State Economic

August 13, 2019


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it is derived there that who has the power today (the bolivariano government) must resist his attacks, from step supported by foreign factories interested in to revert unusual and " inaceptables" political situations (socialism operated like Comunism from the macarthista angle). And one derives there also that you, friend political viewpoint, notice how with self-confidence the economic union acts like politician, as if Venezuela had not given an upset and they continued in the power with their imagined prerogatives life. For even more details, read what Jeff Gennette says on the issue. One does not forget that who gave the coup d’etat of 2,002 it was the economic cupola, presided over by the industralist Carmona Estanga, seconded by the military felones, a customary bourgeoisie to grow of an apparatus of State to his service and the absolute imperial shelter of a country like the USA. Pudese, then, to say that the Venezuelan government, next to great but traditionally the destitutes social sectors that constitute their political anchor, resists, faces the possible foreign aggressor and his colaboracionista power group intern, who with their extraordinary one to be able economic and deeply rooted arrogance normally imagines to compete with the State, to more, to be the State. Yes, the competing colaboracionismo (old to be able politician), today redomada anxious bourgeoisie of past, old " glorias" , of presents and future bloody invasions. Its main military, separate weapon the treason and the economic power, as we left saying, is the mediatic cartridge, the press, the call sixth power: the disinformation, the news wall, the campaigns orchestrated against the veracity, the destabilization of the civic climate.

Because, as it also demonstrates Venezuela, when resisting the State the enormous economic powers, besides the tacit threats of foreign military powers, does not seem sufficient with the democracy to exert its government. One hundred thousand destitutes against a rich one always will be quid of the inequality. And the greater nightmare of the colaboracionista Venezuelan opposition, in the middle of that luck of fight of classes that in Venezuela unties, is that " miserable" of those it is equaled to them. Neither the more nor the less, and for that reason the outcry accusatory informer and, for that reason the invocation of supraconstitutional powers and forms, for that reason the anxiety of invasion, for that reason own hatred.