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Tupac Isaac

May 30, 2013


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In many times they rebuked him; already once told his parents that the churre, wants to go where are the apus, which makes it once more, they will give you a warning, because you don’t want to disturb the apus in the forest, only whether those who are older and taught to survive in the middle of the, because lurk many dangers that they put forth the runes that enter their domains. But not ignored. He followed the path that outlines his heart and delved much more until the penalty from which the apu goes to the territory of the jibaro. He saw that the place was very beautiful, that there were many and delicious fruits that began to taste with much zeal and interest in how tasty that were. What seemed unusual is that there was no sun, it always remained in the middle of the firmament, is frightened and started to run, but I did not know in which direction.

It was still running on all sides, with the despair of not finding your way; the heart was accelerating, seemed that you out of his chest by the enormous rumbling making. He began to shout with all their forces, that stayed paralyzed in its presence was a spectacled bear with claws to surely destroy it and weighed it, in that the Apu appeared surprisingly puma and rushed against the bear, locking in a struggle in which won the bear. Then stared you in his eyes and the is It paralyzed staying in same place forever. In your community everyone went out to look for him, by nearby, this is what happened during several days, one night only listened to her screams, but did not find from where it came, but what scared them, is that it is then transformed into the cry of the great Apu Puma, and that gave them much more fear, so we got used to hear the cry of search of barbecue and then the cry of the apu.


April 14, 2013


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Do you sometimes feel poorly understood by others? Notes that normal people don’t understand what it means to be an entrepreneur? The truth is that many people are simply not able to understand neither motivations nor the pressures we feel people that we risk to create our own destiny (be it sounds epic, but modestly I think this is at the bottom of what moves us to the majority of entrepreneurs). Many believe that we are greedy profiteers. Others feel envy, and many others simply believe that we are bit sensible. It is a pity, but it is so. From my experience, the most dangerous of this situation is the risk of spread of attitudes that come from people completely outside of your vision of life. With all the good intentions in the world (God delivers us from beyond good intentions) try to make us feel the head or back on a safe road. In a complicated moment, it becomes too easy to ignore them.

To overcome this situation, there are two ways to protect yourself. One is surrounding you with people who think like you. Form what we call a Mastermind group and finds human support from people who really understand your situation. In his book Maui Millionaires, David Finkel explains the enormous power of having a group Allied as well. Based on what they told Henry Ford Napoleon Hill at the beginning of century twenty, David teaches how to form and manage a group of people entregrados to a common purpose. Having a team on your side can be the difference between success and failure. The second tactic that you can use is to find a personal trainer. Coaching for companies is a service through which you’ll get someone with knowledge and experience to help you meet the challenges of your business.

It is not a partner, nor an employee, but a support that can bring rigor, ideas and methods to facilitate your business journey. Especially if you’re new to the world of business, or if you feel a bit overwhelmed by everything that you have learned you should consider this option. Nobody owns the truth and we all need sometimes having support to achieve our goals. Please be very careful when choosing whom to listen to.