Rainer Sauer

November 13, 2023


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Appropriately, we would reduce our fear of death, our joy of living would increase accordingly. The fear of death is a widespread phenomenon, which brings an incredibly large and pain-causing impact. A deep sting is the fear of physical death and the idea that verbundene the concomitant resolution of our gesamten existence”in our consciousness, our mobility, as well as the joy of our life considerably restricts of. Because we tend to limit our existence on our physical existence, it is of course obvious that we believe in birth and death, at a beginning and an end and take the lying in between time as clear-cut, biologically given lifetime. Because only a few people have conscious contact with the spiritual world as timeless and boundless reality, which is the everyday physical reality as a foundation and energetic matrix, it is not of course too strange that we get as a result of the low information content which we have on the level of physical perception, to the inference, that we did not exist before our physical birth; that therefore the notion widely spread and recognized is that we could be not otherwise present, alive or existent, before we were physically present in this life.

Therefore, it is also understandable that we accept that for the time after death, because we obviously resolve our physicality then Yes for everyone, more have still no life and a further exist for our limited physical perception can no longer take place. If we assume, that we are only existent and life, if we materially exist, and it gives us before and not later and thus also not gave it relatively obvious, is that we are afraid of death, the ultimate extinction, the inevitable end. We discover or better “said, let us now our true origins and what we really are: that spiritual beings of divine origin or even perceiving consciousness, as we this actually indescribable” want to rename.