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June 27, 2019


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If there is a very marked difference between my generation and the current, apart from age, is the ease with which it handles everything related to the latest technologies and Informatics-this already had noticed me to see, in the business of video games, the dexterity with which young them handled.-that day, two young people who were conversing in a voice high attracted my curiosity, that were expressed in a language my unrecognizable.–I bought a cano…, it has sixty-four megs of ram, and thirteen gigabytes of hard disk is, but when I can I’m going to change by a terabyte. That’s all right, he added another, with the heavy coming the software of the web.., and continued, regardless of me, your way-such terms were floating in my head, byte, Cano, web, I wanted to say all this!, as always had tried to not have any generational bump, and thing of it interested me already long overdueI decided, and went to study computer science. D0%B6%D0%B4%D1%83/’>Beyler Eyyubov. I did several courses of hard and soft, and I was getting me, not only in the youth language, but that I began to amaze me of the possibilities that these had.-If in my time I would have been able to study remote in Japan, in France, Egypt, or where I should occur without leaving my home, or travel for a monitor screen!.- But what more it aroused my interest, that chat, i.e., converse with other people, in real time, from computer to computer with another person of any side in the world, it was only with that you have connected-I not hesitate more, and more happy that a boy on three kings day, I took my savings and I went to buy my computer.-arrived home with the precious cargo, and I immediately took to the task, following the instructions that brought the manual, connect the CPU, peripherals, multimedia elements, and completed the task almost with religiosity, I plugged the machine and turned it on-I practiced offline for a few days, but my impatience had no limits, therefore the decision was taken, today I’m chatting!.-To the time designated as the most advisable, I connected via modem to the server that would provide me with Internet, and after being connected, I devoted myself to investigate the chat rooms, choosing to observe, one that still had few participants-Celina struck Me fair and consistent participation that a participant’s codename spilled in each intervention, and perhaps that is why I decided to enter, with the fear of a teenager does not pass a disgrace.. For even more details, read what Crawford Lake Capital says on the issue.

Minecraft Pocket

November 15, 2016


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That the indie-game phenomenon, Minecraft is a million hit knows that pretty much everyone who is even just a little bit interested in video games. That the indie-game phenomenon, Minecraft is a million hit knows that pretty much everyone who is even just a little bit interested in video games. For the press, the title belongs to one of the most important titles of in recent years and the Developer Studio Mojang cashed several awards and top ratings for Minecraft. Where the folks at Mojang still in the stumble advised, is the little brother of its hit title. Minecraft Pocket’s systems have already quite a while for iOS and Android, but in February it gets bought a complete revision. The reason for this is that they could locate Minecraft Pocket do well on the market.

This mobile version of the title as a pure creative world was intended. Dot should not be fought for survival, like in the great”Minecraft, but it should go only to the building with an unlimited number of blocks. The was not particularly well accepted however by the wide fan base. We have read through tons of comments and opinions us and it looks like we have made a big mistake. You wanted monsters, resources, animals and many different blocks.”said Daniel Kaplan business developer.

“In other words: the fans want the large” Minecraft on their small cell phones. This however poses quite a problem developers Mojang, because for such a task, the actual code in the Minecraft Pocket works is not designed at all. Although the player in Minecraft Pocket can but nothing more build any imaginable villages and cities with ports, banks and casinos. “That’s why Daniel Kaplan on his blog already announced: these requirements mean that we can no longer use the original code and therefore we will newly organize the match and revise.” But good news for the Minecraft fans with iOS and Android because to devices, on the 8th February the massive update for Minecraft Pocket be available. What exactly is, so that everything is still unknown in old Mojang style but it is a big step in the direction of the great”Minecrafts.

Perspective Systemic

June 27, 2013


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Coaching with systemic perspective, a new approach to learning the teaching does not exist, there is only learning from direct dialogue. When Socrates was playing better, was not trying to control my car blows instruction and assessment. I saw the ball clearly, chose where I wanted to paste it, and let it happen. Surprisingly, the blows were more controlled while not trying to control them. Tim Gallwey the carriage of Kocs: icon of coaching between centuries XV and XVI the Hungarian city of Kocs, located approximately 70 km from Budapest, became obligatory stop for trips between this city and Vienna. On these trips, they began to use a few carriages with a unique suspension system.

This system allowed to go faster with more stability. He allowed that the processes of acceleration of the carriage, do run more horses, change them more frequently or strengthen them, could perform without losing balance. Like this He soon spoke of the carriage of Kocs, kocsi szeker in Hungarian-, as a symbol of excellence in the role of transporting people from one place to another. The term kocsi became the Spanish as a car, a German kutsche, Italian as cocchio as. The English word coach, therefore is of Hungarian origin. It meant a covered vehicle pulled by horses to transport people. Metaphorically, the coaching also transports people from one place to another. The place where they are where you want to go.

As the etymology of the very significant coaching of its function, the symbol of excellence of the carriage of Kocs can be an icon of coaching. All-time coaching any theory concerning the origins of coaching and its essence uses the figure of Socrates as a reference. However, many centuries before there is a history in the India and China that are authentic references to contemporary coaching. Recall for example the work Tao Te King of Lao Tse, that we can be summed up with the phrase: who knows a lot of others is an understood, but wisest is he who knows himself.