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Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s Books

July 12, 2012


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Two years passed before the first “Harry Potter” volume was published with a circulation of only 500 copies. Then it went in quick succession: An American publisher auctioned the U.S. rights to the book for an amazing $ 105,000, offers a more ran the second book was already launched then with 10 150 copies in the UK. From the third world public opinion has become final clairaudience. The 7th and last volume now, six volumes of Harry Potter Experiences come to market.

In 63 languages, they have been issued: These include not only Chinese, Russian and Japanese, but also to Zulu! The seventh volume will be released soon. Potter fans can not wait and are afraid of JK Rowling could make her favorite die in the last volume. Joannes literary models on the first book published was not advertised Joannes first name, because boys supposedly do not like to read books by women. The spelling of “JK Rowling” was then still retained. The film rights for their books JK Rowling has sold only under the condition that it is not a cartoon, that no American actors play the roles – they are negotiating from a say on the script. For a band it takes about a year – and that was still fast. In addition to the Harry Potter books, she has also written two other books: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Quidditch Through the Ages”. The fee for these two books is the British organization “Comic Relief” for aid projects around the world benefit.

Rowling’s favorite author, the English novelist Jane Austen (1775-1817) and the Irish novelist and screenwriter Roddy Doyle (born 1958). She writes, still love their designs by hand. Private luck in the second attempt, the brilliant 2001 children’s book author has married for the second time: This time the doctor Neil Murray, with whom she has two children: David Gordon in 2003, Jean Mackenzie, born 2005th They live with three children in Scotland. In an interview with Amazon.com, it was asked why she wanted to be a writer. Your answer: “If someone would ask me for the recipe for happiness, step one would be to figure out what you do best, and step 2 to find someone who paid the one for it. I consider myself fortunate to be able to actually live by writing. “You want to quit after the seventh tape allegedly yet to write, because they abhor the hype, the order book since the success they is made.