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Security Systems

June 7, 2017


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Popular destinations for domestic use are intercoms, video intercoms and monitors, combined with certain types of access intercoms. Intercom system – the simplest system of access restrictions in the which consists of several blocks, the key device electrical wiring. Kits are standard, so making an order for the installation of intercom provides the ability to integrate it into the control system access and working time, and not worked together with the PBX. Install intercoms may also have non-standard solutions. In such cases need specialist advice. At Keith Yamashita you will find additional information.

Video phone – a simple system differs from the intercom only in the presence of hidden cameras in the calling panel. You can chat conversations and see the visitor. The minimum equipment provided videopanel (monitor communication device) and miniature camera. Variants – the monitor with a tube or a monitor with built-in hands-free, black and white or color LCD displays. Possibly combine with obschepodezdnymi audiodomofonami (except for hands-free monitors). There is a wide choice of models with compact size and original color solutions.

Full-time opportunities are connecting multiple cameras and the electro. CCTV systems – the quality of your office or at facility installation video surveillance systems include not only the installation of CCTV cameras and recording. Without the principles of organization and construction of the cameras will keep a record of individual fragments. For efficient operation of any CCTV installation requires competent cells, resulting in a lack of video surveillance unreached areas. For the organization of video surveillance systems can even use an ordinary home computer equipping it with video card and the necessary software. Access control and time management – one of the fastest growing areas. Given the ability to serve as a great companies, chain stores and offices in the regions and small enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses, coupled with little cost hardware and software complex. Capabilities of the system control Access is not restricted to one office with one or several points of passage. Provides for the ability to manage multiple systems of passage, even if they are in different cities. Burglar and fire alarm and remain indispensable technical equipment alerts. Replace the alarm system or install other equipment instead of fire alarm systems can be, but it will only be upgraded tool. Security systems of this direction only will be improved, adding to the already huge lineup

Russian Virtual Airlines Skyairlines

January 7, 2012


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VA SkyAirlines Russian Virtual Airlines SkyAirlines is based in Moscow's Domodedovo airport (UUDD) and has extensive experience in network operations FSAirlines (formerly FlyNet). Recently, the virtual airline SkyAirlines flies as the network IVAO. The company has an extensive route network in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, CIS and foreign countries. Airlines route network is constantly evolving and improving. Airline pilots gathering for flights on aircraft Boeing-737/747/757/767, Airbus-A319/320/321 /, MD11 (F), the Tu-154 and Il-76TD, as well as on other aircraft of Russian and foreign proizvodstva.FlyNet – registering Online you can create a virtual airline and flies. The site You can download the client for the simulator, in which a built-in failures. All flight time logged and displayed on the site.

At first glance, nothing new in the system there, but the selection of features is well thought out – realistically simulated economy airline, to analyze the proposed set of statistical data about your activities. Completed flights are displayed on the map Google Maps. The forum of the Russian portal Avsim.ru already being quite active discussion of FlyNet:, and our pilot Navy established a virtual company Pelican Cargo Air. The system is completely in English, but one of the members of the forum have translated user manual in Russian. Flying in the network are carried out under control of the dispatch services, using real fraziologii radio. All this makes it possible to work out the real pilots and improve their skills of navigation, piloting and making decisions critical situations.

Moreover, the ability to touch this element exists in all comers. Our pilots in real life can be anything. Nevertheless, aircraft for them, though virtual, is not alien to concept. As in real life, there are many online virtual airlines. Our virtual airline is one of them. We carry a virtual passengers and cargo. Airline pilots charged flying hours, increase their level of knowledge. In the team we support the friendship We hope to see you in their friendly series!