Real Time Interaction Management And Quality Monitoring

December 2, 2016


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CallCenterWorld 2012: CRM in real time for fast and individual processes of Tubingen, January 30, 2012 the increasing complexity of tasks and technologies in the call center are a central theme in the industry. Therefore try several companies to bundle the communication channels and to make easier to use. Here they are faced with the challenge to use a large number of applications in a short sequence correctly and efficiently and to ensure a high quality of service at the same time. For this reason, presented the almato GmbH exhibits on CallCenterWorld 2012 including solutions for quality monitoring and provides real time interaction management before a new concept for CRM in real time. The Tubingen company also shows by the 28.02.2012 until 01.03.2012 in Hall 4 stand D7 systems in the areas of coaching, e-learning, reporting and analytics. Even if sometimes the near end of the contact center is predicted, the industry in our perception is more alive than ever. The ever higher requirements on companies require more powerful systems and highly qualified staff members in the contact center. “From this I conclude that the relevance of the Contact Center for the company’s success grows rather than decreases”, explains Thomas Geiling, Marketing Director of almato GmbH.

this development we work on solutions, on the one hand, make quality measurable respond and provide important insights for improving quality. “On the other hand, we use real time interaction management a second focus on the reduction of complexity and the streamlining of processes in the customer service.” With real time interaction management (RTIM) almato offered a solution for CRM in real time. RTIM enables contact center agents flexibility on changing business requirements and unforeseen customer requests to respond. To enable this, in real time, so at the moment of the customer contact, read data from the software solutions in the company used and analyses.