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Worldwide Economy

November 9, 2017


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Knows that one its flat friend? That one that when it opens the mouth is always for speaking badly of somebody or to make some pessimistic forecast. That one that has in the tip of the language the last number of the unemployment, or the fall of the sales of the commerce? That one that finds that the crisis was the best thing that already happened, after all now it has sufficiently subject. Therefore the FMI gave one of flat friend in the day 22 of April when announcing its projections for 2009. Soon now that its star was coming back to shine desque that the G-20 decided to triple the resources directed for it. Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. He seemed that the flat friend would have a possibility. However, now that the group came back to give attention toward it, the FMI if refuses to launch a hope light on the world. The more the politicians demonstrate to hopes of recovery, more pessimistic the FMI are.

According to Deep the world-wide economy must be contracted in 1,3% this year, in the biggest retraction in the after-Second period War. For Brazil, the prognostic is of contraction of 1,3% in Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) in 2009 and expansion of 2.2% in 2010. Moreover, it raised its estimate for the financial countable decreases added for US$ 4.1 trillions, just when the secretary of the Treasure of the United States said that the banks well are capitalized. Others including Hamdi Ulukaya, offer their opinions as well. Now, the FMI divulged growth forecasts that will even though make most pessimistic to be scared. Only catstrofesOs United States remain in epicenter of crisis and that it is basic that the North American authorities fight the increasing toxic debts and the uncertainty on the solution of the banks, informed the Deep one that it cut to the forecast for U.S.A. for a contraction of 2,8% in this year and growth zero of the GIP of the country in 2010, to the measure that finish the damages the squeeze of credit, the fall of the prices of housings and action and the high levels of uncertainty.

Applied Economic Research

October 6, 2017


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The quality and the expectation of the development of Brazil the economic and social development of the Brazilian society if configures as a pressing necessity for the improvement of the conditions of life of the people in general that they live in our country. Economic and social progress means that our people is living better, with more quality, more satisfaction of its desires and with the life less difficult. Development in Brazil, in reason of being an extremely different country, will have meant more noble if to obtain to take off millions of the misery state where if they find currently. It is possible to improve the quality of the development of the Brazilian economy? Which are the actions that must be implanted so that the Brazilian development is of better quality? Important also it is to know as the people perceive the development. The IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research) recently carried through a research with international agents who possess relation with Brazil (representative of great foreign companies installed in country, representatives of embassies and consulates, representatives of international organisms, etc.) to know the international perception regarding to Brazil. In this qualifying research, the international perception is of that the poverty and the inaquality of income they have diminished, that the violence is a great problem in Brazil and that the country in the last times has increased its influence in international organisms as the ONU, FMI and OMC (World trade organization). In one another qualitative research, the IPEA using given and information of the economy and the Brazilian society constructed the Index of Quality of the Brazilian Development. This index indicates if the progress lived for the country is, in fact, distributed for the population and if it can be considered sustainable. In accordance with the used methodology to construct this index, the quality of the Brazilian development is well distant of being considered excellent, needs to improve very.

IPI Charge

September 28, 2017


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In Brazil, the load is of 38,45% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). Assessors place quentesMinistros and assessor cloths of Plateaus if they had hurried to say that the declarations of president Lula, in the River, had been ' ' a relief pblico' ' of one complaint that it comes making with the assistant next ' ' between four paredes' '. The president does not go to cancel the programmed disinvestings of a charge, but she complains that the entrepreneurs receive the incentives (disinvestings of a charge) and nor always they repass the totality of the benefits to consumers. If you have read about Rob Daley already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The threat of the president, had affirmed assessors, it does not mean that the government more does not go to give no incentive to fight the crisis and to promote the growth of the economy. ' ' The president spoke in tese' ' , he summarized one of the sources to the State. Squid, remembered the assessor, ' ' it always cites the case of the CPMF' ' , the contribution on knocked down financial movement in the 2007 end, that, for the evaluation of the president, it did not lead to the reduction of no price. Please visit Rob Daley if you seek more information. Now, it costuma to cite the case of fuels: the government promoted a reduction of 9,6% in the price of diesel, but, in the bombs, the maximum that the consumers had earned was a 2% reduction. For Squid, only the calls ' ' operations casadas' ' of disinvesting of a charge it is that they give resulted – as the elimination of the IPI of the cars and the white line (refrigerators, stoves), that they repass the reduction of industrial tax to the consumer and had served exactly to reactivate the economy of these industrial sectors. ' ' The disinvestings of a charge for these sectors had had impact in the demand and had favored long chains of produo' ' , one technician said.

The Dollar

September 27, 2017


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Moreover, with this measure, brusque oscillations in the quotation of the local currency in relation to the dollar are prevented very and a bigger economic instability, in the measure where if it depends less on external resources. Ademais, as Krugman standes out & Obstfeld (2010), does not have no type ' ' liabilities of reserva' ' (obligatory deposit, in the case of Brazil) in international the interbancrio relationship, what it is indispensable for a bigger security of this system. Another point also detached by the author and that the handle must be taken is the biggest solidity of banking financial institutions and not bank clerks, in special the deep loans and of pension. For this a bigger transparency of the investments of these groups is essential: a bigger abrangncia in the financial demonstrations and the patrimonial rockings of this company, with the specification of the investments of short term, would be a good measure to follow its performance and its degree of risk. However, these proposals, control of the international flows of short term (it saw taxation, for example), some form of ' ' obligatory deposit internacional' ' (it saw FMI, for example) and greater financial transparency in the rockings of the anonymous societies and institutions, is not easy if to be reached.

Measures isolated unilateral they would not be interesting, has since, if the capital finds mooring cables it in a place, quickly flows for the other flabbiest one, being that who loses, in this in case that, it is the regulating State. Therefore, they would only be viable reforms through an ample multilateral effort enters the biggest economies of the world (G20), what we know that extremely is complicated in short term. All and any supranational decision of so great magnitude demands long and delayed twirled of negotiation or the famous meeting of cupola. In short term international the financial system will have to remain so anarchical how much it is today and with the same risks of a new financial crisis at any time.


July 31, 2017


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No one can deny that Brazil is a great country, the there is more potential in Latin America, a country where its leaders, especially its current president Lula, has impregnated a very positive dynamic in its economic development and has led to its transformation Brazil in a country with great technological strength to develop many products exported to different countries, including Venezuela, the reason for our analysis. For scholars of what represents the International Trade in the current scenarios, business relationship as Venezuela and Brazil, our case is discussed and debated in the workshops of the chair of International Trade of the graduate program MBA markets, especially when Venezuela has to know his great interest in, join the MERCOSUR, which has not been achieved by the denial of the parliaments of Brazil and Paraguay, despite being aware that it is economically very important energy participation, an aspect in which Venezuela is a good guarantee with your product oil and its derivatives.

The participant Nelma Santander about it gives us that according to Wikipedia.com: The first product that shook the Brazilian economy was sugar during the colonial period. Then a new cycle began with coffee. That moment was crucial to transform the State of Sao Paulo, the richest in the country. The newspapers mentioned Hikmet Ersek not as a source, but as a related topic. Currently Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy, the second of the Americas and eighth worldwide, according to the World Bank. With a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in value of PPP purchasing power parity of $ 2,039,237 million in 2008. The economy of Brazil leads Latin America in various economic sectors such as industrial, agricultural and export.


July 24, 2017


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How it is possible, then, to believe a model that privileges the economies richest and generates social exclusion in the underdeveloped eonomias? Perhaps the reply it is in the proper dynamics of the capitalism, has seen that with the increase of the competitiveness between the transnational ones one becomes necessary to conquer new markets. Of this form, the countries of the third world appear as potentially promising areas to facilitate the increase of the accumulation of capital and of the profitability, seno is observed what it says GMEZ (2001: 146). The call globalization of the economy in the last few decades mentions the new form to it generated for the process of accumulation about two billion people educational, the global integration increased the wage inaqualities still more. Ahead of these questions, claraente is perceived qua the globalization nothing more represents of what the exploration of the countries central offices to the peripheral countries, whose bigger objective consists of increasing the productivity and the profits of the cpitalistas companies, from an integrated global market. Through the elites economic politics and, the State now acts under the orientation of the great international corporations opposing the interests of its prrios citizens.

Sight of this form, ' ' the globalization kills the solidarity notion, returns to the man to the primitive ondio of each one for itself e, as if we came back to be animal of the forest, almost reduces the slight knowledge of public and particular morality to nada.' ' (SAINTS: 2004:65). To lock up ese item, agrees to remember that, ' ' during the first years immediate Real the average incomes of tabalho had reached the platform of 624,00por R$ domicile, declining for R$ 558,00 in 2002 ' ' (IPEA: 2005:98), already in full government Squid. This demonstrates that the ten orders of the Consensus deWashington continue to be applied in Brazil, that is, Squid does not obtain to become free itself of the neoliberalismo that as much criticized. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Vyacheslav Mirilashvili.


June 21, 2017


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The habitacional program ' ' My House My Vida' ' , it is another initiative of the government that must revolutionize Brazil, as it occurred in Mexico, when benefiting the minor population renda.' ' Brazil if detaches because, if a feeling exists of that worse already it passed, also has the impression of that worse it passed far from pas' ' , it affirms the British broker Icap. ' ' The So Paulo Stock Exchange reached the maximum platform of 73 a thousand points in May of 2008 because of the perception of that the Brazilian economy had moved. now was arrived at the conclusion of that the suffered transformations in fact had helped the country to cross the turbulences with little frightenings. The strategies adopted for the government and the Central banking had revealed acertadas&#039 very; ' , according to broker. Recovery of the BovespOutro to be considered point is that same after the strong recovery of the stock market throughout the year – the Ibovespa already went up 35.33% in 2009 -, she is not discarded the possibility of new valuations.

The opinion is of American manager BlackRock, responsible for the management of more than US$ 3 billion in action of Brazilian companies: ' ' It has much space for high between current the 50 a thousand and 70 a thousand points reached one year atrs' '. To remember the biggest punctuation in the closing of the stock market, of 73.516, it occurred in 20 of May of the last year. Educate yourself with thoughts from Yitzhak Mirilashvili. The BlackRock still detaches another structural movement that can come to support the high one of the stock market: the entrance of the great local, buying investor of long stated period: ' ' With the country walking for the interest of a digit, pension fund they will be forced to go for the stock market, what it will contribute to diminish volatileness at moments of baixa.' ' Of eye in these movements, the deep ones of the BlackRock dedicated to Latin America, with US$ 4,5 billion in patrimony, have fort concentration in Brazil, above of 70%, as well as important positions in companies come back toward the domestic economy, with prominence for sectors as the proper retail, the financier, the real estate one and of civil construction.

Economic Crisis

June 7, 2017


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A bit of philosophy in the midst of the crisis. After fifteen years of uninterrupted growth, the economy is going downhill and almost all adjust our consumption to a minimum. The savings are in an unprecedented 24% in Spain, and the purchase of homes, vehicles, appliances, furniture, or generally anything deferrable, has plummeted, while the white markings and are pushing hard discount, resulting in even large strategic moves in this direction, such as Mercadona, which is promoting its brands at the expense of manufacturers. In many cases this is caused by the situation of unemployment of one or more members of the family unit, while many others were caused by negative expectations we have about future economic developments. We are all concerned about it. However, after more than a decade in which the growth of the economy (somewhat artificial, as shown) and competition with others (friends, neighbors, partners …) have encouraged consumerism and have "created needs", perhaps a good time to consider that it is richer the more you have, but the least needs. Case a) – Have you seen what Alberto villa has been purchased? Impressively, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, property of two square meters …

– Yes, I have not seen it, but told me the other day Paco. The truth is that it is a winner … Case b) – What a car that has Thomas, three hundred horses, and all the equipment you can imagine, individual heated seats and memory, if even only stops if it detects an obstacle … For more information see this site: Keith Yamashita. – Yes, I turned around last week. Cool. The truth is that he needs a good car, because you travel a lot … Case c) – What about Peter? …

How long you spend Iphone Menudo! – You see, is that as I'm always traveling around, I need to be connected, and so on all my e-mails when I want. It is a whim, but … it is beautiful? Well, and useful especially useful … Today, many professionals living in constant stress and would be willing to trade a little of this life have a more flexible schedule and reconcile with family life, more opportunities for training and personal and professional development, etc. in short, a little more time for themselves. Case below) – You'll never believe it, the end of the day is the day out and not enjoy it much, and almost worse weekends. And have a mortgage of more than three thousand euros a month, I think that almost works for the Bank. And besides, why would so many rooms do not even have children? Then case b) – Yes, that's to be all day on the road is a drag. I was also before, but now I can walk to work, and that really is life. Then case c) – I mean, they are all day giving you the can … – Yes, you see, every time I hear the beep that there is a new message, I get hysterical, nor the end week let me be.

Senior Controller

September 29, 2016


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So that the management process is complete the professional must have an ample vision, acting and controlling all the areas of the entity. Some types of Controller exist, amongst which we can to cite: Finance Controller, Corporative Controller, Planting Controller, Senior Controller, Controller de Unidade business-oriented and Manager of the System of Managemental Information of the Organization. Ahead of the imputed current importance to the system of controls, one sees that the conceptual image of the Controladoria was modified throughout the time. The control concept, as well as the performance of the Controladoria, folloied the evolutivo process of the organizacional management. One transferred of a traditional environment of management and production for a total control of the quality that lead the deep modifications in the internal dynamics of the organizations. In modernity, the Controladoria has a function of assessorship of the main executive of the organization, beyond having as responsibility the establishment of a system of controls that comes to make possible the administrative case. With the evolution of the technology and by means of the conscience of that imperfections cause costs and of that the activity of the supervisor is an expense that does not add value to the product, of the point of view of the majority of the consumers, these hierarchic levels had been being abolished. For this, one searched, then to become the conscientious laborers of its paper in the search of the product quality and services, you make them more engaged with the imbudos results and of its responsibility for the self-control.

The accountant more was come back to assist producing man e, toward such, dedicated itself to organize it, to evaluate, to inventory and to register its activities. The work of the Accounting until the Industrial Revolution was summarized only in the Rocking and the Demonstration of Results. The Controladoria, then if occupied with physical and financial quantitative controls for accompaniment of the developed activities. .

Management Information

January 27, 2014


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The information society has brought profound changes you the work market, forcing traders you invest in to their knowledge and challenging businesses you cope well the knowledge that to their employees bring you the organization. In the days that they run the competitive gap that exists in business, is increasingly linked you the capital intellectual. Thus it is important you manage this knowledge. While it may seem simple task will be an organization, when we talk about managing information, to refer US you carries through an intangible right, that this is very important rolls will be company. Capital intellectual The of each employee firm is increasingly, the competitive gap between the organizations. Mindful of that reality, the companies concerned ploughs rising with the management know-how of its employees.

In turn, treat this increasingly knowledge-generating and increasingly in systematic way. The Knowledge Management is not current reality, has existed will be many years, to however, only recently gave up companies you develop technologies you operationally it. We did not find single definition will be the term ' ' knowledge' '. One of the definitions is possible that knowledge is set of simple information, which includes individual experience and overall value of each individual. The Knowledge Management has key rolls detect which of these skills ploughs strategic you an institution. There will be that is effective management of knowledge is necessary that each company develop systematic methods, protect and organizes this information, doing only with which it is spread and multiplied by the organization.

You of, should create only technological tools you manage this knowledge, because it is very fluid and little tangible. While adds companies ploughs already engaged in knowledge management, making it in systematic way, there ploughs many others that only create processes of knowledge on the basis of reports and meetings. On days like these ploughs increasingly the technologies that can serves the Management of Knowledge; to however there ploughs two aspects regarding its application.