Strategies Facilitantes

April 26, 2013


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FACILITATING strategies of learning in the process of presentation COACHING. The interesting thing about the future is that Charles Handy can give you shape. Coaching is an important and frequently central part in the professional exercise of many organizations and organizational development. Has become a system of comprehensive leadership, a set of principles for addressing and human and organizational mobilization towards the achievement of results that conjugates of a special and differentiated way with tools, strategies, and specific techniques for the identification of talents, techniques for the training and development of skills for productivity at work, accompaniment structured people in his field of action, creation of spirit to work in team; change the way of doing things in the daily business, improves integral quality in the total process required for personal satisfaction and the of the clients. The purpose of the present document is to present some of the strategies that can be used to facilitate the learning process in the Coachee as Coach.

FACILITATING STRATEGIES OF LEARNING IN THE COACHING PROCESS. Some of the essential coaching premises is that life is a learning opportunity. However, the modes of learning are not traditional learning modes, but those that encourage or promote in the Cochee open your mind and be able to recognize what he knows and what he thinks, is not the only thing that exists. The foregoing suggests that the individual needs to become permanent learner and this depends in great part of the willingness to learn from everyone. On the other hand learning being a personal experience, each person leans for a specific learning method. In this way the coach has to take into account the favourite pupil learning method, likewise know their level of confidence and fears to embark on the new challenge of learning. With relationship to this last aspect, some authors point out that value is required to learn and placed in a position where you can failing.