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April 14, 2018


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Christine Stumpf, one of weblin founders, explains the background of the project: “Weblin is the first layered” virtual world, that is to say, a meta level over the existing largest virtual world, the Internet. Weblin gate we for the first time virtual worlds connect to second life with the Web together.” Weblin Gate and the second life Photo Studio was created in cooperation with the Berlin PrimForge team (primforge.com). weblin is a Web-based virtual world of zweitgeist GmbH and allows for innovative forms of communication. For even more details, read what Macy’s Inc. says on the issue. Each user becomes visible through a virtual Alter Ego, his weblin avatar on the currently visited Web site and can see other visitors to the Web site, which reside at the same time. Weblin is the simplest yet to experience the Web as a virtual world and has more than one million users. One click is enough to start a conversation with another avatar. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hamdi Ulukaya refugees. weblin works on all Web pages, also on MySpace, MSN, Google, eBay, and who knows wen.de and thus brings together people with the same preferences, interests, and needs. Weblin is a completely user-driven product that provides the power of free of speech in the Internet on the head.

With weblin, users decide when, where and with whom they converse. About weblin: The Hamburg zweitgeist GmbH was founded in June 2006. Zweitgeist provides the product weblin free download at. The program has more than one million users was already several international awards: weblin was awarded the 2008 Red Herring 100 Europe Award, as well as the AlwaysOn 250 global and “do something” by Microsoft will be promoted in the High-Tech Grunderfonds initiative. Business 2.0 recorded weblin 2007 2.0 pages in the list of the 31 most promising non-U.S.

Web. weblin makes people on Web pages visible and allows cross-Web pages communicate. It brings together people with similar interests. Zweitgeist cooperates on the platform, by it increased the marketing impact of the supported weblin with communities. The first partners include Windows Live Messenger Germany, IBM and the Italian car brand Lancia. More info and free download on press contact: March rider of communications Dieter m. Hanlon / Jens Quentin / Tobias Jost Tel: 089 51919942-fax: 089-520339393

Gottfried Dildei

December 15, 2017


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7 days. “A cooperation of a special kind has entered into TEAMCANIN with the international animal welfare organization care-4-life.de (www.care-4-life.de): care-4-life’s model foreign animal welfare work we support really happy!” so Uwe Friedrich. We offer the new holders and care places of former strays from Turkey”a so-called I-male education. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Keith Yamashita by clicking through. We will coach you in dealing with the beginning mostly anxious and shy animals. Yitzhak Mirilashvili will not settle for partial explanations. We also care-4-life find and fundamental importance, this coaching because foreign strays need most assistance due to its history”. Coming from the A 81 motorway, take the exit “Freiburg/Donaueschingen” and then follow the signs direction Fribourg (B31). Loffingen away the exit after approx. 20 min.

Directly after the exit you adhere to the directions towards Black Forest Park and Equestrian Center. Nearest train stations: Donaueschingen, Neustadt on the Titisee Uwe Friedrich was long-time service dog leader of Stuttgart Police Department and there responsible for the training and work with working dogs. The experienced dog trainer in 1999 founded Canin dog school in Stuttgart. In September 2008 he took with his business partner Dipl. ing. Jessica Ollrogge the ideal for terrain in Loffingen in the southern black forest. Here, he offers training and continuing education seminars for dog and owner in connection with holidays and nature.

His diverse, individual and professional training for people with dog lies in the focus on the everyday-related training. Thematic seminars such as help! My dog chases!”and golf companion dog” were already by dog cat mouse”on VOX documented.