film are widely used in the modern world in all spheres of human activity. In everyday life, in everyday plastic bags, T-shirts have long been replaced by a variety of leather and cotton bags, thanks to such qualities as high strength, low thickness and weight, almost reducible to zero, and low cost. The company "Europlast" is currently engaged in production of packages and plastic film. We offer businesses and individuals based packaging materials and plastic polyethylene film. For the production of "Europlast" includes plastic bags, T-shirts, garbage bags, bags with the logo, packaging industry and a number of other positions. Packing materials of various names, sizes and colors are well represented on the web at "Europlast" on the Internet.

Today, the world packaging bags, T-shirts are leading in popularity among the population, so they are effective means of advertising. Packages with the logo of companies and shops have completely monopolized the market for packaging materials, and today it is almost impossible to meet without a plastic bag labeling. Packages are widely used for transportation and storage of products, equipment and other items. Packaging materials ceased to be a special kind of goods they need anywhere, anytime, and at present value is not the very existence of a packaging material, but rather that an additional feature that it can perform. It may be advertising. Most often, packaging materials are presented advertising information plastic bags stores.