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Trusting A Coach

September 30, 2019


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That said I think the most important is the trust and relationship with his coach. If you call a coach and your intuition tells you that this is the coach for you, then hire him or her. The only thing I know is that we must believe that the coach can help the job training. It is the coaching relationship is more important. Before deciding on what coaches for the interview, go to your website if you have one and get a feel for the coach. Subscribe to their newsletter or read the articles in the archives of the web. It will help you understand that the coach is and if their values align with theirs. Western Union shines more light on the discussion.

Finally, many coaches give teleclass. This is a great way to “put your finger in the water” without a huge financial commitment. The coaches come from diverse backgrounds. There are former therapists, educators and businessmen. Depending on your need for a fund may be more appropriate for you. Some coaches have additional training as a coach. Instead of telling customers what they should do, the coach’s role is to help clients find their own way. Coach training programs to coach the tools and resources to guide and motivate the client without having to carry him / her.

The advantage of having a qualified coach is that he / she has no agenda other than to help them succeed. For the interview you want a list of questions to help you decide if this is the coach for you. (See below for a way to get a list of questions to ask.) That the coaches know their expectations and needs so that they can have a chance to tell you if you can meet with them. Finally, be sure to discuss with the coach rate. You should feel the benefit of training is worth the cost of the coach and they can easily pay that rate without cutting needs. Take Action in January. Ask your friends about the coaches that they or any of its known use. 2. Search and names of the coaches for the interview. 3. What kind of help you’re looking for? Make a list of questions you would like to ask the coach. I have a list of questions that used to be on the website CoachU. If you want the list, send an email to with “Questions Coach” as the subject. 4. Interview with the coaches and let me know the result! 5. Read “Are you being coached?” Fast Company Magazine this month is Alvah Parker a business professional and editor of Parker points, an email list and point the way to success, an ezine. Parker specializes in helping professionals create a career that is fun, satisfying and profitable.

Origin of Coaching

July 27, 2013


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After reading numerous articles about the Socratic origin of coaching, I’ve thought of refute such argumentation. Even there is a company’s HR and Coaching that is referred to as the Greek philosopher (1). Socrates wasn’t a coach, was a philosopher. And coaching can be a philosophy, but not philosophical. The Socratic method in his student Plato’s dialogues, emerges as a fundamental character of that work, on whose banks entered the history of philosophy which is also the history of Western thought.

Penalver says accurately, than the dialectics teaches what he finds teaching (2). Everyone knows, that the method of Socrates is the mayeutico. One who through questions to the peer, going slowly extracting wisdom or wisdom of the questioned. It has classically interpreted as if it were a midwife’s own process. The mother of Socrates is said to that he was midwife at birth in Athens. In this sense it is said that the Socratic process consists more in out-of, as in put-in (3). And hence many coachings affirm that you as Socrates, the coach can never put or impose the wisdom, but should be out in the light of the coachee (questioned). As if the coach would awaken us from the oblivion of being heideggerian.

The same Steiner, interpreted that Socrates taught nothing. But the truth is, that Socrates died poisoned with Hemlock, by fellow coacheados or taught. Do you want to end up like, Coach? the coach cannot be said as the one who only knows that he knows nothing. The coach cannot be limited to listen oracles at Delphi, nor Greek mediums. The coach cannot exercise as a midwife. Socrates was condemned by Athens, why was the Gadfly of Athens. Socrates wanted to demonstrate with his method that nobody knows that they know nothing. It is very different. Socrates was not pleased to his pupil, but Scotland it and aguijoneaba it as the Gadfly on the Io cow.(4) .