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Photo Contest Winner

November 9, 2016


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Official Nissan dealer auto center "Atlant-M na Gagarina" announces an open photo competition among car owners absolutely any stamps on the theme "Drive 2010". This contest is for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Someone enjoys fishing, someone is experiencing the pleasure of high speed, someone likes to conquer the snowy peaks or skydive, sail, and of course travel by car. Send us your photographs. Genre photographs can be very different: from portrait to reportage.

The main thing that would fit the theme photo photo contest "Drive 2010!". – All works that passed the preliminary selection will be presented on the site "Atlant-M na Gagarina" and will vote to determine the winner. – Winner of photo contest by a vote on the site will be determined by the average number of points put up by visitors in online vote. Each visitor can vote only 1 time per IP-address (1 computer) for one day for an unlimited number of photos. Attempts nakrutok will be monitored and prevented. – The winner will be defined by September 30, 2010, announced at the news page of the site auto-focus "Atlant-M na Gagarina" and notified by e-mail left by the registration.

Photo Contest Winner will receive a prize – a car refrigerator! Also, the top 10 photographs will be exhibited in car center "Atlant-M na Gagarina". – Deadline for work from August 17 to September 17, 2010, the final vote and award the winner Photo Contest – September 30, 2010 The sending of work and conditions of the photo contest: – The photo contest received images in the format. Png,. Jpg,. Jpeg,. Gif. file should not exceed 200 Kb, the maximum size of 1024×768 – The provided for the photo contest works should reflect the author-participant: name, brand him a car and a valid email address. It is advisable to accompany your pictures with a short message, a comment about yourself. – The number of works from one party – not more than 5 photos. – On Competition will not be allowed photographs advertising or pictures, inappropriate ethical standards. – Each photo should have a name. – Photos must be just yours. Remember the copyright laws. In Otherwise, the job is removed from the photo contest. Go to Page Photo Contest "Drive 2010". Telephone: (057) 766 8766.

Yarn For Knitting

April 2, 2012


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Knitting is one of the most common types of needlework. Knitting can be any items of clothing and decorative items used in everyday life: napkins, pillowcases on cushions, runners, toys, souvenirs and other yarn. For Knitting can use any yarn: wool, wool blend, cotton and synthetic. When purchasing yarn, it should be the thickness of the thread, its elasticity, strength of color. Also, remember that too tight twisted yarn is not suitable for knitting, because cloth can get the hard, straight. Misalignment can not be eliminated ironing through a damp cloth, because after a while it appears again.

Such a yarn is better to use to crochet. Elasticity – the ability to thread take its original shape after unloading. If the thread under tension springs in his hand, trying to restore the original length, it is durable and associated out of it things are almost not deformed. If the thread breaks even with a slight tension, it is recommended to combine it with a more solid, or a product-related from this yarn will be deformed. To test the strength of color yarn wet end of the thread with water, wrap it in white cloth and hot iron. If the fabric is not no more traces of color, then painted with durable yarn. Yarn factory production is sold in skeins or balls. On the label shall contain: the name of the factory of the manufacturer, the nature of fiber metric number or thickness of the yarn, the length of thread on a reel, coil or coil mass, batch number, the flow wire on the product, etc.