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The Throat

March 3, 2021


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All these lymph nodes when they are not soldered defeat each other and the subcutaneous tissue, not suppurate. In young patients enlarged lymph nodes expressed more clearly. Especially characteristic and clearly pronounced increase zadnesheynyh lymph nodes. Lymph nodes at the root of lung and mediastinal nodes may also increase. blicly. Observed occasionally abdominal pain are due to increase in mesenteric nodes.

Dry cough is due to increased paratracheal lymph nodes. The defeat of the nasopharynx is common, it is characterized by a dry catarrh, difficulty of nasal breathing. Often occur in the throat congestion, Light swollen mucous membranes and moderate hyperplasia of tonsils. The defeat of the nasopharynx increases with the manifestation of angina, which may develop at different periods of the disease. Sometimes a sore throat and generally can not be observed. On during treatment with antibiotics for several days. The absence of angina and a significant increase in the lymph nodes difficult to diagnose. As a rule, liver and spleen from the first days of illness can be significantly enlarged, have a fairly thick consistency.

In addition to the destruction of hematopoietic system, increasing the liver spleen, and may in some cases, changes in the myocardium, lungs (pneumonia, bronchitis bottled) described cases clinical picture is polymorphic. In addition to angina, poliadenita, enlarged spleen and many other important diagnostic signs of the disease, with infectious mononucleosis with fever naturally. The temperature rises gradually, but more often it grows quickly and reaches high numbers (39-40 ). The temperature curve may be continuous, remitting, wave-like types with a duration of temperature rise 3-4 to 20 days or more, the temperature drop – more gradual. Known light, blurred and severe forms of infectious mononucleosis. In milder temperature does not reach high numbers, and can hold for only 3-5 days. There may be occasions when the temperature throughout the disease remains normal or subfebrile, and swollen lymph nodes is insignificant.

Tea Stops Saltalo

April 2, 2019


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I don’t know if you ever happened to me, once you think about doing something you love, you need or have to do and suddenly becomes a thought in your mind that tells you to why not leave it for later?, what such tomorrow? You justified by compelling reasons the why it is better to do it at another time, and all the benefits and advantages that will bring you to postpone the action. Call that second thought. It has so many resources to convince you, as the best lawyer in the world. US plans, motivates, prompts us to do the things that we both want or need. I will tell you as a step above to that blessed second thought and sack party. Usually comes to my mind a thought, whatever, write an article, exercise, work, home, etc.

I think in doing so and when I’m dealing with me in it, appears in jacket and tie the second thought, suggesting that it doesn’t do what you had in mind and instead presents me with a varied menu of options with other activities (usually pleasurable) to choose. Has it happened to you? What I do personally, once I am decided to carry out a specific activity is: to pause the thoughts that have to do with that activity, until one time has started the same. I think about anything else. Obviously these thoughts go through my mind, but I focus on others. When the second thought is given account that I do not know him, ceases to insist and leaves. Achieve your goals if you become easy prey for him, he will not fail to stalk you until you pospongas your ideas and will cost you a lot. Jump you also and take action! You can use this technique to get up in the morning.