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Alexander Tsekalo Worth

August 11, 2017


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discussion of major news and newspaper articles over the past week. Here, Tiffany & Co. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Lead transfer all your favorite famous and original people, with a great sense of humor. Additional information at Yitzhak Mirilashvili supports this article. These include the famous showman and master Ivan Urgant popularly favorite miller-gay 'Ivan Dulin' – Sergei Svetlakov leading 'comedian' Garik Martirosyan, producer and presenter Alexander Tsekalo. All issues of the Searchlight can be downloaded free online, for example here – Prozhektorperishilton.com big difference – a parody of the transmission of Russian television serials. Participants in the project by professional actors, so to speak of as parodies do not think it is worth. The program immediately fell in love and Casual observers and the actual heroes of the parodies, which are directly in the air sitting in the studio and give an estimate of subjects. Comedy Club has become a real forge of young talent.

Almost all participants have their own plans and ideas mega-dreams. Over time the opportunity arises, finance, communications, precisely because our channels are new projects. For example, Paul Will a child want to play music, it is now possible, and he began to sing, even earnings from concert tours and corporate events. But what? Solve us ordinary viewers. It is worth noting that the transfer presented in the article is very successful, interesting and interrelated. Many residents are heroes at once in several TV projects that have to be fed.

Brittany Murphy

November 17, 2016


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Actors come from low-cost (or newcomers to the street, or older stars). This team quickly removes the film, its flavor beautiful artwork, and released on DVD tochnehonko to the release date of the next blockbuster. To clone a little decorum correct title. Or, as is the case with "War of the Worlds", the film faked as yet another screen adaptation. Pow-boo-boo and you're done! Like I said, we asaylumovskuyu War of the Worlds did not even notice. ASYLUM but was not going to dwell on this: In 2009 began the second mass attack on consumers. In rolling out "TransMORfery 2" and … "Terminator !!!!!! This time the Internet just exploded with indignation.

Number of profanity, bowed to the film, has exceeded all limits. In many torrent trackers that has not happened overload, simply banned comment on these films. Asylum also launched its own film cycle, with the prefix "Mega". The very first film "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" became a cult hit among fans of monsters (in particular, because of the scene where the shark gnaws a jump plane). Then came "Mega-fault" (one of the latest movies with Brittany Murphy), "Mega-piranha" (mokbaster to Piranha 3D). Getting ready to leave, "Mega Shark vs.

Krokozavra" and "Mega-python Gatoroida against." 2010 was a year of great accomplishments. How else can we call the release of the film "Titanic 2"? Now it was learned about the studio in the world. What a crazy adventure with this film! It is not surprising that critics blew it to smithereens. Rob Daley has compatible beliefs. During this disturbance, many do not realize that movies ASYLUM – a rare carbon stuff. Plot sometimes consists of a vigorous delusion that their films give odds to many modern comedies. So the studio came a considerable number of fans, as well as articles on Wikipedia, Lurkmore, websites and fanblogi. Where to start watching ASYLUM? Uniquely, "Sherlock Holmes" (in Russian – The threat from the past). Confirmed: a delusion you will not see anywhere else. Sherlock Holmes, dinosaurs, giant octopus, robots, and Iron Man (no joke) – this is not the whole list of things that you'll see in the film. This is ridiculous because the fed quite seriously. In general, you will not regret. Watch the video film in ru-asylum.ru. In general, if you're not familiar with ASYLUM – begin to learn, it's really a new word in the film! Happy dating!

Convent Chernoostrovsky

September 29, 2016


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There are paintings in the exhibition, representing the famous holy places in Karelia: Nicholas monastery on Valaam and Kizhi churchyard. With a large captured their love of the artist, formally incorporated the church in discreet nature of the north. The special place occupied by the image exposure monasteries Kaluga region. St. Nicholas Convent Chernoostrovsky handed Miroslava on the canvas at the time of the golden autumn. Wide road involves the viewer in space of the picture to white walls of the monastery. Then the eyes wander to the dome of the cathedral and bell tower high up into the sky, which stops at floating golden clouds, echoing the contours of the silhouette of the monastery.

Like a lot of quiet quiet cloisters floating in the sky. Amazing beauty belostenny Pafnutevo-Borovsky Monastery is presented in Miroslava landscapes from different angles and in different seasons. The monastery was founded in 1444 by St. Paphnutius Borowski. The story of the monastery is nice and full of events. In the monastery were confined such famous supporters of the old Faith, as priest Habakkuk, Morozov noblewoman and princess Urusov. Painting of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin first Pafnutevo-Borovsky Monastery – the earliest known works of the great icon-painter Dionysius.

Miroslav harmony with the natural environment in the monastery. In the winter landscape mighty walls dissolve into the openwork pattern of snow-covered tree limbs, and the dome seemed to float above the ground. In the autumn a second gold dome of the crown trees. Bright pink flowers of summer solar landscape aggressively reach for the sky, like the verticals of the monastery buildings in the background. Orthodox churches and monasteries in the landscapes Miroslava merged with nature. There is a sense of God's presence not only in church buildings, but also in the surrounding nature. God is everywhere and always. Harmonious and joyful attitude pervades the picture and is transmitted to the audience.

Origin of Coaching

July 27, 2013


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After reading numerous articles about the Socratic origin of coaching, I’ve thought of refute such argumentation. Even there is a company’s HR and Coaching that is referred to as the Greek philosopher (1). Socrates wasn’t a coach, was a philosopher. And coaching can be a philosophy, but not philosophical. The Socratic method in his student Plato’s dialogues, emerges as a fundamental character of that work, on whose banks entered the history of philosophy which is also the history of Western thought.

Penalver says accurately, than the dialectics teaches what he finds teaching (2). Everyone knows, that the method of Socrates is the mayeutico. One who through questions to the peer, going slowly extracting wisdom or wisdom of the questioned. It has classically interpreted as if it were a midwife’s own process. The mother of Socrates is said to that he was midwife at birth in Athens. In this sense it is said that the Socratic process consists more in out-of, as in put-in (3). And hence many coachings affirm that you as Socrates, the coach can never put or impose the wisdom, but should be out in the light of the coachee (questioned). As if the coach would awaken us from the oblivion of being heideggerian.

The same Steiner, interpreted that Socrates taught nothing. But the truth is, that Socrates died poisoned with Hemlock, by fellow coacheados or taught. Do you want to end up like, Coach? the coach cannot be said as the one who only knows that he knows nothing. The coach cannot be limited to listen oracles at Delphi, nor Greek mediums. The coach cannot exercise as a midwife. Socrates was condemned by Athens, why was the Gadfly of Athens. Socrates wanted to demonstrate with his method that nobody knows that they know nothing. It is very different. Socrates was not pleased to his pupil, but Scotland it and aguijoneaba it as the Gadfly on the Io cow.(4) .

Sony Company

December 21, 2011


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Try to get acquainted with Russian gotkoy "true funny combination of" posing as a representative of the company Sony. Defuse the situation, oddly enough, a representative of the FSB Yet the memory they have, when necessary. Rather, following the instructions still the USSR, which has not been canceled, he made lists of graduates of the Institute Yaza. He remembered me. I often filled in different forms, "before leaving for zagranku – to fill a bunch of forms "- sung VS Vysotsky.

And for fun, always a major: English, German, French and Spanish adding that Hindi, Yiddish, and then when something is probably attributed to Mongolian. Somehow way, it is memorized and recalled at the right time. The award will receive exactly. Well, track down the man in the city if he is not disabled "Mobile", for them, a trick. But, like, anyway, and while some still need: to calculate, to domchatsya "Field". It was the second half.

We were 8:4 and a crate of beer was already "stopudovo" ours. I scored two in the game. A third free-kick over the wall into the far top corner of the goalkeeper. A liter of beer prize for "hat trick" still has not been canceled. That's always! In fact, interesting place. Asked to come with them. Politely, as far as education. From such a request, do not give up, do not yell much in imitation of "cool American guys" that you live in a free country. Three minutes to shower. Two to dressing up, even given a new shirt from my size and know.