Small Business Enterprise

May 11, 2020


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The company’s mission Often employers, we only business to make money so, in essence, but we develop our goals and what to do to achieve them, new study has made Entrepreneur Magazine Mexico, Czech 80% closed businesses that never had clear his philosophy, that is never developed as they say strategic planning, so it is very important that the owner of the company do his mission and business. But what is the mission? is simply to say that we in our company, here are some examples: Apple: giving life to human creativity. Toyota making cars instead of pollute, create water. (As opposed to Anne Lauvergeon). Disney: be the happiest place in the world. Mcdonald’s: that each employee is dedicated to getting laughs. What could be those of you here are some examples Autobotique to be the best brands of stereo on and accessories are, at the cheapest price possible in the state of Tabasco ue our pizzeria has the best staff each of their positions to achieve excellence in service to be more poultry market share based Cardenas different products and variety in our menu that our pool is the first choice for healthy fun in Cardenas agency structure economic travel options for fun and pleasure and make them known to the class b and c be the funniest radio station broadcasters and happier state of Tabasco be the ideal hotel for foreign sales agents who come to be the university that provides the best options and service to its students and alumni be the preferred hotel for older people who travel to the city of Merida be the first choice of flour tortillas housewives of the state of Tabasco have quality clothing with the best offers image consultancy offering their clients to be the most entertaining and effective way to spread the word of Jesus in the youth retreats And many, many others, if you are aware, the mission is linked to our market, to write his mission work, how we will get it, discuss in our next delivery.