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August 17, 2020


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Surely you have some ideas, dreams, goals, that you occasionally pass through the head. You might want to change jobs; Perhaps you imagine it would be like to live in the countryside; Perhaps you fantasize with intense adventure trips; or perhaps you would like to change the decoration of your House. The truth is that you probably have many illusions and ambitions. However, most of the time, you do not delay to delve into them, rather than brush them precisely for being what they are: dreams. Learn more about this with Western Union. And it is that we are specialists in the art of silencing our inner still small voice, the voice of our desires, just born kill our impulses and limiting options among which we must choose. If we involve ourselves of truth in our lives is essential to give us the space/time suitable for wishing, wanting, dream. And if I told you that your dreams can be the beginning of the life you crave? How can you use all that potential in your favor? Starting to write your dreams! Yes, the seemingly simple fact of writing it has something of magical. Try it! You have nothing to lose.

On the one hand, the fact of writing allows us to prioritize, and therefore invest our energy and our efforts strategically. When we are writing our dreams and our goals, it is easier to distinguish our deep passions of our small passenger desires. Suddenly, everything appears clearer. On the other hand, write our goals helps us enormously to achieve them, to see them materialized. To take an idea, we make it a reality, we return it tangible. In that regard, writing it is the beginning of the process.

All progress in humanity, all invention, was originally an idea, was on the mind of a person who simply imagined it. It should be dreams short, medium and long term and all types, from the most trivial to the most spiritual, in all areas of life. To help you identify your dreams you can complete the following sentences: if I touched the fat of the primitive… If it didn’t have fear of failure… If you had more time. If it were safe to do this. If they not mattered the criticisms of others if it is younger if it be greater if it were prettier if he had more friends if it didn’t work if only me six months of life how he would live them? What are the five things that I value most in my life?What kind of activities give me more sense of importance? What is what I’ve always wanted to do but I always feared try? It is possible to find some resistance to write your dreams and goals. It is as if we feel intuitively the power of this exercise and that some part of us resistiese our goals take center stage and us relatively to risk us achieve them. I am referring to the doubts, the limiting beliefs, to fear, to the postponement, etc. I do not want too because then I’m going to disappoint, But who am I to be so ambitious?, if I want so many things I will return me too materialistic, it is too beautiful to be true!, money you corrupts, etc. Why put us us same limits even before you start? Dreaming is free, dreaming is free take advantage of it! Then learn what you want and need and get going! Dreaming is planting seeds of illusion in reality. A are you waiting?