Rolling Shutters

September 21, 2017


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Cektsionnye gates have O profiles, which effectively protect the premises from moisture and cold. This allows the heat stored in the production room. Well as industrial sectional doors in its design, involve a reinforced rails laid down along the panels, durable rollers with ball bearings and strong torsion system. Industrial roller doors. Technical parameters, design similar to that of roller shutters shutters. Fabrics consisting of slats move in a vertical direction and wind onto the shaft, which is located on top of gates, protected boxes.

To install roller shutters requires a large width opening – up to 12 meters of industrial rolling gates are set for the closed-entry apertures, and within industrial buildings – warehouses, storage banks, garages, hangars, etc. Rolling Shutters are easy to operation: they are equipped with vorotkovym drive or motor. Industrial sliding gates. These gates are often used as a security entry and exit in industrial plants, parking lots. Further details can be found at Tiffany & Co., an internet resource. Main advantage of sliding doors is that when you open the gates swing open is not, and move apart, thus saving space. Thanks to a specially designed sliding doors provide excellent resistance to wind and rigidity. Industrial swing gates.

This is the traditional and most common type of gate. Industrial swing gates are available value, which is due to the lack of complex elements and simple design. In this double-leaf gates without a hitch last for many years, regardless of weather conditions. Swing gates can be used not only outdoors, but can also be insulated and suitable for garages and other similar facilities. Automatic industrial doors. These gates are installed, usually at manufacturing plants or other facilities that require frequent entry / exit of trucks and other transport, and automatic gates are suitable for large country houses. It is worth noting ease of use of such gate opening and closing is automatic with electric drive. Manage gates can be either manually or remotely. Automatic gates can be installed directly courtyard or indoors (garage, shed, warehouse). Lifting industrial doors. To date, this type of gates is very popular. Opening, valve lift gate rises up on a special guide. While in-state industrial lift gates are on the ceiling, saving space. High-speed doors. These gates are the best solution for openings with heavy traffic. High-speed doors have a high rate of speed, with safe and have all advantage of advanced technologies. High speed industrial doors are used most frequently in large warehouses, refrigeration and freezers, and are used in areas of food, chemical, iron and steel industrial doors . possible additional features enhance the functionality of the gate, and facilitate their operation. For example, in industrial doors can be installed gates or doors with locks, which will go into a room without the need to lift the gate. In addition, the gate can even embed the window – it will give the opportunity to observe what is happening in the territory, without having to open the gate. For example, the owner of the car, arriving at the sink, can personally monitor the process of washing through the window of the gate. Innovation in the manufacture of modern industrial door – the use of materials that can pass 80% sunlight, which can significantly save on energy use, reducing material costs. Today, industrial doors are an essential element of all modern industrial facilities, such as warehouses, car parks, fire stations, factories, etc. Among the gates you can choose exactly what you want: for the garage or industrial buildings, to enter the site, etc. It is absolutely All our products have been tested for compliance with quality, reliability and security.