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December 5, 2020


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Now, how to be so a good salesman? No, I put another on it! How to be a world-class seller? I want to make you not just quite well, no I want to make you the elite, eventually want to make but a career as a salesman, or not? To become a successful salesperson, you must master the three golden rules of selling: be with yourself in the pure; Rest in itself. Go always optimistic in a sales pitch. You should be the leader in any sales pitch. If you follow these three golden rules consistently in every sales call, you are seller to a world class, I promise you. But don’t expect that all then is excellent works already in the first interview the disappointment guaranteed big you.

Your sales self must first develop before you to a world class vendor. The three golden rules may be then no rules, no they must become automatic, that you no longer need to think about. But that’s not all, because you have to train before you really can sell all your communications.Communication is the key to good selling, because without communication, you have no chance to share something with your counterpart.I personally have developed own outstanding practices with my communications team in the last 25 years, with which you’ll also guarantees a successful seller. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Deutsche Bank has to say. To do this, I will regularly publish the details behind the three golden rules in this forum in the next few weeks. Sincerely Dipl. kfm. Lothar Feyh, region abcmarkets P.S. Manager Germany: If you need more tips, so you’ll want a world class salesperson or seller, then visit my website: