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November 29, 2013


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Google does not like you and probably you might not get any visit, nor a reverse link (backlink). Instead, write original content dealing with the specific issue that you built your lens. For example, if you sell a formula to prevent the loss of hair, your Squidoo Lens might be solutions to this problem. You should write a page where chemicals, natural solutions, wigs and other hair loss treatments are compared. Then you could add videos of the results of each, along with links to important pages. While the content is original, it will serve. Add affiliate links and direct Conversion if your niche has physical products or digital which you can join us, put the corresponding links in your Squidoo page.

If someone finds your lens and decide to buy, you can make an immediate profit. In addition, place links to your collection page so that anyone who is interested in more information can join your email list. Adds reverse links from Squidoo towards your Web site creates direct inverse links on the Squidoo page to your site also. These reciprocal links can include your blog or any article or page on your site. Do it right means to point to all the pages in a web site, not only to the home page. Use social bookmarking to make sure that the Squidoo page is listed once your Squidoo Lens is complete, use sites social bookmarking such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit to get that lens catalogue. Basically, when you create a lens, is not that it is there and don’t have no presence on Google.

To fix it, we ship it to sites that stick by all search engines, albeit only temporarily. Shampoo, rinse, and repeat not do a single Squidoo Lens. If you create original content for each Squidoo lens, you can use the site to generate dozens of reciprocal links and informational hubs where people can choose to click on the affiliate links, join your mailing list, or read one of your articles. If you do well, a single Squidoo Lens can provide gains in at least three ways: your list of emails, direct conversions and affiliate links which you have uploaded it. By course, also you can use the lens for just one of those things if you want to concentrate your energies. It is how to use Squidoo, ten insurance that is present the chance to win money and this we all like us.