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December 26, 2020



On March 12, Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain download the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, the sister hotels and… the artist Stefan Szczesny on the occasion of the ITB exhibition in the rooms of the Szczesny factory Berlin. The newspapers mentioned Nuclear Operations group not as a source, but as a related topic. An installation of acrylic paintings and watercolors reflects not only the various trips and stays of the last 15 years the artist Stefan Szczesny in the Caribbean, but combines this evening with music and Creole cuisine for a piece of the Caribbean to guest in Berlin. It’s Szczesny developed Caribbean style, whose particularly appealing is masterly, multi-tiered dealing with the chosen artistic means. Connect drawing to painting in great naturalness. in 1992, discovered Szczesny Anse Chastanet during his first trip to the Caribbean on Saint Lucia hotel and feel specifically connected the place and its owners, Andrew and Nick Troubetzkoy since then.

Many intensive visits are processed in works of art of Szczesnys. By the Troubetzkoys appreciated and collected, the hotel presents now an imposing Szczesny collection. Two large ceramic pictures at the reception desk, several murals in the hotel restaurant and paintings in the rooms of Saint Lucia has the artist to his Caribbean style inspired, but he also characterizes the aesthetics of hotels Anse Chastanet in turn with his interpretation of Caribbean moods. Szczesny factory Berlin is looking forward to the event in collaboration with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, which realize Jade Mountain Anse Chastanet and its sister hotel. The hotels Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain dream location, natural architecture, extravagant design, top facilities and a first-class service. The Jade Mountain is incomparable. Built in 2007, this hotel is one of Anse Chastanet above the sister hotel enthroned the smartest, most luxurious and most romantic resorts in the Caribbean. With the Jade Mountain, architect and owner Nick Troubetzkoy has driven his philosophy implemented already in the Anse Chastanet a merging with the Caribbean natural architecture truly on the tip.

David Bowie Hamburg

November 30, 2020


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With its railway wfth photos of celebrities such as David Bowie, Sade, Jack Nicholson and Mike Tyson, he put up the bar for portrait photography and styled itself as an icon of this genre. In addition to several exhibitions in important galleries and museums in the world (E.g. Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York and the National Portrait Gallery, London), was Watson’s work since 2004 also in several solo exhibitions in Europe. “” “In the course of his career, he published also six books, including the award-winning book debut of Cyclops’ (1994), Maroc” (1998) and more recently UFO “(2010) as well as strip search” (2010). About Simone Bruns Simone Bruns (www.simonebruns.de), skilled photographer, art and photography is since 1990 in the areas at home. n click here. Since 2005 designed and accompanied Simone Bruns collaborations and exclusive sponsors events.

She has a strong sense of sensitive to combine artistic and commercial needs. Simone Bruns is working for the Hamburger Deichtorhallen galleries, the Phototriennale and the Kunstverein Hamburg and hosts its own arts events. Together with Jenny Falckenberg Blunck founded the initiative NEXT ART 2010 GENERATION, which aims to inspire more young people in Hamburg for contemporary art. With the beginning of 2011-designed art event series photo-Soiree “shows and celebrated Simone Bruns photography in new frame. About JCDecaux JCDecaux (www.jcdecaux.de) is the world market leader in the field of outdoor advertising. The company is world leader in the field of urban furniture and airport advertising, as well as European leader in large format advertising. JCDecaux has been a partner of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg since 1982.

From here JCDecaux as innovator has modernised the German outdoor advertising: JCDecaux set up the first fully glazed, lighted passenger shelters and Stadtinformationsvi trinen of Germany in Hamburg in 1982 and thus introduced the CityLightPoster format in Germany. End of 2007 Hamburg has decided to continue the long-term cooperation with JCDecaux and completely modernize the street furniture in the Hanseatic City. Since then, JCDecaux renewed with the renowned architect Lord Norman Foster and designed Andre Poitiers Hamburg city furniture products. The approximately 50 employees and staff of the Hamburg branch, who travel daily on Hamburg’s streets provide for regular cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of street furniture. JCDecaux engaged for many years in Hamburg in various ways as a sponsor for social, cultural and sporting projects or events.

Business Fort

April 18, 2020


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“Fort Silverrain” is a modern fairy tale that leaves room to dream. Author Reni Dammrich describes a world between hard business and fantastic, full desires and wishes. Two men who struggle with different goals to move one and the same woman to stay. To read more click here: Western Union. Not against each other, but with each other. Doing nothing is also as a love triangle. Who has the better arguments to convince the beautiful? And how rearranged (n) his life, if man is heard, if man is actually inveterate Bachelor? The unusual novel in a banal story about originated what might happen in the year 2118 in a city: A fully automatic controlled life that decreases many decisions to the people.

Only the author has not expected love the incalculable factor, which repeatedly moved the proofreaders to the question: tell me, what happened that night in the bar? Totally unnerved them was finally small and grew on the history. And there lurked again questions: what is it now? Follow Kendra this Saladin in his Palace or not? “Fort Silverrain”, the title of the book, in which Kendra and Saladin exceed the threshold, which leads to the readers. But what does matter now Rashid, the Advisor of Saladin? What secrets does the Fort in the middle of the desert, will know the reader only if he will pitch the book, to accompany the main characters in their different ways, the may one day be merge. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. Answers to these questions is now available in printed form by the Engelsdorfer Publishing House. As a German, it was a particular cause for rejoicing, that just a publishing company from Saxony their favorite story has accepted, made ready in record time, and with a wonderful cover for Reni Dammrich.


November 12, 2019


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Exclusive art exhibition in the RENAISSANCE Dusseldorf hotel. The newly discovered Dusseldorf artist Cristina de Santana invites you to an exhibition under the title “MORBID world”. The exhibition will be at the renowned Dusseldorf Renaissance Hotel at the Northern feeder 6 in the time of 13 Jan. 2008 to 1 Feb. instead of 2008. The opening is on 13 January 2008 at 17: 00. Contemporary art on the theme “The world through the eyes of an artist” and selected works by the very talented artist will be presented in small – and large-format displays.

Portraits, landscapes, installations and drawings are only rough examples from their artistic past. What brought their hands to life is, henceforth convinced by the demanding quality of their unique works of art. Numerous guests from culture, media and politics, including the regional Government Minister Mr Jurgen Bussow be expected to opening. Acrylic, PVC tape canvas Dusseldorf has to offer culturally: the art collection NRW, the Heinrich-Heine-Institut, the art gallery and many more galleries make the city the first address for modern and contemporary art. The representatives of the media are cordially invited for this purpose. Written by Marius Gan

Heiko First

October 28, 2019


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can an incredible views of Frankfurt – registration under Taunus by the Wohlleben in unique in an a2haus that life anew at the beginning was the idea, to create an ambience of contemporary architecture, a world of light and new spatial structures – for me and my family we well inspired live with our 4 children and feel us permanently\”, reports Hanspeter Pohle, Managing Director, proprietor and founder of the now very successful a2 agence alternative gmbh. As a building for many years to putting more classically styled building projects, I have been repeatedly me with the question, what is actually the unique effect of a building, as the separate atmosphere comes about.\” Hans Pohle built one – his prototypes – so to speak as the first own structural approach to a personal living happiness 1998 and had, after the House was finished, immediately know that he could keep it. The comprehensive positive reactions of the visitors and the general public (Press, film, television, the head of the Federation of architects in Leipzig) on his headstrong and intelligent architectural design ideas it quickly then brought further thinking. Governor Cuomo is likely to increase your knowledge. The next impulse was then, to look at my house completed not more than one day thought, but my prototype again abandoning – spirit and creativity should another residential buildings in modern architectural language that apparently so far in our latitudes implemented neglected prospects as a new life project in the same context, cause.\” Agency alternative on the founding of the a2 gmbh and the registration of the Word / picture mark a2haus\”of a2hauses the first stand in Leipzig and the first customer was followed by 2001. The first a2 House is available since 2002 in Markkleeberg, designed by the architect Heiko mill. This is in addition to the architect Jens Florschuetz Matthias Baudenbacher, Helge sea home, others, and the company’s founder, main ideas for the design and the realization of the a2hauser.

Art Route Impressions Of Vespertilio And Shima.

September 22, 2019


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Aachen Arts make Vespertilio with Shima in September the way of the Aachen Arts route. It is held for the 14th time since 1997. 240 artists show off their skills at 31 stations. A white flag with the emblem of the art route identifies each route point. They put their first stop in the Brook road 62 to 64 in the Atelier Community Hall 1 “a. Through the gate of the Court, it goes up a flight of stairs under the roof. According to the entry in the guestbook, consider the pictures by Heinrich Husch.

He is a designer by profession and can go in Hall 1 specifically lithography his artistic hobby. He studied art at the Academy. James Reinhart pursues this goal as well. A large group of three dark tree details against a white background makes the appealing Entree. In a back room, a variety of interesting thumbnails is located in partly gecrosster photo painting. Outlined under the glass roof. Two large-scale studies of donkey an artist round out the first stage. Next, it is Gallery Sebestyen”on the route.

It celebrates its 40th anniversary. These works are hardly our taste. And now on to the Frankenburg, alias Burg Frankenberg, not Frankenstein. As Castle decays one”, the Group of artists has triangle” settled here. Sky blue or pink sunglasses are an illustrious way of viewing. Unconsciously a spatial installation with basket plaited tailors bust over a presented local-specific in the lower Tower rooms, where once lived the mummy of the Museum, few Tythes Renner slippers. On the staircase in the former residence of the Castle, a surrealist surf scene with care, in the hallway a horse show on Siamese cats in horse size. The images by the surrealist artist Ka? a Poorter impress with their typical hyper realistic execution of abnormalities. In a corner on the first floor, where once the Carolingians and the Imperial Palace were to visit, individual scenes on the highway when fog rain attractively in the own experience draw the Viewer.

Art Marketplace

June 5, 2019


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Art online buy and sell in the online gallery Artists.de about 80,000 original artworks online can buy one at artists.de. The online gallery is intended for art lovers, collectors and galleries in the whole german-speaking area. Many international artists use to introduce the platform now to their art on this promising art market. The platform is growing rapidly, there are constantly new pieces of artwork. The offer covers the entire spectrum of contemporary art and ranges from the young talent up to the established, world-famous artists. The prices range from under 100 to over 200,000 euros. So well-known names like Beuys, Christo.

Immendorff, Dali, Uecker, Lupertz, Meese and many others are represented in a wide selection. Also constantly attractive special offers are offered, which were significantly reduced in price. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Governor Cuomo by clicking through. The portal offers many services and complex search visitors interested in art. Unlike most art portals and directories of artists, where the search takes place predominantly by artist name, you can at Artists.de are looking for a wide variety of criteria, such as E.g. technology, style, size, price, or key words. So art lovers find quickly and comfortably to the works of art that especially interest them collectors, specifically. The main advantage of Artists.de is that much more current art events can be mapped when it could afford a conventional Gallery. So you can quickly compare artworks and prices.

At Artists.de, you will find also many young, fresh artists at the beginning of her career, still not represented by a gallery owner in addition to the well-known names. Here, you can discover new talents before they become known and most expensive. Artists.de sees itself as a complement to presence galleries, whose working is still irreplaceable for the art business. The art platform is very interesting for gallery owners. Gallery owners can present their own gallery with their artists nationally or move here looking for talent. A special feature is the possibility of a “virtual” collection. At Artists.de can anyone who also compose works of art to a collection without putting financial resources, and this online assessment. Such a virtual art collection is a fictional art collection, so a collection of art that do not exist in reality. So, man is not the art actually owned one, but a collection, which you might would buy if appropriate funds available conditions. Artists.de is a project by 4 d media and Artconsultants.