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The Strength Of Small Money

March 9, 2016


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Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Actually, I would like to talk not about death but about money. I have that everyone wants to be rich, but nobody wants to make to this effort. Unfortunately, today people do not understand that to become wealthy, do not need to receive a larger salary. I remember on tv showed an interview with a rich man, which he said that his time is worth about $ 10 000.

I was shocked when my friend indignantly said, 'This is what his salary? ". He believed that this man comes every month for its R / P in cash businesses. How can you earn such money? Most Russians do not understand and that the worst did not want to understand that can have an extra income is not from salaries but from other sources (legal). We look with envy at retirees from abroad, naively believing that they can afford to travel the world on the state retirement. Everyone knows to have a good figure, you should at least twice a week to go to the gym and not just sit on the bench, and work on yourself. To assemble a large collection of, say, brands need more than one year. But For some reason with the money we all have a different way. To become rich, we should get more pay, inheritance, win the lottery, found a suitcase of money in the subway, or better yet, what would we brought him home.

Online Coaching

April 7, 2013


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If you are not in high vibration, it won’t get thoughts of genuine clarity or faith or love for more techniques or phrases learned from memory, his mind will be contaminated by the doubt, fear, mistrust, envy, impatience, etc. This starts the lock. Used with wisdom, flower essences have the particularity to move us from a tide to another, from the serious to the acute in the strings of a guitar, taking us to the most vibrant and luminous of do, re, part of the mi, FA but without jumping of do, re or the fa since without them there would be no complete guitar. For example, an essence leads of hatred to love being that these two emotions correspond to a same vibration (to a same string of the guitar) with opposite polarities: low/high, grave/acute; hate/love. Following the same scheme, and knowing the guitar, we will get another rope us move from fear to value, and others will produce its corresponding displacements.

Hate, love, fear, value, they are just some of the primary colors of the emotional vibrations from which all other combinations and emotional shades are born. Feel anger for so afraid that feel so angry fear isn’t the same. Each emotional tonality will be generating its own magnetism, reflecting this in keywords in your speech, bulking and attracting everything what in resonance with it: the hatred will attract more hatred; fear abultara fear ideas; love will attract everything to do with the energies of love. Learn the language of emotions puts us in a style of conversation that surpasses all others. A very simple and effective, (characteristic of nature) so the good use of flower essences help any person to converse with its interior, portraying herself in its vibrations, the personal visions that accompany it, Diner multiple benefits with this daily: in their spiritual journey, in his Studio, his work, his life of relationship and will do so regardless of method or via that choose to advance spirituallyregardless of what you choose to study, in which select play occupationally or how trace their social life. This communicational miracle is set because they impose an indoor climate that allow it, Bach essences bring beneficent energy and good power is as necessary to the emotional body as it is good food to the physical body. When working with the essences, and I underline the word work and never take them freeing your energy at random, they are amazing mind enhancers and regulators of the body’s immune system. I therefore recommend them and emphasize the importance of learning to make the most of them, not to confuse them with mere natural remedies but remember they concentrate manipulated energies willing to generate benefits of transcendence impossible to imagine from a weak energy tide. Taking this knowledge alive in memory, the fundamental importance means learning to maneuver these intelligences not to be midway all the favors that they can bestow. Liliana Dercyedirectora of Aflorarte.com @aflorarte.