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July 25, 2019


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More beyond comparison, and self-image, self-esteem will be one ally appropriate to get cover our needs, if it is product of the self-concept, i.e. personal knowledge and management that we make of our emotions. Therefore, talk about self-esteem, requires continuous evaluation of oneself, and involves having a diaphanous conviction of what can and cannot be done. All this translates into an increase of our capabilities: challenges, develop in freedom and with an essential improvement of our relationships with others. A damaged self-esteem can make relations with others, simply, impossible. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hikmet Ersek. In an educational relationship, in the family or at work, low self-esteem can be translated in a strong authoritarianism (with indiscriminate punishment), an irrational permissiveness, insufficient attention, major faults of affection, or a climate full of false expectations.

In a relationship, can be translated into an exhausting monotony, ending in a feeling of loneliness accompanied by, full of continuing rivalry and with little emotional satisfaction. By the Instead, people with strong self-esteem entrenched in a healthy self-concept, relate to positive and constructive, so do not fit of jealousy, or envy (more own comparison and self-image), so, not sabotages the work or accomplishments of others. They are not friends of tangles, criticism or gossip to discredit others. You know ask and generously accepting the support of others. Finally, having a healthy self-esteem means search and find, always within the limits of my person, the reasons and the causes of my disagreements, my dislikes and my anger well instituted self-esteem is based on the certainty that within each person there is an idiosyncrasy that makes us unique, a great inner wealth that allows us to build us as valuable people. And it is just this that often is ignored, because takes precedence over the valuation that others make of us, about the effort to understand our peculiar essence, authentic basis for a balanced self-esteem.