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Ontological Coaching

June 20, 2020


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At this moment it is when the Coaching invests the traditional logic: del is the attitude that learns the one that gives sense to which it teaches and therefore they ask " Who would have to receive? " (9). Coach in this way, neither advises, nor thinks, nor acts, nor it promotes What apparently yes it can realise coaching, is the make to unblock the potentialities of the person to increase its performance. Of here until the policy of " teacher ignorante" , of Jacques Ranciere, there is only a step. (Rancire J., the Ignorant, Publishing Teacher You alert, Barcelona, 2002). 4. – The ONTOLOGICAL COACHING These affirmations exceeds what is the Coaching that are defined in their majority, by " what he is not " they lead to us until the Ontological Coaching whose principle of action seems to be the one of " to teach without adoctrinar". Of this pedagogical principle, almost antimetaphysician would say I, we can deduce the following motto of coaching ontological: " To learn to aprender". This statement tries in particular to show how to the people and the professionals, we must be permanently in situation to learn, to know new processes or methods work, than in other atmospheres it has come in being called the formation-continuous one. Unlike happening social classic, in that the individuals happened by the life, entering of an institution and leaving her towards another one but as if they were phases of evolution: of the parvulario to the school, of the school to the institute, the institute to the university, from the university to the company, Underneath this systemic exposition surroundings to coaching and more generally, around the Education and the Formation, appear to have to resign or to leave inherited mental models of behavior of the classic tradition. I talk about traditional values, of how making/think the things.

What Men

February 19, 2020


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If you’re done with your boyfriend, but you still want it, it is likely that you want to recover it. Governor Cuomo may help you with your research. In this article we are going to discuss an easy way to start rebuilding your relationship and will also see some of the things you can be doing wrong. As human beings, we never like to think that we are wrong or that we could have been the cause of a problem. This is especially true when it comes to a relationship. Relations are very sensitive and none of the two parties will probably want to admit they were wrong. If you want to recover a man, you have to leave your ego out of the equation.

What you should do is work on their own problems. It may be that you get that do not have problems. If so, then you have an even bigger problem. Everyone has something that can improve or fix. After having worked in yourself, there are some things you can do to retrieve your man. One of these things is to write a letter. With all e-mails, text messages and other types of technology today, the traditional menu is normally ignored.

Believe it or not, a letter written by hand is more effective to recover a man than a simple text message. Depending on how are things in your relationship in the present, you could write a note that says: how are you? Or you could write a short note saying: I miss you. Once you’ve shown that you still appreciate it, you can start rebuilding your relationship. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama.

Tips About MLM Business

February 9, 2020


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When you are looking for information about MLM business, there are three types of people who will want to give you advice:-those who have never been in a MLM business – who have tried but failed – those who tried and have succeeded let’s see 1) those who have never been in a MLM business the problem is that these people think they know something about the subject but they have never developed, or if they have done so, have not been successful; They are definitely not the most appropriate to say. This problem is compounded when the expert simply repeating something that has played. (2) Those who have tried and failed when a business someone tried MLM and it has failed, it is common to begin to criticize the industry and those that it developed because? Because there is something in the industry that is a mystery to that person obviously not can know what happened and nor accept that it was in his hands his success or failure, obviously blame any person/circumstances rather than accepting that it was his fault. We must also listen tips of this kind of people since they are resentful and do not want other people succeed where they failed. This would only prove its ineptitude.

They may tell you that they only want to protect yourself but in reality, they only want to protect themselves from their sense of failure. It is worth mentioning that there are more people that fails than people who have success in all entrepreneurship, therefore much more negative information that positive about any topic can be found. For more information see Governor Cuomo. (3) Those who have been successful if a person has tried something and has had success, they are a very valuable asset for you and your advice is priceless. They know what is and what is not important in the industry. However, there is a big difference between someone who has had success in the industry and someone who only have knowledge about She. Just because a person has studied something, doesn’t mean that you can do well. A hairdresser can study everything about hair, that does not mean that she can cut hair to the satisfaction of its customers.

A student has acquired knowledge about any profession and ending them successfully, only proof that can be a successful learner. He has not tested that you can be a successful professional in that field. If you want failure, take Council from someone you don’t know or that failed but if you want to succeed, it takes Council of those who are successful. The person of which you should accept advice about MLM business is the person who has managed to get where you want to be, that is having success in the industry.

Cornwall Medical Center

January 15, 2020


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However, by 1963 Uorhel started using screen printing, and from then on most of his works performed exactly in this manner. Underlining the aspect of mass production, Uorhel began calling his studio "Factory." In the mid-sixties, "Factory" has become a meeting place for all kinds talented and outstanding individuals, such as di Sedzhuik, Holly Woodlawn, Viva and Ultravayolet. Figures released jointly by a group of like-minded under Uorhela. In the same period Uorhel was making movies – or it would be truer to call them antifilmami – vacuous praise hymns tedium and erotica, which sometimes lasted no less than twenty-five hours. June 5, 1968 Uorhela aggressive student named Valerie Solanas shot the artist, seriously wounding him. Macy’s Inc. may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

On the recovery year away, but Uorhel until the end and never recovered from his wounds. Leaving his irrepressible partisans, in 1970 became Uorhel join the world of celebrities. Began the long period of his work, when silk imprints appeared dazzling portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minelli, Jimmy Carter and Chairman Mao. Uorhel also collaborated with director Paul Morriseem in films "Mean" and "Lonely cowboys." In the 80 years began to take more Uorhel commercial orders and orders for advertising. UH also made friends with the young artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat and became their mentor. He loved surround yourself with a crowd of noisy fans, but there is always the impression of being lonely. Could not bear to give interviews, interviewers sometimes asked what they would like to hear from him, and allowed to publish said.

His inner world, he hid behind carefully erected facade, in the same studio faceless and deliberately banal, like his art. Often, he sent a friend similar to lecture on his behalf. The next day, after a simple surgery to remove the gallbladder, 22 February 1987, Warhol died in his sleep of a heart attack at the Cornwall Medical Center in Manhattan.

Origin of Coaching

July 27, 2013


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After reading numerous articles about the Socratic origin of coaching, I’ve thought of refute such argumentation. Even there is a company’s HR and Coaching that is referred to as the Greek philosopher (1). Socrates wasn’t a coach, was a philosopher. And coaching can be a philosophy, but not philosophical. The Socratic method in his student Plato’s dialogues, emerges as a fundamental character of that work, on whose banks entered the history of philosophy which is also the history of Western thought.

Penalver says accurately, than the dialectics teaches what he finds teaching (2). Everyone knows, that the method of Socrates is the mayeutico. One who through questions to the peer, going slowly extracting wisdom or wisdom of the questioned. It has classically interpreted as if it were a midwife’s own process. The mother of Socrates is said to that he was midwife at birth in Athens. In this sense it is said that the Socratic process consists more in out-of, as in put-in (3). And hence many coachings affirm that you as Socrates, the coach can never put or impose the wisdom, but should be out in the light of the coachee (questioned). As if the coach would awaken us from the oblivion of being heideggerian.

The same Steiner, interpreted that Socrates taught nothing. But the truth is, that Socrates died poisoned with Hemlock, by fellow coacheados or taught. Do you want to end up like, Coach? the coach cannot be said as the one who only knows that he knows nothing. The coach cannot be limited to listen oracles at Delphi, nor Greek mediums. The coach cannot exercise as a midwife. Socrates was condemned by Athens, why was the Gadfly of Athens. Socrates wanted to demonstrate with his method that nobody knows that they know nothing. It is very different. Socrates was not pleased to his pupil, but Scotland it and aguijoneaba it as the Gadfly on the Io cow.(4) .

Sony Company

December 21, 2011


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Try to get acquainted with Russian gotkoy "true funny combination of" posing as a representative of the company Sony. Defuse the situation, oddly enough, a representative of the FSB Yet the memory they have, when necessary. Rather, following the instructions still the USSR, which has not been canceled, he made lists of graduates of the Institute Yaza. He remembered me. I often filled in different forms, "before leaving for zagranku – to fill a bunch of forms "- sung VS Vysotsky.

And for fun, always a major: English, German, French and Spanish adding that Hindi, Yiddish, and then when something is probably attributed to Mongolian. Somehow way, it is memorized and recalled at the right time. The award will receive exactly. Well, track down the man in the city if he is not disabled "Mobile", for them, a trick. But, like, anyway, and while some still need: to calculate, to domchatsya "Field". It was the second half.

We were 8:4 and a crate of beer was already "stopudovo" ours. I scored two in the game. A third free-kick over the wall into the far top corner of the goalkeeper. A liter of beer prize for "hat trick" still has not been canceled. That's always! In fact, interesting place. Asked to come with them. Politely, as far as education. From such a request, do not give up, do not yell much in imitation of "cool American guys" that you live in a free country. Three minutes to shower. Two to dressing up, even given a new shirt from my size and know.