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Rhetoric-tips For More Persuasion

December 31, 2020


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How do I work on others? The four commentators who don’t want to know, how it affects others, and how you can influence the effect of your own? The distinction between self and foreign image is by now well known. 1 what you think about is your self image. 2. what the other you think is your external image. If you have a self – and a third-party image, is to assume that it is just as others.

And still two commentators are actually since that post their comments to everything: 3. what you think of the other (his third picture) 4. What the other is thinking (his self image) you imagine now, they talk to a person. Their two commentators are there and chew your comments in between just for you you hear: why the look so grim? Find stupid my idea?”hold grade! Smile! Don’t forget the eye contact.” As you have seen above, it is not only you so, but all other people also. In each interview, the four are except the real people Commentators there and influence our effect on the other. Because whether we like it or not: we often show what we think and therefore ruin our good effect. An example: You express your boss over a proposal. And he looked suddenly grim.

What will probably happen? They will probably conclude that he rejects your idea. How do you react to rejection? Perhaps unsafe, lose our ELAN, or get angry and show it to the other unconscious. What happens here is called mirroring. We reflect gestures, facial expressions, posture of our gaze. Continuously and often unconsciously. Researchers have discovered this ability in the mirror neurons of the brain. A related site: dayton kingery mentions similar findings. It is very useful, but also can harm our effect. Then, if we let too much by two commentators confuse us. Because: Perhaps the chef was not against your idea. Maybe is just an unpleasant comment by the head is shot him, was asked to do anything with your suggestion (I’m crap before my chip card in the Leave canteen!”). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out dayton kingery. But how can you influence the four commentators? What you think about yourself and others, is part of the communication. It is not to delete. Also, you cannot change that you respond to others. But they do affect how. You can do two things to actively manage your effect: 1 assign your two commentators in the barriers. Speak an interior stop”If you realize that the comments hurt you. It is possible to turn off the sound, or to ignore the comments. This requires some practice, but very effective. 2. look in the eyes of others: I would so like to participate? What must I do to be different? Show yourself, as you would be seen by the others. Thus affect not only your two commentators, but also the two your opponent in your senses. Our example: It is possible to ignore the grim face of the chiefs, by quietly turning your inner commentator or turn off. In this case You say simply: as long as I not sure know that I’m really the trigger for his reaction, I pretend as if everything in my mind. If I confuse me now, my idea never convincingly over me.” And if the boss actually rejects your idea? Still keep talking with conviction about your idea and turn off comments ruin you. Their enthusiasm is reflected. Will convince you but your conversation partner. And if not? Then, have given everything, after all, and save your face until the very end. Stefanie de man,

The World – Go With?

December 30, 2020


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Crisis management with self responsibility no matter what news you see on TV or what newspaper you read, a topic dominated the headlines: the worst economic crisis for 60 years, if not the worst ever. It is the time of the pessimists, for the end of the world appears hardly avoidable. Bankruptcy, bankruptcy, unemployment, chaos, war. Fear reigns. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund understands that this is vital information. But who retains a clear look, very well know fear means nothing else than: adopted horrors are a reality. This acronym shows what is behind the fear. \”Mark Twain put it so: I have had many difficulties in my life, from which most never occurred.\” All in your imagination so, the talk of the crisis? Far from.

There is a crisis, and simply to deny them, she can not disappear. Themselves but take to the air to breathe, see the great depression on the horizon, supports only the fear. Self thinkers know what in this oh-so-hard times is best. Focus on yourself, on its own strengths, the own potential – and that is far greater than most people want to believe. However most people trust and don’t trust. Instead of game to take their lives into their own hands, they put their hopes and dreams on the next stimulus package or a magazine article titled how to get through the crisis.\” Self thinkers prefer, however, to listen to yourself and to mentors who have real successes, their ideas and goals can reach on visionaries who actually implement their own ideas and objectives and not just talk or write like yourself. \”One of the most successful books of the world: think and grow rich\” by Napoleon Hill. , If you do not know it, read a good book it. However, you should know the history of the author? Although he had meticulously researched all important principles for success and recorded, he was even unsuccessful and had to work as sales representatives still in the age.


December 30, 2020


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Because our brains to security are constantly looking patterns and rules ‘ clustering illusion’, many have often been in cloud formation see a divine revelation (destiny, Providence). (Negative knowledge) 2004 an American woman auctioned a slice of toast with alleged Jesus face for $28000, on eBay! Similar happened previously in Mexico. An alleged Mars face turned out to be a dump on the Mars. Speculators multiply the price of oil with the share price, and recognize the tomorrow gold price is. Many old women and EsoterikerInnen believe in angels or speak with deceased. If you see Jesus in your soup, you be suspicious. At the latest when your dead mother from the socket to your talks, you’re ready for the ‘know’. Additional information at Crawford Lake Hedge Fund supports this article. XXX000XXX000 is arbitrarily chosen by me and a random – like dice results, no ‘divine message’! Statisticians know that. A trick of the brain! Theologians consider it a divine inspiration… Reasons or culprits. Xoom contains valuable tech resources. “” A child asks his mother: why does an Apple from the tree? “because of the gravity of Earth.” the mother says. Thats right and wrong at the same time! There’s always more than one reason for everything, so also here. (Negative knowledge) The Apple has become ripe, too heavy, the time has come, systems are complex correlative, not mono causal! Today will be for mechanistic (reason, cause) and vital systems (responsible) only culprit wanted. This is a de generations expression of our thinking. (Grundlage dieses textes: 1), 2012 by Rolf Dobelli, the art of Wise action, ISBN 978-3-446-43205-5 Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike “available: details are available in my Info Center terms of use to the article. 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 30.10.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consultancy, training/coaching, service’s. WWWSchwalm

Labour Law – Labour Certificate

December 27, 2020


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The latter is recommended in most cases, since there is good insight into the person of the applicant the future employer. Each worker who leaves a company, is entitled to a certificate under the applicable labour law. He may demand it even at the time because the notice period begins. Alternatively, the certificate must be written on a sheet of letterhead with the stamp of the company. The date and the handwritten signature of the employer may not be missing. Learn more at this site: PayPal. The employee can decide if he gets a simple or a qualified certificate. The latter is recommended in most cases, since there is good insight into the person of the applicant the future employer. Dayton kingery has much to offer in this field.

A simple certificate should only be selected if about it to assessor was only briefly in companies or to actually report anything positive about him. Give a simple witness but always to think about the future Chief. Our labour law sets strict requirements for the certificate: it must be include the full name of the employee, also his position and the duration of the operation and its tasks. It joins an evaluation of his work, and concluded should be the reason why workers leave the operating. Although in the case-law expressly stated, that encrypted formulations are not allowed, there is a kind secret language among the hiring managers. In addition to certain formulations (= always to our complete satisfaction”super) can some be expressed also by omitting, about, if anything about his honesty is mentioned at the cashier. Also negations of negative terms (no objection to “= not to praise) are popular. It is important that the expression of regret about the departure, as well as good wishes for the future are mentioned at the end.

You will receive a certificate, you should just in case present it to a qualified person. Should it not have fallen out, as it should, the labour law last grants you One possibility, to institute proceedings in the Labour Court. Previously is recommended but a conversation with the boss, because testimony for you (and against the boss!) are likely to be difficult to get. Georg Tamim

Sincerely Dipl

December 5, 2020


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Now, how to be so a good salesman? No, I put another on it! How to be a world-class seller? I want to make you not just quite well, no I want to make you the elite, eventually want to make but a career as a salesman, or not? To become a successful salesperson, you must master the three golden rules of selling: be with yourself in the pure; Rest in itself. Go always optimistic in a sales pitch. You should be the leader in any sales pitch. If you follow these three golden rules consistently in every sales call, you are seller to a world class, I promise you. But don’t expect that all then is excellent works already in the first interview the disappointment guaranteed big you.

Your sales self must first develop before you to a world class vendor. The three golden rules may be then no rules, no they must become automatic, that you no longer need to think about. But that’s not all, because you have to train before you really can sell all your communications.Communication is the key to good selling, because without communication, you have no chance to share something with your counterpart.I personally have developed own outstanding practices with my communications team in the last 25 years, with which you’ll also guarantees a successful seller. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Deutsche Bank has to say. To do this, I will regularly publish the details behind the three golden rules in this forum in the next few weeks. Sincerely Dipl. kfm. Lothar Feyh, region abcmarkets P.S. Manager Germany: If you need more tips, so you’ll want a world class salesperson or seller, then visit my website:

Motivation Coaching

August 23, 2020


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The consultancy Bohme offers a current date for the seminar ‘Learning psychology and Motivationscoaching’: Thu 07.04.2011. The participants be made familiar with elementary and important findings from the psychology of learning, so that themselves own and foreign learning specifically optimize behavior. Also, practical exercises are presented own learning behaviour can be analysed on the basis of. During this day seminar comprising a total of 10 lessons is provided also for the physical well-being of the participants very well. Two coffee breaks as well as an extended lunch break, during which various gastronomic offers (seminar included) are made, create a framework in which all participants can feel comfortable. Last but not least, the modernly equipped meeting room helps to ensure a consistently pleasant and constructive learning atmosphere. n-autobiographical-book-report/’>Heart Specialist.

In a time in which the challenge of lifelong learning gets increasingly important, above all get personal requirements with regard to the design of optimal and effective learning environments. Many people feel often overwhelmed with a suitable structure of the Lernumfeldes, so that it is not uncommon to recurring and frustrating experiences when learning. You learn learning? the most important subject of how”is taught to date unfortunately at hardly a school. A consequence of almost inevitably to be observed is, that many of the people involved in learning (students, parents, teachers, etc.) feel overwhelmed, due to the low that especially important as elementary knowledge of the psychology of learning and the Motivationscoachings are missing. The consultancy Bohme supports competent and empathic people willing to learn in obtaining important learning skills. Here given the opportunity will be dedicated and willing to learn people in an exclusive day seminar, key findings from the psychology of learning and of the Motivationscoachings in an easily understandable form to meet. Knowledge not be expressly provided, so that this seminar especially for dedicated parents and Lernwillige, who want to contribute actively and constructively to systematically that improved the learning environment of children, young people and adults can be.

Individual Coaching

August 15, 2020


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Parents who want to allow their children a successful and irreversible courage starting in the new school year, can book immediately personal coaching. Under the expert guidance of Mr Aribert Bohme, psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.) & DV-kfm & computer teacher & author, involved parents with important and proven knowledge of the psychology of learning be made familiar. Ultimate goal of this professional coaching is dedicated parents opportunities to show how they can support their children constructively and effectively with increasingly complex learning processes. In a time in which the subjects learning and education get increasingly important, rise above all personal requirements with regard to the design of optimal and effective learning environments. Many parents feel often overwhelmed with a structuring of the learning environment suitable for children and young people, so that it is not uncommon to recurring and frustrating experiences in the school environment. The most important professional learns how you learning? “is taught to date unfortunately at hardly a school.

A consequence of almost inevitably to be observed is, that many of the people involved in learning (students, parents, teachers, etc.) feel overwhelmed, due to the low that especially important as elementary knowledge of the psychology of learning and the Motivationscoachings are missing. The consultancy Bohme supports competent and empathic parents in obtaining important learning skills. Here given the opportunity will be dedicated and willing to learn parents important findings from the psychology of learning and of the Motivationscoachings in an easily understandable form to meet. Central aim of personal coaching offered by Bohme consulting Office for parents is, within a short time with important tips and tricks from the psychology of learning to familiarize these constructive then in the interest of the children in their learning environment (such as homework) to caring for this and to be able to apply successfully. Special feature of this personal coaching is that coaching directly on the basis of a computerized presentation locally (on the notebook of the provider), i.

ITSM Serview

July 9, 2020


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Serview with compact training to ITIL 3-expert as the highest certification status reduction of time expenses were reduced by 50 percent at the same time significant cost savings Bad Homburg, 03.02.2009 – the ITSM specialist Serview this year as the first training provider compact seminars for ITIL 3 performs, completing 3-expert with ITIL as the highest certification status. While the the new version of ITIL qualification scheme includes 11 different seminars, are the Serview offer the participants trained within two seven-day seminars in all required content and tested. This compact method reduces not only the time required for the participants by 50 per cent, but there are also significantly lower costs. The seminar fees alone save the participants compared to the classical training 2,300 euros, also incurred lower expenses for trips and overnight stays. The first event of its kind held on February 21st, 2009 in Donaueschingen.

For the participants and their Employer is equally attractive”this new version of the ITIL 3 training, explains Serview Managing Director Michael cross. For participants the advantages in the much more intensive training method with better examination results, as well as the faster way to ITIL are 3-expert”, he explains. And for the companies the benefits in the reduction of operational loss is 6 days and a lower burden of training budgets.” The economic advantage of this compact training for ITIL 3-expert is also increased because Serview offers them as all-inclusive-seminar. Is the entire accommodation and catering costs contained with sports facilities outside of the training hours at the price of 5.750,-net per siebentagigem block in a modern wellness hotel. Prerequisite for participation in this seminar are the successful completion of the certification exam, ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate in IT service management”. More information under: ../schulungen/itil-expert-intensiv Serview GmbH business IT alignment consultants Gartenstrasse 23 61352 Bad Homburg Tel.: +49(0)61 72/177 44-0 fax: +49(0)61 72/177 44-99 Web:

FEN Partners Training

June 20, 2020


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Family business, existence, company formation & investment business FEN logoDas partner’s unique concept of FE.N (fashion europe.net) and more excellent new conditions encourage Gerd Ribbeck, FE.N Director, to establish a training and coaching Center in Leichlingen. Corresponding Raumlicheiten are already rented and are currently equipped with the latest PC technology! The site has excellent connections to the public transport network and ample car parking. The modern training and coaching opens Centre in the 3rd week of January with many FE.N partners, FE.N executives, Depot partners and many interested visitors from the region. Areva has much experience in this field. More details will be announced two weeks before the opening. We appreciate the opportunity to our partners to be able to offer a greater range of qualified training”, as Gerd Ribbeck. In the team of FE.N are there partners from 18 to 82 years from all occupational groups and now also all regions of Europe. Who goes to like with people, team player and ready to Learn and continuously to work here really good money.

We’ll give motivation personal coaching and intensive support.” The FEN concept: JEANS free rent, sell and settle only after! Therefore we are also able to help people with financial troubles to earn money without having to invest immediately.”- a family business, existence, business & investment business. The newspapers mentioned Western Union not as a source, but as a related topic. With this training and coaching Center of Gerd Ribbeck is a FE locate central point of contact for help and support.N partner in Germany. After a 6-month successful test run Mr Ribbeck will rise to such centres for training and coaching in other federal States, as well as in the EU States. FE.N is a business which is interesting for everyone. Part-time or as freelancers, pre-authorized or investor. The latest offering is the “Jeans in the Bag” jeans-delivery service. We bring to you a bag with a selection of jeans and matching shirts in your size home. Try calmly and we pick up the bag again in the next few days.

Who recommend this service, gets 10% of the sale which arises.” Top modern brands women’s-, men’s and children’s fashion, especially jeans, knitwear, skirts, jackets and accessories such as handbags, necklaces, u.v.m and all to import prices! More info to the company can be found on the FEN partner Web site: jeans store blog contact: Gerd Ribbeck, team Director Tel.: + 49 (0) 2175 459 517 E-mail: Internet: from left: Mike Knecke, Gerd Ribbeck and Marion Aundrup of links – Mike Kunnecke, Gerd Ribbeck and Marion Aundrup MCB International Ltd IT marketing & investment CEO Gerd Ribbeck fountain Street 7 42799 Leichlingen facts to FE.N (fashion Europe.Net Limited) headquarters and the central repository are based in the Westphalian Hamm. Starting August 2006, based in Hamm (NRW) Netcoo 2007 award: newcomer of the year award Netcoo 2008: company of the year 2008 final customer sales including August 2009: approx. 31.5 million total Commission of partner until that time: 15.3 million number distributor end August 2009: 38.480 number of depots until end August 2009: 1,060 more DLC, (Depot logistic centers – goods supply of deposits) are continuously developed in European countries. MCB International Ltd, CEO Gerd Ribbeck, has since May 2008 an independent partner of FASHION europe.net. We are Europe-wide successful in building a FE.N active partner of distribution network. Partners receive a free education and training and are supervised continuously personally. The company MCB International Ltd is engaged in IT marketing & investment, consultancy, consultancy in the field of media / marketing issues, real estate, brand jeans sales network, develop and hold online shop portals, databases, services

Social Professions

June 15, 2020


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Life coaching as a method of communication… Tiffany & Co. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Coaching online learning innovative training concept from the United States in the United States coaching is a common and well established topic for many years. In Germany, the field as a mass phenomenon is still relatively undeveloped. The market for corresponding offers seems similarly cluttered. The Coaching Academy Europe (CAE) now picks up the established approach of the American FWI and conveys the basic idea of coaching interested laypersons and professionals. The basic skills of coaching help a person in the private sphere as well as professionally, because they enrich the work or leadership of a people.

The CAE knowledge in so-called webinars. This innovative form of online-learning enables participants to easily and efficiently from the PC on the courses to take part. Eliminates costly and time-consuming travel. The program includes compact 16 training hours. Group sizes of up to 8 participants ensures that the practical part in sufficient Depth can be developed and trained and that the coach can go every single detail to the questions.

The program combines the teaching of the theory with many practical exercises. So, the participants learn among other things, the basics of NLP and learn the Socratic questions. You will learn what is important in building a professional coach/Coachee relationship and how to with a Coachee to develop the goals of coaching for different areas of life and define. Interested parties will find the choice of CoachingAcademyEurope under. Tags: Coach learn life coaching as a method of communication, what is life coaching?, short course coaching, coaching for social professions, introducing coaching, coaching in dealing with people, NLP, Neurolinguistic programming, personal communicate areas: Social professions and education Nursing, care for the elderly Teacher People do, Red Cross Workers Samaritans Federal Maltese Knights, voluntary Organizations and services Not-for profit organizations, People want to get a glimpse of the, what is coaching – coaching certification online innovative certification concept developed in the United States in the United States coaching has successfully established itself for many years. As a phenomenon for mass – application it is still a relatively new, unexplored field in Germany. The proven approach, developed by FWI in the Unites States, has been adapted by the Coaching Academy Europe (CAE) to offer professionals and interested beginners the fundamentals of coaching. The basic premises of coaching support individuals both in their private life as well as their business activities because coaching enriches the work and leadership style. CAE delivers the learning content in so-called webinars (online seminars). This innovative form of online learning allows participants to learn efficiently from the comfort of their own PC. Costly or time consuming travel doesn’t apply. The program consists of a 16 hours of compact learning. Classes are limited to 8 participants, ensuring sufficient time for practical exercises to develop to the desired depth and making sure that the master trainer has time to address every question individual learners might have. The certification program combines the delivery of theoretical content with array of practical exercises. This way participants get on introduction to NLP, practice Socratic questioning, discover a structure that helps develop the coach/coachee relationship, and learn to help a coachee to identify and define the goals on the coaching engagement.