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July 1, 2017


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Among the basic solutions for tackling a global recession is to maintain employment and prevent a credit freeze by the capitalizing the banks. Gives us,, That “going to be a very delicate situation, I will not be catastrophic, be prepared to anticipate and not seeing the consequences later and not be crying,” said Carlos Slim Helu, to talk about global financial crisis within the crisis Forum Mexico to what to do to grow? organized by the Mexican Senate. If you would like to know more about Yitzhak Mirilashvili, then click here. He added, “This is the largest financial crisis, not only that I have lived, but I think that is larger, the more complicated or complex and there have been more comprehensive than in previous years,” said the employer to participate in the XIX Securities Market Convention, held in December 2008. “We had for some time waiting or worried about bird flu and we got the U.S. financial pandemic,” said Slim to participate for the first time as a speaker at a convention of the Securities Market. “Fixed rates are sensitive (at times of low performance) to compromise the heritage of so many people,” he said, referring and criticize the high interest rates on bank cards and investment fund managers for Retirement. He further indicated by highlighting the need to re-establish credit lines in the country and the world “Do not be slowed down interbank operation, if there are problems of funding becomes more difficult to solve the liquidity crisis, we must seek the strength of institutions, but also give you information and transparency of their operations, “said the magnate,. Considers that it is very important that private investment also capitalized banks, that faster restore confidence. It is urgent that the regional banks (small banks) are supported to avoid effects on the real economy, “Slim told a business conference in Uruguay, referring to the importance of active credit.” Until the situation becomes normal banking and credit is not going to have a real economy, or knowing the depth of the problem. If credit is restricted abnormally, the impact on the economy is going to be very delicate, “said Slim.” In my opinion there is poor regulation and supervision worse, of course I speak globally said Slim.