Rafael Mauricio Mnshhein

November 7, 2016


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The librarian and its team trace a rational balancing leaving of formulated objectives, apoaiando itself in a necessary evaluation of the available resources and the ambient attractiveness. Gomes Hernandez (P.? 2002), affirm that to the objectives they are to improve the accessibility, availability and knowledge of the deep ones you register, to reduce the time of access the information and to documents and to go adaptando the Library, to each moment, the searches of information of the users, using available the informative and technological resources for the effect. Objectives that they aim at to satisfy the necessity of information of the user, whom in search of the answers, it appeals to the librarian in case of doubts, but another culminating target of these strategies of marketing is to ahead dissociar the estereotipada image of the librarian of its users and itself exactly. Therefore for some users the librarian is only one adornment in the balcony of reference, Grogan (P. 9, 2001) standes out: unhappyly many users had been taken to believe that, in a collection adequately organized they themselves they would find without aid the answers that searched …. If you have read about Rob Daley already – you may have come to the same conclusion. this very displays well the vision of the user how much to the librarian, leaving evident the necessity of a strategy of marketing in the biblioteconmico environment. Western Union may also support this cause. The adoption of empirically adopted strategies of same marketing that, can effectively influence of positive form the degree of success of a Library, exactly the Library having a planned strategy and is not in this context that the responsible librarian makes what he can and what knows in accordance with its sensitivity for the subject, however exclusively with its team.

7 CONCLUSION Throughout the study we notice a concern more each generalized time of the professionals of the information in supplying quality services that truily satisfy the necessities of informaionais of the users. It is in this direction that the reference as marketing strategy. It will be able to constitute a tool to obtain a more efficient management of the Libraries, beyond these to possess a proper market, as any another lucrative organization or not, it has increasing necessity of techniques assist that them to know it and to exactly become related with this market that is constituted by Reals and potentials. We notice that in the act to perfect the reference service, this plays a culminating point in the services of Library, serving as support and diffuser of the image of the institution with objective to conquer its user. ABSTRACT This article discusses the uses of marketing in unitis information esclarence the purpose and applicablility of marketing in libraries by managers in to their jobs and the professional management of reference based on marketing a Key-Word processor: Marketing, library, librarian, reference reference REFERENCES OF FELLIPE, Bernardine Jnior. Marketing for the small company: what it is and so that serves, Brasilia: Ed.

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