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August 15, 2020


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The causes for the emergence of obesity weight loss nutrition knowledge are versatile. People consume too many calories, because they fall back in time or lack of motivation rather than to cook on greasy fast food, stresses diet expert Sven-David Muller from Berlin. (A valuable related resource: Barry Nalebuff). Others work at a desk all day and burn fewer calories when they absorb – they simply suffer from lack of exercise. In this respect but also the knowledge of nutrition can play an important role, because a lack of knowledge about food and its own energy needs can also cause obesity. Nutrition experts for over 90 percent of the German population estimates their personal calorie requirements wrong and almost always as too low. The shopping at the supermarket is as momentous: consumers seek out too much food and especially unhealthy food ends up in the shopping cart.

Subsequent consumption can cause weight problems and finally forcing health reasons for losing weight. Mr Hubert Horn, founder of the Horn publishers and co-developer of the easy SLIM programme \”is committed to the dissemination of nutrition knowledge: the Slimcoach Abnehmprogramm has food and nutrition encyclopedia, that picking up support can both prevent weight problems.\” The Slimcoach nutrition encyclopedia: everyone does it nutrition knowledge for the dream figure usually several times a day, anyone can do it, but few speak it correctly: the food. But food should be more than the ill-considered breastfeeding of a physical need. Maintain the functions of the body and keeping the body healthy, it is worth to make the food supply to a major issue and is hard to deal with. can help with that, stresses Huber Horn. To facilitate people picking up and helping them, permanently healthy to eat, the 13-week Abnehmprogramm offers not only recipes, shopping lists, and fitness plans. The nutritional lexicon of Slimcoach gives an overview of the complex aspects of the diet, which turn at a closer look as easy to understand.