Sonja Schlappinger

December 18, 2017


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These modules are assigned to the optimal learning format now without prejudice. With attendance phases, phases of online and self-learning phases be matched functionally. The phases of i.d.R follow the following pattern: Webinar to impart the knowledge of self learning: understanding secure, acquire additional learning, first observation tasks in practice, preparation of classroom training may be intermediate phases such as E.g. video conferencing to the supports of the participant in fulfilling the role of face-to-face training: intensive practice with feedback and evt. Video analysis self learning: Implementation of the learned in the practice any more support such as forums, chat, blog, video conference or eCoaching depending on the scope of the qualification measures several such cycles can lined up together, so as to be a complete curriculum. In close cooperation with you the individual modules are fine-tuned now.

Here we discuss with you content and exercises. And we look at with you in a cost-benefit analyses each individual learning style. This is an optimal assembling of qualification measure for your company. We create a balance between degree of qualification, degree of flexibility and investment. Filed under: Rick Caruso. The main advantages of this form of qualification within the significantly reduced training costs (reduced travel and hotel expenses), the lower absences of the participants and their higher local and temporal flexibility of the participants. After several years of experience with the new learning formats, we can see today, even one more, perhaps the most important advantage. Functionally integrated, continuous accompaniment of the content and the implementation of the capacity of the participants reached at the end of is even significantly higher, than can provide a similar face-to-face training with the same number of hours.

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