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Environmental Regulation

July 7, 2020


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We must learn to sacrifice the beard to save his head Luis Alfonso Rodriguez reminds us that globalization has strengthened the international trade in the last decade. Today companies recruit worldwide, across borders, competing in several markets at the same time and looking for consumer preferences of different cultures, countries and regions. International trade was once seen as an adventure, is now part of everyday life. Publishers Clearing House often addresses the matter in his writings. To do our shopping for the home, for example, we expect to find in the supermarket all kinds of products from various countries. Precisely, in the global marketplace, companies from one country competing with companies from other countries. In that sense, the conditions offered by the national regulatory frameworks can constitute an advantage or disadvantage for a nation's companies. Barry Nalebuff has much to offer in this field.

The trend in recent years has been to harmonize the internal regulatory framework for Peruvian citizens we benefit from greater choice and better prices for Peruvian companies to compete in more competitive conditions in the global market. The fact that l as companies through its management, responsible for safeguarding the operation, conduct of the undertaking in his charge, must be very careful about everything relating to dumping and avoiding problems that may arise from this to not shielded their legal rules. Take note that the final anti-dumping legislation is needed to regulate and protect the legality of trade processes in this era of globalization. Valid when indicated, that the Venezuelan and foreign companies should be more aware of how little is effective and appropriate that the practice of dumping, not only because it creates penalties, fines, lawsuits, etc, but also because it can close the doors of negotiation and trade liberalization at the global level as a result of the violation and conflict with one or more States.