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September 24, 2020


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What are the places more attractions for foreign tourists? In main, most of foreign tourists who intend to travel to Russia, choose the capital of Russia as a destination. From the point of view of foreigners Moscow is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities that stands out for its attractions, especially the red square, the Cathedral of St. Basil and other places that are in the center of the capital. The other part enjoys flights and maritime cruisers whose destination is the city of St. may find this interesting as well. Petersburg, which tends to be regarded in Russia as the northern capital.

This capital stands out for its beauty, its suspension bridges that each night give way to ships sailing by the Neva, its museums, etc unlike Moscow all highways in Petersburgo are the more unobstructed because the majority of the population re Russia has concentrated in Moscow. As a result of that there air is purer, less contaminated. In addition to the above-mentioned destinations some foreign tourists prefer traveling by train for Russia from the West to the East, this saying, traverse across Russia by train by the Trans-Siberian and other enthusiasts to cruises, travel by the Volga on the ship although it costs 3550 euro or more. With regard to transport audience in Moscow are circulating bus, troleibuses, trams and the metro which is defined as the underground railroad. Go by bus, troleibus or tram costs 17 rubles.

Go by metro costs more expensive-19 rubles. Tickets are sold at the box office. At the end of the article we need to mention that prices in Moscow are considered as one of the highest in Europe.

Paid Surveys

September 4, 2020


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All kinds of companies, big or small, resort to the paid surveys for market studies about their services or products. These companies are that the online polling through pay to you for giving your honest opinion. With the information they get from their responses, along with other hundreds or even thousands of users, the company may have an objective, clear and quick idea of what you wish to evaluate. Areva has many thoughts on the issue. Many times want to know why a certain product doesn’t work, in order to introduce improvements or withdrawn completely from the market. This gives you a sample of what is relevant that is your opinion, and there lies the importance that your answer will be so sincere and truthful as possible. The opinion of users is also important to develop new products. Most polls have a space where allows the user to express innovative ideas, then they can be used commercially, or suggest improvements.

This allows companies to feed off and grow through respondents. The best thing is that the need analysis and marketing research have no end. There is always someone that you want to know your opinion and to pay you for doing it, so you need not fear losing their income. Being independent sites, there are no restrictions to the number of them who can subscribe. Nor is there a preset period of time that must pass in front of the computer, that depends on the number of surveys you receive and how you manage your time.

While may be even months without answering surveys (newborn to 6 months of inactivity many sites come to close your account), the best thing is to try to answer surveys paid as soon as possible, because there are many who have an expiration date. On the other hand, if you answer all surveys (although does not qualify), can be chosen to answer special surveys, which typically pay better. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money in the easiest way possible, please Click here.


October 26, 2013


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When people flow with your desires, then wealth, success and happiness, begins to emerge. There comes a time that wealth comes so natural and abundant so that you will be asked How so I didn’t before? How not I started earlier to enjoy my life? But that should no longer be so. To start enjoying wealth, success and happiness in your life, you should: 1. make a list of things that he loves to do: Corentt recommends making a list of things you love to do, that provide enormous pleasure and you do for mere fun, because she enjoys it. 2. Construct a symbol of things that you want to get: the secret of the power of the goals, Corentt presents a powerful technique to compel your subconscious mind to provide you a symbol that will serve to focus their creative energies and get the things they want.

3. Construct an Irresistible target for something you want to get urgently: the irresistible targets are a powerful method of setting goals, presented by Corentt, and that works great to get all the things you want to urgently (a new job, your ideal partner, a quantity X of money, etc.) quickly. As fourth item would recommend that you read carefully the book the secret of the power of the goals, so you know because it is possible to obtain anything they want and which tools to use to build your life to measure. Your life will be transformed so that you will not only get a huge wealth, but it will be how happy he never can imagine being. Do you really want to enjoy abundance in your life?