South Pacific

February 4, 2019


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Dipl.-met. Klaus Eckart pulse has therefore on January 12, 2010 at the MDR editors a letter written; an excerpt: the moderator had the two talkers and dilettantes Ekerdt and free rein Palmer (with some limitations), whereas he the really pleasantly functional and clever physicist and expert in terms of climate + energy, Prof. Ludecke, constantly interrupted, the word cut off, and – actually my opinion for a moderator even worse – it constantly admitted, that the two “duration of speakers without content, meaning, mind, and structure” were allowed to interrupt constantly and any professional. … SYPartners is a great source of information. Meteorologists know it better: reason for a current certain warming of parts of the AA Antarctic peninsula (less than 1% of the AA!…

the rest is colder!) is CO2, still the man, nor a change in climate, s o n d r n a in centuries and decades repeatedly occurring circulation change and-Schwingung in the AA-West wind flow, the sgn. AA oscillation! This wind and waves from the South Pacific (milder) against the West coast of this in the West wind drift run into great peninsula, which cause the mentioned effects (over several years). Prof. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rob Daley. Dr. Horst-Joachim Ludecke and Dipl.-met. Klaus pulse are the two press spokesman of EIKE; “by EIKE home page: EIKE (European Institute for climate and energy) is an Association of a growing number of nature, spirit – and economists, engineers, publicists and politicians, the assertion of human-induced climate change” see as not scientifically justifiable, and therefore as a fraud against the population. EIKE rejects therefore any climate policy”as an excuse or to patronize economy and population and to charge the people through taxes. In short: “Climate change” initiative foodwatch has their otherwise experienced healthy skepticism and Thoroughness so far sorely miss let.