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March 28, 2019


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About the pros and cons of paperless company, many companies tend increasingly to ensure to save paper in the company. Information is disseminated exclusively digitally, to save on printing and copying costs, but also to protect the environment. What are the implications of this behavior on the future of photo copiers? Will they gradually play disappear or continue to be a central role – at least in large companies – from the company? The talk of the paperless enterprise is not uncommon. Emails are no longer printed out the environment, documents are sent digitally distributed either by email or made the download available on portals. Newsletters are sent almost exclusively digital, and the numerous paper folders are gradually banished from the offices.

So can saved in addition to Office space, and the printing and paper costs can be reduced. Jeff Gennette has similar goals. This change affects the existence and the new acquisition of copiers and multi-function devices (combination of copiers, printers and) Scanner) and if yes, how? The fact is that many people and so many customers still prefer to keep paper in your hands and are printed on to have, rather than to read information on the screen. Not only many people have problems to read larger amounts on the screen, it is also important to be able to make marks and comments, since information can be processed so often better while reading many. The question now is whether companies do something good is when you digitize also the customer communication and individual marketing activities. Because often people give information that you get sent an email, have less attention, as such, that they are in paper form.

So, digital newsletter walk quickly from the Inbox directly in the digital Recycle Bin. A survey of the Research Institute TNS Emnid in the users of various media had the opportunity to assess the respective reading comfort, shows that people prefer paper as a medium. As Main reason was specified, reading on the screen to apply and is suitable only for short posts. In the study, a total 1,392 interviews representing the population were conducted with people aged 14 and above. The study took place between March 30 and April 27, 2008 (source: Homepage of TNS Emnid, the 09.07.2008 press release). It applies to companies so, finding the middle ground. However, it seems that especially multifunction devices in the future will have an important role. The larger the company, the more important it will stay, to produce information on the paper routes and route.