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Good Luck Spells

April 2, 2019


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Spells good luck are also used increasingly more often, by people who feel that bad luck accompanies them. If you want the luck be with you performs the following spells, good luck and you will see how your life will change. One of the spells good luck more effective: tools: incense for protection, cone, blue candle, pen and paper. Ritual: Preparing your work area through the creation of tools that you can use in addition to your candle spell. Imagine what they want. Just before your work, bathe in purifying herbs, or with your favorite bath salts. While you banas you, concentrate on the purpose of your spell again.

Don’t let negative thoughts come into your mind. After a swim, go to your workspace. Cast a circle. Light protection incense. Imagine a big ball, pale blue of the light surrounding you in your work area.

Holding the blue candle between the palms of your hands. Close your eyes, and directs all your energy into the candle. Open your eyes and put the candle in its support. On a small piece of paper, write what you want. Place this piece of paper underneath the candle. Before lighting the candle di: this candle represents good luck that will come to me lights the candle and say: as light this flame that grows, I see good luck to my around sit and watch as the candle burns. When the candle has burnt out 1/3 di: as the flame of the candle which dissipates with time, good luck will be mia continues doing your meditation, anticipating the ball of light blue light to your around. Imagine how you will be when your good luck. When the candle has blown two-thirds, repeats: as the flame of the candle dissipates over time, good luck will be my continuous meditating as the candle burns. When the candle has blown almost completely, extract the piece of paper. Repeats the assertion: as the flame of the candle which dissipates with time, good luck will be mine shuts off candle by blowing on it and anticipating also the bad luck of being swept by his breath. After the remnants of wax has cooled, remove it and bury them near your home. This is one of the spells good luck most recommended, don’t do it.

Rene Lacoste Crocodile

November 8, 2017


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Lacoste (Lacoste) – a widely known brand of luxury clothes in the classical style and has a long history of modeling sportswear. Lacoste continues to evolve, responding to customer needs, and a line of footwear is no exception. The modern, colorful design with the classic form, which creates a unique, recognizable style of Lacoste. The new collection includes men’s shoes Lacoste, women shoes Lacoste, children’s shoes, belts and bags Lacoste and Lacoste. The company was founded in 1933 and was named after a famous tennis player and a great admirer of all sports, Rene Lacoste (Rene Lacoste). He did not like the traditional shirts for tennis, and together with Andre Lodging, owner of the largest French knitwear company, has created a model Lacoste knit shirts, which dramatically changed the market for sportswear. The American press nicknamed Rene Lacoste Crocodile, after one of his dispute with the captain of the French team at the Davis Cup.

The captain promised to give Rene Lacoste alligator suitcase if he won an important match for the team. American fans quickly picked up a nickname: it emphasizes the persistence Rene tenacity on the court. Robert George, a friend of Renee, painted a crocodile, and he subsequently was embroidered on his jacket, Rene. The concept of Lacoste. Each pair of shoes, each belt or bag reflects the concept of brand – classic, elegance, quality, exclusivity, a sly mixture of sport and fashion. These features combine to create a unique style of shoes, boots, sneakers, sneaker, sandals, ballerinas, boots, backpacks and bags and belts Lacoste, distinguishing them from other brands: Quality – Lacoste used in materials of the highest quality and highest standards of production quality control department. It is permissible to luxury – for many buyers, price plays a major role in making purchases. With a high quality shoes, sneakers, sneaker, ballet shoes, sandals, handbags, backpacks and belts, this prestigious brand offers a fairly low price.

Simplicity – trendy, modern, elegant fashions, shoes, bags, belts, watches and other accessories. Comfort – all products Lacoste is scrutinized for comfort, so you feel comfortable in it. Details – Footwear Lacoste, Lacoste trainers and sneakers Lacoste, ballerina Lacoste, boots, Lacoste, sandals, Lacoste, Lacoste belts and bags Lacoste easy to learn – the small details of color of thread to the color of interior linings, are important to the brand. You can confidently buy products Lacoste, knowing that she is comfortable and stylish.