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August 19, 2018


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In May will be especially active to express themselves treacherous colleagues – those who love intrigues and slander. Be careful, be careful to Rumors had not reached the authorities, and then lose your job. At such times as this, active sex maniacs and neurotic. To avoid collision with them, schedule all my meetings at daytime and at night occurs only with those who are old and well know. New friends during this period should be avoided.

It's also a bad time for lively parties and the worship of Bacchus. Click Macy’s Inc. for additional related pages. Can be poisoned. You should avoid all unnecessary information that could lead to strain and fatigue, nervous system disorders. Especially dangerous is the first half of the month. In the period from 1 to May 10, 2009 the most active planet Pluto will be.

This planet is a danger extraordinary events and troubles, which dumped as snow on the head and destroy all of your earlier plans. Pluto brings the charge of great strength and energy that creates a predisposition to an extremely critical situations. He has to unpleasant news, the danger of accidents, fatal blow, the events that are dangerous to the lives of many people. He brings a massive catastrophe, cave-ins, explosions, earthquakes, epidemic. For more clarity and thought, follow up with emil michael and gain more knowledge.. Its action is directly associated with the emergence of a new disease – "swine flu", which with undisguised dismay discuss now the doctors. To avoid a particular risk of Pluto during this period, I advise you as soon as possible less risk. This applies to both business and travel, and relationships with people.