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The Worker Of The 21st Century

September 12, 2019


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The worker of the 21st century will be nonbetter, already is an enthusiastic, loving person of the change, moves by objectives and its main motivation usually is not only the money, but the service, but paradoxicalally they are the unique ones that enjoys the longed for financial freedom. These inconformes personages, highly creative are expanding around the world for a happy and truly prosperous change of articles of incorporation. You will find the best ones them in agile companies, with high standards of exigency and surroundings that the opportunity gives them to learn and to teach. Also they look for a balance between his personal life and its professional life, reason why they value the schedule flexibility, the repayment " not convencional" (increasing, proportional repayment to its effort) and the possibility of working where and when it comes to them in desire, that is to say they do not have head, does not fulfill schedules, works from their own houses, travels, knows new cultures and enjoys than they do. Most important it is than heads do not need. But they need autonomy in the decision making and determine they themselves its form to secure the raised goals, they self-manage, they are its own heads. If them questions, will say to you that the best head is that one than she takes off of in the middle, that one that does not interfere. They will say to you that they do not know what is a head but what he is a leader.

A head commands (and they do not need that they command to them). Whereas a leader inspires, he motivates and he supports. Thus the things, quickly are arising a revolutionary society worker without heads. In a globalised world where the traditional use every day is extinguished and every day, he quirase or no, the system of work in networks expands, interactive or network marketing, intelligent workers are moving more and more to this novel system of work.

Shaolin Chuan

August 14, 2019


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Together formed Official Club of Self-defense. Mitose was chosen by Chow and the other people involved in the training to direct the Club. The system of the family of Mitose was called kosho ryu kempo jiujitsu. Also, like the system of Chow, it was based on the Shaolin Chuan Fa. Mitose (that was born the 30 from December of 1915 in Hawaii) affirms that it was taken to Japan by its maternal grandfathers at the age of four years because he was destined to be successful on its ancestors and to become the leader 21 number of kosho kempo, a religious group that trained Buddhist ministers. This temple was located in Monte Kinkai, Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan.

The temple was call Koshoki and taught to the Buddhist philosophies Rinzai Zen. According to legend of Mitose, the Shaolin Chuan Fa (Shoriniji kempo in Japanese) was brought by monks to the Koshoki temple prior to the Tokugawa period (1600 d.C.). By a period of time chuan-fa was fused with ju-jitsu and altered to satisfy the needs with Japanese people. This system was divided in the physical arts and the spirituals. The spiritual arts followed philosophies Buddhist. The physical arts were divided in three different systems of fight. One of systems consisted of the arts of kicks and fists, kata of the system, and the golpeamiento of vital areas. The second system of fight, the arts of push-to throw, taught as to defend one same one by means of the use of the forms push-to throw and blows to the extremities. Original author and source of the article