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July 26, 2023


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Subject: Elevator because to change, if it can modernize? The intense verticalizao of the constructions in the regions of bigger population concentration in cities for the world if became one of the great solutions for the problem of absence of urban space. But with it came some solutions, as the ascensores, or same, elevating of passengers or load, with each time more advanced technologies to diminish the consumption of electric energy and giving to bigger mobility to the users with rapidity and comfort through intelligent systems of attendance the calls. On people to these constructions, as living or exactly rendering syndics, constructors, administrators and of services of the area must be intent that an elevator must on average have its initial life of 22 years, since that the preventive maintenance and corrective either carried through inside of the standards technician recommended by the norms effective techniques and that is respected its original project of plant, mainly in the security item. However this life can be duplicate if to search a solution of average stated period and accessible cost, the Partial Modernization, that basically involves the substitution of item as Picture of Command, Botoeiras of cabin and floors, wirings and handles of maneuver. With this the condominium will arrive to spend in maximum 45% of the value equivalent to a new elevator, on average, preventing still constructive interventions in the construction necessary in the project of integral substitution of elevators. A project of partial modernization very provides advantages next to a new elevator, since that well it is conceived and executed the project. But we cannot forget that depending it been on conservation of some item elevating it, only the Integral Modernization is viable.

The partial modernization will have to offer the following benefits: – ECONOMY? Reduction in the consumption of electric energy in 25% at least, through the technology of drive VVVF? Variation of Voltage for Variation of Frequency. – PRECISION – Levelling 100% of the cabin in relation to the floor, independent of the weight in the cabin (to repeitar the capacity). – IT COMFORTS – Smoothness at the moment of the stop and departure. – MODERNITY – Possibility of aggregation of new technologies as the system of restriction of access to the floor? Biotracking (use of the digital one as password). – TRUSTWORTHINESS – considerable Reduction (about 60%) in the number of stoppages caused for defects in the electric part as picture of command, daily pay-wiring and handles of maneuver. How much to the delivery stated period it is on average of 8 the 12 months having that approximately to paralyze the functioning of the elevator per 30 days. Already on the payment flexibility exists, depending on the plan of each supplying company. As we can observe, elevators are essential item inside of the structure of a construction, therefore the managers must have sensibilidades for such subject, before he provokes great upheavals to the users. Eng. Sidney Brazil

HIV And Genetics

June 23, 2023


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Introduction If the HIV is an alive being must obey the Theory of the evolution or this is needing a revision the modern synthetic Theory of the evolution Here part of the principle that is adjusted and looks for to explain the existence of the HIV in base of the evolution. 2.0) Theoretical Referencial 2,1) the environment and the HIV Between individuals HIV inside of a population, that is, inside of a delimited space as the plasma of human one to be contaminated with HIV. 2.2) The HIV and the Theory of Darwin Apresenta a variation in morphology, physiology and behavior. Its children resemble its genitors more than if he resembles the not related individuals, thus one vrion of HIV if he resembles more between itself of what he compares with the adenovirus of the mosquito of the affection, thus is perceived for deduction that presents some similarity. Some forms, what it must be reflected, that has more possibility of survival and reproduction that other forms in determined surrounding. In the case of the HIV for the increasing mortality that is observed, and a great one variability that is observed, the election process is occurring with great force for adaptation of the HIV in the man. Thus to understand the adaptation of the HIV of the chimpanzee it must perceive that the individual level occurs but reaching many because it has that to reach a collective of the entire population of the HIV. (Not to be confused with technology at millennium!). Therefore to affirm that the HIV is mutant these changes you inherited occur the individual level of inheritance and development and reaches a population that lives pressured in a way, that is the proper man, place where the conditions favorable to the well complex development coexist, dispendioso and ample but to understand the reason of the ample variability of the HIV it must study the filogenia and of history.. might disagree with that approach.

Federal Universities

September 3, 2019


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Also it is of great importance in the study of the tectnicas plates, that allows to understand the formation of terrestrial crust of great scale, and thus to establish places that they can be explored of some form, as for example, search of oil or ores. 3.A GEOPHYSICAL IN BRAZIL the geophysicist in Brazil is relatively new, for being a scientific area little known, however, the majority of the phenomena studied for it, as for example, earthquakes and volcanos, are seen constantly in the media. Although the geophysicist not to have great impact in Brazil, in relation its spreading, the use of its methods is of great importance in the understanding of some natural phenomena. In 1984 the first course in Geophysicist in Brazil in the Astronomical and Geophysical Institute of the University of So Paulo was only created (USP), some years later the course it was implanted in the Federal University of the Bahia (UFBA), and thus in other Universities. The creation of this new course was of great importance, since the formed pupils at the time already would start to act as geophysical, and to contribute with ambient studies.

Although the growth of the population of geophysicists, Brazil still is devoid for these professionals, being that, in 1989 only 450 geophysicists existed, and if to take in consideration the territorial band of Brazil, that is very great, where still they exist you vary unexplored regions, is few geophysicists in Brazil in relation to other countries. So that this demand for geophysicists comes to diminish, it is necessary that the Universities that not yet work with the geophysicist start to think about the possibility of the creation of the course in the department, since on studies to the geophysicist is growing each time more in all Brazil. 4.CONSIDERAES FINAL We perceive that the necessary geophysicist of a bigger attention. the challenge is as to divulge the geophysicist and its methods in adequate and applicable way, in view of the spreading in the Federal Universities or even though implantation of the area as new course it physics department, since today only some federal universities, as, USP, UFBA and UFPA, possesss graduation in geophysicist. 5.REFERNCIAS 1 – 2 – 3 – 4-AURINO RIBEIRO SON, DIONICARLOS YOU WILL SOUND DE VASCONCELOS AND OLIVAL FREIRE Jr the French Contribution to Ensino and the Research in Geophysicist in the State of the Bahia, Reviewed Brazilian of Education of Physics, vol. 25, 2003.

DNA Action

October 5, 2016


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Although to present such variation, they possess, in common, insaturados rings that allow to the incorporation of electron excess and the consequent production of reactive free radicals. They can present another functional group that adds them new mechanisms of action, as alquilao (mitomicina C), enzymatic inhibition (actinomicina-D and mitramicina), or inhibition of the function of the DNA for intercalation (bleomicina, daunorrubicina and adriamicina and its analogous mitroxantona). As all the quimioterpicos, the antibiotics act in such a way on the malignant cells as on the normal ones. Therefore, also they present the calls collateral effect undesirable (Control of the cancer, 2006). The mitticos inhibitors can paralyze mitose in metfase, due to its action on the tubulina, formadora protein of microtbulos that constitute the spindle to espiralar, for which the chromosomes migram. In this way, the chromosomes, during metfase, are hindered of migrar, occurring the interruption of the cellular division (Control of the cancer, 2006).

This function has been useful in ‘ ‘ sincronizao’ ‘ of the cells when the mitticos inhibitors are combined with specific agents of phase S of the cycle. Had to its way of specific action, the mitticos inhibitors must be associates to other agents for bigger effectiveness of the chemotherapy In this group of drugs are enclosed the alkalis of wrinkle rsea (vincristina, vimblastina and vindesina) and the derivatives of the podofilotoxina (OV-16, etoposdeo; the VM-26, teniposdeo) (Control of the cancer, 2006) .2.3. The development of FrmacosDo clinical point of view, is important the development of frmacos with action on the intermediate metabolism of the cells in proliferation, therefore these agents are very studied and clinically used.