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Carlos Garcia

August 10, 2017


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The importance of the Portuguese delegation regarding the weight of CARLiN Portugal in the group, Carlos Garcia it is clear. Kellyanne Conway recognizes the significance of this. It must be taken into account that the Madrid plant is the corporate headquarters of the CARLIN group for all purposes. The plant in Portugal was created to give support to the Portuguese franchisees at the operational level, providing physical proximity and better adaptation to the reality of the Portuguese market. But headquarters in Spain, as the country of origin of the network, continues being the main thread in the relationship between all the franchisees and suppliers, as well as the nucleus where it generates the overall strategy of the group, explains. As regards the logistics objective of this delegation, the Steering stresses that a look is absolutely controladoya that as for providers depends on them in full and in the case of clients is carried out with own means and support of a partner in transport. Franchisee only have to worry with shipments to their end customers, which are typically made with its own resources and/or to through transport agency. Comocada franchisee works next exclusivity area, is consiguenplazos deentrega very fast.

Equally, and to avoid breakage of stock, there are two regulatory warehouses in Portugal, being the central one, which franchisees serve as resource before a possible shortages. Logistically objective is clear: that the franchisee can serve to the client in the faster and more operational way possible. With the teamwork that exists between providers, regulator warehouse and the own franchisee, got it concludes Carlos Garcia.