Sale Of Honey

June 8, 2014


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In Soviet times, not to be a problem with the sale of beekeeping products as well as the state hosted by beekeepers all that they produce – honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, parchment, wax. They sold everything and thought about what the problem is. With the departure in the history of the Soviet Union collapsed all the stability systems for bee products. Stood a very serious question – Sale of honey. Throw bees – sorry, but nowhere to sell.

Until far have not established any system allowing steadily and systematically sell the honey itself, to pass the State or exported abroad. Shows only some miserable attempts of some businessmen who trying somehow to sell what they produce themselves and their friends beekeepers. The question of the sale of honey – is a basic and unfortunately the most difficult facing beekeepers, not just the but throughout the country. In fact, not all so bad. There are many companies in Russia, which can be the sale of honey. Negative only in the fact that having a need for 300 tons per year, the company offers a very low price.

Therefore, the sale of honey these companies have two drawbacks: first – the low purchase price, the second – the complexity of the set in one region of the amount of honey. Plus, the entire high demands for quality honey. Another option – selling honey abroad. The need for honey in the European countries have, and the price is quite reasonable. But in view of the huge difficulties in export and related fees, sale of honey abroad becomes unsupportable issue, while the minimum for a party sending abroad is approximately 18-20 tons. This is facilitated and legal illiteracy of the majority of beekeepers, and a small number are registered as individual entrepreneurs or le. Currently, however, there has been tendency to increase the number of bee colonies and the volume of collected honey. Naturally there in any case we should not forget about quality. Sale of honey – it's only the final step in a long line of beekeeping. In addition to all preparations for the autumn, winter and spring work after pitching honey, there is another very important step – no quality control. Sale of honey should be carried out only after we obtain all the relevant conclusions of ses and certificates. Each batch of honey, which is prepared for sale, must pass the appropriate quality control. With this duration of delivery does not affect the status of beekeeping products. Optimal moisture content 19-20% allow you to send honey by railway and not worry that he 'ferment'. Another function of the quality control is to identify adulterated honey, which offer unfair beekeepers. Although it is worth noting, people now understand that having passed once adulterated honey, next time for him sell honey becomes problematic. It is therefore worth serious consideration to the issue of product quality beekeeping and please all just excellent products.