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September 17, 2019


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I wish you heart to flood your life of love, peace and prosperity. You must prepare for combat numerous REJECTIONS you will receive when it comes to promoting your online business to other people. You must provide weapons necessary to overcome it. Because the most painful in this case is that when we decided to start a business on the Internet and want to communicate it to our family and friends. We do not receive the necessary support which turns most of the time in a rejection.

Clear is natural that when we organises us with something, we want to share it with others. Doesn’t matter if it’s a new flavor of ice cream or a good movie, but it is not correct to share such business with anyone until they are fully trained and know more about our company. Why? Because the main cause of failure in our profession stems from people who are excited about the immense economic possibilities, and they run to tell their friends more intimate or relatives before you have a clue about the management of this business. The real problem is this: once told him that not is involve, although more later you try skillfully they are wrong and respond to each of your concerns, not associated it! Remember, once they have been ridiculed for having gotten into Network Marketing, can not afford attach themselves because that equates to admit your own stupidity. But we have another case which can be called: positive negative; Is who this person? The old friend. Generally accept do things that not only want to be nice to a person they know.

So I want to give you a Council, which will serve you when starting your online business successfully: you should train, know and study the product that you want to promote, the company for which dedicated you all your effort and the opportunity that will help you and the people who loves to improve their financial situation, getting the same freedom. Before sharing it with other people, but we are clear that at the time of sharing it will receive rejection therefore should not take the rejection as something staff accept an is not simply part of the search process of those who say if. life must have balance, and if we experience rejection, there must also be acceptance. Know how to handle it is a continuous task, either constant and persevering. What I like most is that the networkers are people so enthusiastic, generous, concerned for others and willing to share, like me, are in search of success, peace and freedom. Traditional business offer these things for a small group, while in you Network Marketing success is possible for many people. I’ll always be a networker grateful to God because it opens doors, gives the courage to cross them and provides me the light to guide my way sharing the beauty of life together! A big hug! original author and source of the article