Strategic Sale

June 6, 2013


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The pole of attention is situated abroad, the customers that we serve. It is to identify their needs, both personal and organisational. The resulting analysis allows us to better determine how we can add value to the customer’s organization and creating a long-term relationship that benefits all parties involved. Robert B. Miller and Stephen E.

Herman Coaching for strategic sale do not worry about this account, Paco. It was the Bank’s President and CEO, I called Paco, I spoke of a very special strategy of the main office in Madrid to apply to a Catalan multinational company. I knew this company was going to take the direction of Treasury from Madrid and could be very important for us. The President of this company, called Peter, was the father of one of my close friends and almost every week we almorzabamos together. I thought I would speak to him and told him to Paco: don’t worry about this account, Paco, almost weekly lunch with his President… After a few days, while we drank coffee asked Pedro to speak with your CFO. It confirmed to me that they would effectively bring the banking policy from Madrid and that he would say to his brother who was responsible for this. And added…I course, we were not working with you! I will say it before I go to Brazil us said goodbye without talking about this topic again.

Something that was about to do because there was something in my head that I had not left quiet. Echoed me those words: we will work with you. I had always thought that Pedro was very intelligent and sympathetic, but wasn’t this what most had favored the success of your company. What had most influenced was his style of direction, its ability to delegate, his style was so advanced that more than participatory was already, as Ken Blanchard, of little intervention, would later say something that I also shared.