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How Many Are The Banknotes Of The USSR

September 26, 2016


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Many of our citizens are still in the bins bills left over from Soviet times. For many, it's just memory, some bookmarks, but for some it is a treasure, which they cherish as the apple of the eye. Why is it treasure? All because in the opinion of our citizens, these paper money of the ussr are nehily money. Where did this myth? Probably of the opinion that such "historical" papers few who remained, and collectors to drool such rare instances. In fact, it is not, moreover, is not so.

The average price of the banknote with the date of issue 1961 – about 50 rubles for a small denomination and 300 rubles for large denominations. But this price only applies to those instances have not been in circulation, ie them immediately at the time seized and kept in appropriate conditions. In 99% of people do not have similar bills. As a rule they are the owners in the best case of banknotes, the state of which can be defined as "good". But such notes of the ussr is no collector will never be interested. In general, any collector of banknotes – Bonisteel, in their own bins kept tens and hundreds of similar paper .

Even I – the average Bonisteel hand the number of such bills exceeded one hundred. How should I take them? It's simple – if you buy the Collector's material many vendors give such specimens as a bonus. Or do I just substitute bill in the collection new purchased, if their quality is even better. To compare prices, I can say that a pack of rubles ussr in 1961 issue of the banking package (100 pieces) now costs about 3000 rubles. Safety, of course, appropriate. Now Imagine how many times in different forums collectors get messages about the sale of Rare banknotes of the ussr "by" cheap "price of a couple thousand. Such sellers are offended when they say that their papers did not stand. Silently holding his anger they lay "the memory of the USSR" away and wait for when these "curiosities" to rise. As they say, let them wait for three hundred years. Then the grandchildren will say thank you.

Right Water

April 30, 2012


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Well, if the water is a ripple. In bad weather, and generally with cooling water Malik rolled back into deeper space, and his technique of catching changes. Keep in mind that fry fry alike. prefers the upper layers of water, small fry, too is not at the bottom, but try to catch a minnow on top does not make sense. Most often caught verhovku.

To this end, the selected location can throw in a little water crackers and see – is often a very effective tool for catching fry becomes a normal metal bucket, if they correctly use it. Fry in the rivers often finds itself under the protection of most shore, about podmoin for capes, under the overhanging branches of trees and shrubs. In the bucket above the bottom at sidewalls of a nail from outside penetrated dozens of holes for water runoff. Bucket is installed beneath the shore, with the head in the direction of depth or upstream. Brits through some time may find shelter here, then quickly remove the trap from the water. To do this often enough fast motion just put a bucket vertically – the depth of something big. As is well known, little catch the right amount of fry, it is often difficult to keep it. Fry quickly die from the slightest contact with the human hand. Therefore, removing the bait from the trap to using a small net. The classic place to store and transportation of fry is a special refrigerator in aerated water.