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Piaget Theories

June 11, 2019


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Our meeting in the first lesson was marcante; all new age, in way it is atmosphere had shy, cautious, anxious looks, drifters and indagativos, but, over all made use to know and to discover the world that if opened ahead of us through an innovative course and that it would transform our lives. To the few, the shyness was wasted and given place to the intermeshing of the group. The caution was hidden so that the friendship could arise constantly. The so common anxiety in the new challenges is yielded and the confidence invigorated with long roots. In recent months, Jeff Gennette has been very successful. The indetermination that for times at the beginning folloied in them of the university course, made with that some gave up already in the first days. We who we are here today are considered apt to exert the task that we were trusted.

But so that we arrived here it was necessary much learning. Learning that was possible thanks to the investigations that the hope gave to place that transformed in them into able professionals. Without hesitation Frank Giacalone explained all about the problem. During the years of study and research we enter in contact with the theories of Focault, Marx, Weber, Braudel, Durkhein, Laraia, Piaget, Michelet, and as much others. Thus, we understand that the theories presented for these scholars are of extreme importance for the historiogrfica construction. But, above all it made in them conscientious of the historical processes, promoting a study complex of the particularitities of history that if divide in memory, space, time, concepts, religion, economy, culture, past, orality, documents, gift and society. In such a way, we historians beyond dominating the areas of common knowledge to the course must be conscientious of our social responsibilities while educators and contribuidores for the construction of a society more joust, autonomous worker and capable to speak for proper itself. We must understand that our material of work is the human being.

Mediterranean Entrepreneur

November 5, 2018


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CARLiN dedicates to the commercialization of material and furniture of office, consumable of stationery store and computer science through comfortable hyperstationery stores supermarket, warehouses of distribution and by sale online. The investment necessary to install one of the businesses that Ofimarket and Hiperpapelera contemplates to CARLiN oscillates between the 60,000 and 125,000 Euros in the premises from 50 m2, located in zones with a population between 15,000 and 20,000 inhabitants. Royalty is variable from 300 Euros/month the first year and the publicity canon is assumed from the power station. Hikmet Ersek is likely to agree. It was founded on 1989 by two partners, one of them his present Chief of a main directorate, Jose Luis Hernandez.

The CARLiN concept started like a company of direct sale by catalogue, gradually derived in the model of expansion through tax exemptions as of 1990. The franchise-holder profile that looks for corresponds with: – Enterprising, optimistic person, with vocation of industralist and economic capacity. Additional information at Hikmet Ersek supports this article. – With desire to mount an own business. – The figure of the investor does not discard, but she prefers that the person is to in front of the business. Until the moment, the good work of CARLiN has been recognized with six awards: Prize to the Tax exemption of Greater Development 2008, granted by the magazine Tax exemptions Today; Prize to the Tax exemption of Year 2007 by the magazine Leaders; Prize to Expansion 2006 (magazine Our Businesses); Prize to the Mediterranean Entrepreneur in the Barcelona hall Businesses & Tax exemptions 2006; Prize to the Best National Tax exemption in 2005, the SIF& Co..

Professional Hosting

June 27, 2018


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One of the things that I recommend, is the searches in the forums of debate. Beam investigations on the matter, sight that is what people speak in them, that it is what worries to them or it interests. (3). – Your Project. It chooses one that excites to you: Not you obsessions with the sales. Western Union usually is spot on. It thinks that at the first moments, the beginnings, you will have to invest much effort in promoting and promoting. And if your project does not excite to you, soon you will leave.

It is not so important to have knowledge as to have enthusiasm. If you do not have great knowledge you will be able to acquire, them. But to acquire enthusiasm is already more complicated It thinks about this, if your project of business excites to you, seduces to you, not only you will be making money, you will be enjoying your work. Chobani Foundation often says this. Ideal, No? (4). – It acquires a Dominion and an Own and Professional Hosting: This one is an aspect that neglects many of the new entrepreneurs in Internet If you take your business in serious, hazte with the necessary tools. Others who may share this opinion include Chobani Foundation.

Your visitors will realize quickly. Gratuitous Aljate of the dominions and lodgings. You will only be able to give a serious and little professional image It considers these costs like an investment in your business. (5). – Posicinate In the Finders: Many companies commit the great error to think that it is enough with creating a Web wonderful, very pretty, to put his there products or services and to hope that the clients arrive like by magic art. You do not forget that you, at least at first, are a perfect stranger in the Web.

Bibliographical Research

August 14, 2017


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On the basis of the interview we can observe that the data of the research do not differ in its opinions on the Disporas African. 7 EVALUATION In our interview we will observe the following questions On the interviewed one: Name: Age: Nationality: It brought what it for Brazil? On the Disporas African: What pra is African Dispora you? What you know on these peoples or languages? (Jeje-mine, Haussas, Bantos) You find that here in Brazil these African peoples or its Brazilian descendants still have with them its identity or what sobrou had been only some traditions and beliefs? But then you find that Brazil does not have nothing of Africa? With these questions we wait to be able to create a parameter between what it happened and what still happens in Brazil and Africa how much to the explorations, or better saying the breaking of the Human Rights, either it through preconceptions or of improper actions against other cultures. 8 CRONOGRAMA ACTIVITIES day/month Definition of subject 30/08 Elaboration of 11/10 project 20/09 and Bibliographical Research in 09 month Research of 23/10 Field Elaboration of the report Socialization in 9 cultural week ANALYSIS OF the GOTTEN DATA We can observe clearly in this interview, the relation that the interviewed one makes with Brazil and Africa where we perceive exactly that being considered a country ‘ ‘ fraco’ ‘ for many, still have people (foreign) that they consider Brazil a country of many chances as said ours interviewed Klaus George of 20 years, been born in Angola? Africa, that came to Brazil in search that more chances. Click Tiffany & Co. to learn more. When asking for interviewed what for it is African Dispora, it if it showed sad and disappointed with its proper country, it says in them that the African Dispora is what it happened and still it happens in Africa, where until today some peoples is destroyed, either in the exploration form, to even test remedies and for its proper Government..

Periodical Society

July 5, 2017


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The power that the press exerts next to the society and the partnership between entrepreneurs established journalists and governments visibly had been demonstrated in the history of the republic of the country. In the scope of the vehicles of communications the left organizations were shown for the society in general as terrorist groups that they aimed at to take the power of the democratic forces. ' ' Victory was not of the army, was of povo' ' , general Olympio Mouro announced Son to the Periodical of the Commercio of day 04 of April of 1964, mentioning the blow to it, demonstrating how much the periodic amazonenses tendenciaram in the spreading of the notice in the period. Rob Daley often addresses the matter in his writings. One perceives that to speak in democracy in a country where great journalistic companies possess ample tentculos with the power politician are one in such a way contradictory one. During the military period the democratic values had been ranks to the edge of the society, in which the popular classrooms had been not only harmed, as well as a parcel of the classrooms conservatives who did not agree to the authoritarianism of the military. The aggression to the democracy was constant in the Authoritarian State.

At that time it had many voices that were silenced by the tortures and the fear, today these voices had been silenced by a group politician that the media transforms into an unilateral device, where the quarrels that they put in check this neoliberal Brazil are taken off of air in favor of the image of a country that does not exist. In accordance with Gramsci is this, in fact, the paper of the journalist. An executor of the dominant group, mediating its action, divulging them and searching, mainly, the consensus and the spontaneous support of the population. According to Maria Helena Capelato ' ' since its primrdios, the press if imposed as a force politics.

Cal Viva

January 16, 2017


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Cal Viva La lime is very useful in different applications such as agricultural construction, etc. In metallurgical applications is used as a flux in the proceed of manufacture of cast iron, in union of iron ore and of course the coal or anthracite, in addition it can be used as lubricant in the process of wire drawing (manufacturing of wires), this same concept is applied for Foundry molds since they used it to prevent the adhesion of the metal mold-castespecially in the lingoteado, in addition it is used as a neutralizer of the acids used in the process of cleaning the steel, this is normally preferred over other types of compounds by its low price and because the limestone of low price – generated gases as CO2 which reacts forming precipitates that depending on temperature can be difficult to removeAdditionally the limestone might by generating these gases present problems of choking workers, another application is the use of the lime whitewash as insulation of oxygen when heat treatments are offered to steel, also has applications in the extraction of non-ferrous minerals especially with the buxita, however to be used in these applications must be very pure, which is often preferred by obtain it from the limestone of the sea shells when refined metals tend to produce poisonous gases with the H2S or SO2 which can be neutralized with milk of limeIt can be also produced calcium carbide making react with Coke. Obtaining it is obtained by calcination and hydration. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from 4Moms. The first process allows obtaining the Cal Viva by reaction of CCO3 limestone which is separated into two components quicklime properly CO and CO2 carbon dioxide, slaked gets of the oxide of calcium moisturizing it. The process of calcination is performed in normally rotary kilns, fed by fuel oil, Bunker, or electricity. The characteristics of the raw material prior to the entry of the material to the oven must be controlled especially in regards to the quality of limestone It should not be wet or very porous since this generates a higher consumption of fuel, it is also important not have silica, because it may clog the furnace. Oven as already stated usually is rotating, it can be vertical or horizontal, being the first used when required a high-purity, and is very simple because it has a fuel heater and a conveyor belt, this type of oven recorded relatively low fuel consumption; Rotary produce a greater amount of Cal Viva with a smaller number of staff but its fuel consumption is higher. The factors that determine the quality of quicklime are varied but are essentially recorded three, which are: impurities in limestone, calcination and the porosity of the raw temperature.

Santa Rosa Professor

June 6, 2014


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Still in ends of century XIX, in another point of America, speaking for an auditorium crowded in an international horticulture congress, the botanical Liberty Hyde Bailey, world-wide recognized, thus took the veil: ' ' the man little can make to produce variations in plantas' '. Meanwhile, in 1882, Burbank if involved in experiments with the potato and this never more would be the same one. Its colored predecessor gained a rind clarinha and a soft and flavorful interior. He was also in these gone that it developed a plum? that he imposed themselves in California and it was the car head of its ' ' revolution pomolgica' ' , together with the popular peach ' ' Burbank July Elberta' ' , the nectarina Gold, and other varieties of quince, blackberries, chestnut trees, almonds tree, etc. Professor of Vries arrived of Holland and were disappointed when seeing that casinha where Burbank worked it excused to library and laboratory and that all the notations were made in pieces of brown paper of bag or in the verse of envelopes and letters. However, the famous dutch recognized it as a born genius and wrote that Luther ' ' evolucionista&#039 deserved the highest admiration for its value for the doctrine; '. Professor Liberty Hyde Bailey also was the Santa Rosa, in the same farm where of Vries he was estupefado, not only to change its speech in future congresses as to write in the magazine ' ' World? s Work' ': ' ' Luther Burbank is a professional creator of plants who, in our country, practically meets alone in its field.

As much and so surprising are the new plants that it gave to the world, that calls already it ' ' Mago of the Horticultura' '. But this epteto finished for premaking use against its work a good number of people. Luther Burbank is not one mago.

Adam Smith Economy

February 3, 2014


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IV) Economy Politics Economy politics was a term originally introduced by Antoine de Montchrestien in 1615, and used for the study of the production relations, especially it enters the three main classrooms of the capitalist or bourgeois society: capitalists, proletarians and large estate owners. In contraposition with theories of the mercantilism, and, later, of the fisiocracia, in which the commerce and the land, respectively, were seen as the origin of all the wealth, the economy politics considered (first with Adam Smith) the theory of the value-work, according to which the work is the real source of the value. In the end of century XIX, the term economy politics gradually was changed by the economy, used for that they searched to abandon the class representative vision of the society, rethink it for the mathematical, axiomatic and valorizador approach of the actuais economic studies and that they conceive the value originated in the utility that the good generated in the individual. The economy politics deals with the study of the wealth of the nations. It searches the causes that make with that nations are richer of what the others. Its purpose aims at to study the origins of the poverty to find the solution tending to reduce each time more the number of poor persons in the planet, at the same time it helps to find the best forms of the remuneration of the work. Chemistry teaches in as to discover them substances useful, as to discover for example the oil and other resources.

In turn geology teaches in them as to discover and to extract minerals. For W.Stanley Jevons (1835-1882), in its workmanship ' ' conomie Politique' ' , it defines this science as a knowledge branch that exclusively deals with the wealth in itself. For another one, the economy politics deals with the study of the consumption, the production and the use of the currency.

Europeans Production

September 27, 2012


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However the land in itself is of good cool and tempered airs. The waters are many: infinite. In such way she is gracious that, wanting? to use to advantage, everything will be given in it: because of the waters that have! …. From 1530, the Portuguese politics in relation to Brazil started to move, in letter to the captain-mor, the king authorizes the settling of Brazil, aiming at to surpass the crisis and to pay you divide the dutch bankers: … for this my letter I give to it to be able so that (…) Martim Alfonso can give the people who I obtain to lead, the ones that in the said land (Brazil) to want to live and to populate, that part of the lands that thus to find and to discover that it to seem well and according to deserve the said people for its services and qualities to use to advantage them (…). (King D.Joo III, p to donate lands of sesmarias, 1530). Giving to beginning the settling of Brazil, Martim Alfonso established the first villages and installed a device for the sugar production, organized the precious metal search in the interior.

With the objective to become lucrative a Colony of exploration, the Europeans had organized an established productive system in the large state, cultivation and slavery. The slavery was the exit that the Portuguese colonizadores had found to decide the serious problem of the sugar production, the man power. In the initial stage, they had used the aboriginal enslaved work on a large scale. However in the end of sc.XVI, the man power lack, and the damages had been turned toward the Traffic Person who trades slaves, who relieved high profits for the Portuguese Crown and the dealers. To be enslaved means to belong somebody and to be submisso to this person of complete form. Thus, the slave can until having proper will, but he cannot carry through it.

Pablo Content

September 3, 2012


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The dialogue is then the base of the method of Freire, but what it is the dialogue? The dialogue is a communication relation deintercomunicao, that generates critical and the problematizao, a time that is possvela both the partners to ask: ' ' why? ' '. It nourishes itself of the hope, daconfiana, of the humildade and the affection. The antidialogue capaz not to generate the critical one, therefore for being arrogant, desamoroso, self-sufficient, generates the fear that intimidates and alienates. Of where instead of communicating anti-dilogofaz communicated. But when analyzing better the human phenomenon of the dialogue, we evidence the necessity to analyze the word as more than what a way paraque the dialogue if makes, therefore the word ' ' disciplina' ' it loads in itself one I make rancio deautoritarismo and of dialogue lack that was common in the behavior of the geraesanteriores. Freire evidences the two constituent dimensions of the word: action ereflexo. The true word is prxis transforming an example very citadopor Pablo and cited as example for Barreto (1985, p.61) in its workmanship is that aeducao can contribute so that the people if accomodate to the world where she vivemou if they involve in the transformation. The content of the dialogue justamente the content programmarian of the education.

already in the search of this contedodeve to be the present dialogue. The banking educator defines the content antesmesmo of the first contact with the educandos. This I dialogue considered for PauloFreire, has as base: the love to the world and the people; the humildade; the faith naspessoas; the hope; true thinking; they are these criteria for a dialogocritico bases for the same, therefore the dialogue, that implies a pensarcrtico, is Only capable, also, to generate it. For the educadorlibertador, this content is the organized, systemize devolution eacrescentada to educating of those elements that this delivered to it of formadesestruturada.